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  1. Hey Steve, nice work! What is that material you used. Is it a linen phenolic or just plastic? The linen is almost like Kevlar it's so strong. Do you do the CNC programming, and if so, what do you use? My Father is the best machinist I've ever met, if you ever need something that someone says is impossible, he's the one who can do it. Let me know if you ever need some help with a project, I'd love to work with you. Also, I feel like I should mention, if it IS the phenolic, make sure you have a respirator on and a vaccuum in place when you cut it. The gasses are very toxic if it's hot (formaldehyde) and can become a problem rather quick, that's one of the reasons it smells so bad. I doubt you're flooding it when you're cutting so just have someone stand there with a shop vac and hold it a few inches from the spindle the whole time it's cutting. Much safer, plus you don't have to clean any plastic out of the machine. It will f*ck up your eyes for a few days and your chest will hurt if you ever get one good whiff of the stuff. It's also known as Micarta if you want to look into the material. Happy machining bud! -Joe P.
  2. I'll be getting an RP in the mail pretty soon, will post gut shots, and hope to get it tested for RMS at 1 ohm. I thought it was strange that they post amp dyno's of their SK1500.1's overperforming on burst tests but I haven't found a SINGLE one of their RP line which claims almost the same RMS. I'll post here when I have it, that way we all know what's up on these things.
  3. I can't see any posts newer than about '14 or so. I can see the post for winner of December '15 in the preview on the right of the main page, but I can't find it if I go to the sub-forum. Maybe it's because I don't have enough posts to be elegible, but it doesn't say that I can't access the forum anywhere. Just a heads up Rock on SMD.
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