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  1. i wasn't really in a hurry too but i eventually planned on at least designing and having one set ready to go (and of course my file is forever too i can make them any time after the design is done). Ill post pics if i do make some. Can't wait! Nice work as always Steve.
  2. I'm sure a single T2500 BDCP would run it very nicely, to my understanding they put out 3000+ RMS at one-ohm with the proper electrical.
  3. Thanks guys I'm going to email him right now.
  4. Recently aquired a massive sk4500 amp from another member here but did not come with a bass knob. Does anyone have one they are looking to get rid of? I tried Skar audios' website with no luck. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ah missed that part thank you. My box was tuned close to that at 29 hz so I guess my main issue was my box being too large.
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. I decided to get in touch with DC audio and they stated more than likely one of the coils was burnt as a result of my box being too big so I'm going to have them repair it. Also I did have my infrasonic filter set to the 'on' position but I'm not too sure what frequency that is really set to. But anyways seeing as this is my second time blowing this woofer I'll probably just have to be more attentive to the recommended enclosure size to avoid the headache in the future.
  7. I was literally planning on making a new box to fit two of the XLS and have it at about 3.5 net cubic feet this week. They were both dual one-ohm subs so I was going to wire them up to one-ohm but now that this one is mysteriously reading 2 ohms Im not too sure what to do. Update: So I double checked both coils on the sub that was burning and found that only one coil read's at 2 ohms and the other is still at one ohm if that changes anything. I also wired it up again the same way I had it wired previously and the load was reading roughly 3 ohms instead of two like it should have. Does this mean I cooked one of the voice coils?
  8. Yeah, sorry for the confusion guys. I actually had it wired at 2 ohms, one wire going from positive to negative on the sub and a positive wire going into the amp and another negative wiring going into the amp. And yes I only checked one coil on my other dual one ohm sub to make sure my voltmeter wasn't going out on me. And I actually blew the cone on this sub in the past but had it reconed by DC Audio. They also stated my box was a little too big as I am using a Fosgate T2000.1 at two ohms, and recommended an AR cone upgrade which I did purchase. I'm hoping the sub isn't done for as it was still producing some good output even with all the smoke but the fact that both of the coils are reading about 2 ohms when it should be one really worries me.
  9. So today I smelled something burning in my car when I got home and when I opened my trunk there was smoke coming from the port of my box. I have a dual one-ohm 12 in DC XL in a 2.5 cubic foot slot ported box and I believe I had it wired at two ohms (positive to negative, negative out positive out). I pulled the sub out and it looks fine, the cone is intact and there's no visible damage but there is a strong burning smell coming from the magnet. Now the sub was still hitting hard when I first smelled the burning. So here is the crazy part, when I check the resistance of the sub with my voltmeter it is at roughly 2.4 ohms so about 2 ohm. Is it possible that a sub could have somehow changed impedance on me? I did check the voltmeter on my other dual one-ohm sub and it checked outhe at about 1.2 ohms so the voltmeter is working properly. Any help would definitely be appreciated
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