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  1. drying is a few hours. a GOOD drying would be 24 hours. A full cure is like 30 days or something like that. It's pretty stout though after a night of sitting though It really looks dam good . I'll be trying it on my next box . The last one I had sprayed with bedliner cost me $100 . Raptor liner isn't much cheaper if at all . Second skin really looks like the better option .
  2. How long does it take the material to cure ? Cost vs actual bedliner? He easy clean up is a huge bonus for a home builder .
  3. Thank you gentlemen. I'll go with the pass through. I'm learning as I go , and I apreciate input from all. There is much experiance on this forum .
  4. This is the first system I've had that has time alignment. When I did the auto T/A I only had one amp . The auto t/a tried to delay ,and attenuate the subs even though they were mono . It's easy enough to try it both ways since I have the equipment anyway . I just wondering if someone knew for sure of any reason to , or not to
  5. I have a single sub out from my 80prs. I am going to be running 2 p1000x1 bd amps to power 2 SSA Xcon's. Would it be better to run to the first amp , and then use the rca pass through to the other amp. Or would it be better to use the two y splitters I have , and split L & R to each amp? Wouldn't splitting allow me to use the T/A function? Pros or cons of either?
  6. Sorry you had to learn the hard way, but like you said challenge accepted and time to get done right this time. We would love to have the images involved with your pains (not to laugh but to help educate more installers for the future). If you would like to share them we would use them on our Social media pages to help others not do this too. We would of course crop out any part of the photo identifying you if you want us to. You can send them to us at [email protected] we would love to share them. If you have any questions or concerns with your re-build please do not hesitate to con
  7. Those are riveted to the pillar moulding then screwed to the pillar. They are temp to see if I like the placement ,and sound . If it works out I'll glass them in . Also those are the Dayton audio reference 4 ohm tweeters . Outta $$$ for the matching hertz ones. These are supposed to be able to be crossed as low as 1000hz ,and handle 100 watts . So the p300x 2 is for them , and the p1000x2 is for the millies
  8. So here's a link to some photos in no particular order of the mess from the peel & seal , and my componet upgrades . I also included a pic or two of my instalation of second skin damplifier, and luxury liner . Not a single scrap went to waste . Every cut off piece of damplifier was heated ,and rolled on the back side of the panel surrounding the driver . The door kit had enough luxury liner to line the inside of the door from the beam down . In addition to the damplifier /ll combo , I added a entire pack of Q-pads heated &rolled of course . https://goo.gl/photos/Anr9W4ChqNosr8Qj7
  9. At this point I wouldn't use it to line a dumpster . It shrunk, melted ,fell off , and then the few places it stuck it really fucking stuck .
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