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  1. Pieced out the system little by little i thought i had ofc but i noticed ofc wasn't printed on the wire like the rest of my runs. Thanx for the input much appreciated gonna order some ofc on Friday. I can imagine some db gains from switching the wire.
  2. Bumping this subs like i stole them. I got a Cab2K at half ohm on 2 sundown x12. I got all sky high car audio 1/0 ofc from the front to my rear battery but from the rear battery to the amp the wire is 1/0 cca. Would this be the cause for my amp to be heating up or is it heating up from the abuse its getting? My electrical stays over 13volts I forgot to add that I have an excessive amperage 320 alternator. Any tips and tricks welcomed not the first time ive had this issue.
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