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  1. Hello, been some time since last visit. I’ll make it short and simple, have a 2015 Challenger SXT Plus with the Alpine system. Am unsure if it’s the 6 or 10 speaker model. Wishing to add a SAE2000 and a X12. Wife would like to keep the factory head unit and speakers for now, read something about needing a specific LOC for it since the car is amplified? True or not? Whatever the case, would like to be pointed in the general direction to get this bad beauty bumpin. Thanks, -R
  2. I have two Comp D 12's from by buddy here wanting to do a slot port box, thinking I could maybe get a cut sheet? Dimmensions in mind are H-18, W-35, D-15. Wanting a slot port tunning of around the zones of 31 to 35 hertz. Adjustmesurments by need but no greater than 2 inches in any direction.
  3. I know there's a right way but he just didn't wanna listen lol,
  4. I told him but he don't care he says
  5. lol, I'm not all that new too the field, I've been in for about 2 years, mainly just sealed boxes and cut sheets when I go ported from like Joe X and a few others. ALways been aero ports tho
  6. I have but not much, I haven't had time and don't have time this week to try and learn to sadly.
  7. I'm building a buddys box for him, it's 2 Memphis PRX 12's. My max dimmensions are 35" acorss, 15" tall and 20" deep. Wanting to do a box design like the one below, subs up top, port facing out. Slot port tuned to 35hz or 32hz which ever one will work the best with those deminsions. If any more information is needed please let me know!
  8. Ohhh I seeee. If I ran this sub inverted would I change anything for my port? Or would I still need the 24.5 for 32 hz tunin
  9. Now I only have to have 24.5 inches worth of port at 4 inches correct? I can do 2 pipes at 12.25 or 3 at 8 1/5 correct? Just as long as I reach that number? Also, how much displacement does the port have? Because I got to looking at this and thought I would really like to hide the port now and see just how good I can make with thing look, (go all out, wet sanded, painted, clear coat. Make it sexy lol.
  10. Thank you Joe! I just wanted to tinker with it, when I get it done I'll post some pics and upload some videos!
  11. And thank you, by all means this is just for something to do and piddle with.
  12. I got a fosgate p3 and a left over section of mdf measured 49 inches tall by 28 wide. or vice versa. Can I get a small box out of this tuned to 32? Slot port. Looking for a cut sheet lol, my math sucks and I prefer to make it simple and just work with a full sheet. But this is what I have laying around
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