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  1. Why does she look like everyone that has bee on tv into past 10 years .. pretty lady but really ..next is a tv show . She just has "that look”.
  2. not trying to nit pick between one or the other . but have anyone heard one? i am sure somebody has. i see the price but just askin about it. no i am NOT going to buy one. just inquiring ...
  3. that was a rarity for this area even when they were made.. i saw a few but not a lot.
  4. something about audio control stuff is just great to me .when you put n ac part in your system, it just gets more clarity and an "open" sound to it.. makes me wanna go run power to my bass cube thats under the seat that im not using just to have it in line ...
  5. things that piss me off. buying a sub box and finding out that its to tall to fit in my trunk!! glad i have a car and 2 suv's!!
  6. when you order a sub box and it comes in , but it looks SO much larger than actual measurements.. and you have to remove everything from your trunk to maybe fit it in.. tool box, move the 4 ch amp,remove the spare tire,fire extinguisher has to go.. and so on
  7. I would ask that also. But otherwise yes. I think you would be ok.. Ported or seald.
  8. i am finding out a LOT about how companies work from here!!. people sell designs to others ( same as car manufacturer do )and re badge it.. that was no big secret but still its very interesting to see and hear and watch how this process works . internal wise? yes its empty BUT its looks to be all smd ( surface mount design) so there is no real reason to have large components inside. for some reason it reminds me of an old amp i had that was called urban audio works. .. if it does wt it does , let it be. but like someone said before.. what about durability. its an amp it converts this to that . it cant be that serious.. mactually it looks nothing like the inside of that urban audio works amp! lol http://www.ebay.com/itm/Old-School-Urban-Audio-4-Channel-Amplifier-RARE-Vintage-Amp-USA-Purple-/141914597401?hash=item210ac4e819:g:qQ4AAOSwQYZW0Rgv
  9. not being an ass but if your 454 cant idle you have other issues with cooling. check your timing.. . my neighbors 632 idles all day . trrust me. it .. just ... idleeesssss... allll dddaaayyyyy.. but truly, long playtime 'sucks" 'the life out of a batt and the more you do it , the less it is replenished. it dosent matter what brand or size they are, they will kill themselves by being discharged all the time.. now what do you consider 'all the time' is up too you. like once a month? or once a day . it makes a difference
  10. fosgate can. i have a power 1000 amp and the price to fix it was like,well ill buy another amp.. it would have been the 3rd time they fixed it.. i like fosgate amps. but never will buy one again . but yeah they can fix it. they charge by the wattage..
  11. looks like something my dad used to make back in 1981 by hand .. from etching the boards overnight to soldering every part on it. it looks home made to me. its ok thought.
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