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  1. Eventually ill get a dc 1.2k but i just want this to sound the best it can and i know i shouls get more out of it then im getting. Also what track ahouls i be using with the dd1 im using track 1.
  2. Yes running stock speakers juat added the sub and amp. So today i checked the wiring inside my box and from the box to the amp and i set the head unit to flat eq. And i was able to get a little more from the amp. What has me confused is i should be able to geg more from this amp gain is only about 20% up anything more it clips. Could a weak ground cause clipping? The ground isnt the best and thats the only thing i can think of. All wireing is shca and the new head unit is now sending 5v output to the rca vs the 2v on the old unit.
  3. I upgraded the deck to the kenwood 501x with 5v outputs and it sounds alot better but not as loud as i would like it to be. Can anyone give me a basic rundown on how to tune this deck to get the most out of it.
  4. yeah I'm probably going to upgrade the head unit until one with Bluetooth this weekend do you guys have any suggestions of a budget-friendly head unit with 4 volt outputs with Bluetooth
  5. Someone shed some light on this. I know i need a better head unit because it starts clipping past 25% volume but i got the amp tuned with the dd1 using track 1 and tried 5 also and still not clipping. However i left the dd1 plugged in and put on my aux cable and it showed the amp was clipping. Can someone make sense of this? Also with the aux the subs dont soind nearly as loud.
  6. Ill have to save up. I got a good deal on a rockford punch 500.1 but after using the DD1 discovered my deck is a POS and distorts the amp if i turn the gain past 25%. Ive had luck with the rockfords giving clean power so im convinced its the deck. What do you guys think? Its one of those pioneers with mixtracks crap.
  7. Thats the only video ive found as well. I was looking for something of them in a box. I was also thinking of a 1k like dc audio to match.
  8. Been a long time since I've logged in so hello all! I recently picked up 2 dc level 1 10s from dia of arden audio in sacramento for a budget system. I tried to look on YouTube or somewhere for reviews or play videos but cant find anything. Has anyone tried these? Whats a good amp to run them on?
  9. I can't wait to purchase my first house renting apartments suck it's not about the size or how old it is, it's yours, its a home you own, make it your own, that's all that matters. looks great Steve
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