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  1. I appreciated him trying to help me but he wasn't offering any insight as to WHY these subs perform better in smaller enclosures. Sorry to come across as a dick. It was one of those days, my bad.
  2. Here is the reply I got back "Through our testing, our 12" speakers work best in 1.25 cubes to 1.5 cubes. The TS parameters of the speakers can be attributed to this, but the long story short- it is what they like. As far as SQ/IN of port area, I recommend the typical 15-18sq/in of port, per cube for a slot port. For an aero, you can go slightly less than that, such as 12-15sq/in per cube."
  3. No I'm asking WHY that size is recommended. WHAT is different about this sub that it supposedly performs best in that size enclosure. I'm not asking what size is recommended but more of the why.
  4. The heck bro? Can you read lol. That's very small for a ported 12. Look at my post RIGHT ABOVE YOURS and you'll see the confusion.
  5. Most helpful reply in this thread. Not sure why I didn't think of that. I shot them an email and I'll post what they said here, in case anyone else is curious.
  6. Bro. Dude. My man. You've replied 5 times to this thread and haven't offered any type of insight or information pertaining to the topic. Im not asking about ports. I know very much about ports. I'm not asking about vehicle types. Im aware different vehicles sound different. I'm asking about a particular 12" sub in a 1.25 cubic foot enclosure. That is much smaller than what other 12" subs perform well in. Is 1.25 really the best size for this sub? Why do they recommend this size? What is it about this sub that makes them recommend that size of an enclosure? Nothing about ports. You've replied to my questions with other questions.
  7. Well let's stick to the topic at hand. Who has ran a level 3 in 1.25 cubes?
  8. I usually try to stay between 9 and 12 inches per square foot with aero ports. Do these subs require more port area?
  9. I'll be running two of these subs so either a single 6" aero, two 4" aeros, or a slot port
  10. Just as the title says. Has anyone ran a DC level 3 12" in 1.25 cubes net? Seems small for a 12" sub but that's what DC recommends for them
  11. I was talking about the LPF on the amp. Does it matter what the LPF is set at on the amp when you are setting your gains with a DD-1?
  12. Okay cool thank you for the help. What about the LPF setting on the amp? Do I set the gain with the LPF all the way up, and then lower it once the gain is set?
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