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  1. I do have a box for 2 12's but its ported. I'd need to seal the port or something to give it cleaner sound. and also would need a large board with two 6x9 cutouts in it. as far apart as possible for best stereo sound. I'm not sure where to get cheap boards from though. and all I have is wood glue to glue it on with. not even any nails. I think it would be better to just wait and save up until I can find some kind of better enclosures.
  2. Only issue is I'd like to have the option for them to be in separate boxes. in that case I would just need to order a custom sized sealed box from some speaker-box-builder website of some kind. I dont have any hardware to put it together myself. so it would likely be expensive to have 1cu ft sealed boxes for 6x9's
  3. I have no drill to drill holes with unless you count a kitchen knife as a drill!
  4. Ive had them in a 0.29 cu box and they sound absolutely dull with zero low end at all. and they barely move 2 or 3 millimeters at the most. I get better bass response just having them free air standing up facing me sideways on a metal bracket. but then they sound a little muddy when they are moving a lot from bass so I need a compromise between free air and in a big sealed box. so they still move plenty but dont sound muddy. just the right amount of backpressure on the drivers to keep them sounding clean and still have good low end response
  5. I have some cheap 6x9 coaxial speakers (Scosche brand with plastic cone and foam surround and 4-way coaxial setup) I want to use in a home system but I want to find some available boxes or at least get a general idea of what box I should look for. that give good low deep bass and smooth sound with no boomyness or reverberation. I was thinking an unusually large sealed enclosure. like a box meant for 12's with some 6x9 cutout boards glued over top of it so they can really move with little power. and still have great deep smooth bass I have no space limitations. aside from being unneccessarily large and unrealistically large. like the size of a fridge or something tuned to at least 40hz or lower if ported enclosure. no higher than 42hz. since the speakers FS is roughly around 35hz to 45hz since i'm not running tons of power to them. I dont need the speakers loaded down while in the box. enough room for them to breathe and move as much as almost being free air is fine. they are rated for 70 watts RMS but i'm not putting more than 10 volts RMS on them because I can feel the heat radiating from the coils at that level if I put my nose near them. it smells like a hot metal surface but doesnt smell like its cooking or burning. if I go any higher they would start to smell bad so I can't put a ton of power to them. The frequency response is actually pretty good for being so cheap 20$ pair of 6x9 speakers. only tapering off slightly beyond 10khz which I could fix easily with an equalizer or with some cheap tweeters I have. using a resistor and capacitor to tune them to be balanced. Maybe placing the tweeters just above and outwards from the speakers to enhance the soundstage and stereo sound.
  6. the charger cuts off when it the battery is fully charged. it took all night until half way to the next day to finish charging at 6 amps but now the battery is fully charged and the car starts properly now. but that took a long time!
  7. Mine is a dumb charger and just applies constant current constant voltage up to 6 amps and 14.7v so the battery wasnt even drawing much current at first for some reason. but after a few hours it drawed more current and the voltage dropped for a while then started rising again with the current staying at 6 amps
  8. but now how batteries work. shouldn't they immediately reach full charge current and slowly rise in voltage over time? not immediately reach full charge voltage then increase in current and drop back down to like 12.98v then slowly go back up in voltage again? My other batteries just reach max current immediately and start at like 12 to 13v and slowly increase until they reach 14.7v then the current slowly drops until its full.
  9. I dont know if its charging properly or if theres soemthing wrong with the battery because at first the voltage shot up to 14.7v immediately and only drawed about 5 amps of current but over time it started drawing more current and dropped down to 12.98v before starting to go back up again slowly it just seems weird and strange to me. why didnt it immediately start drawing 6 amps immediately? my other smaller batteries all work fine and dont do the same thing with the same charger.
  10. ok immediately when i put it on charge my charger was set to 6 amps and the battery was super dead only starting at 11.5v or something and the voltage quickly shot up to 14.7v and it only drawed 5 amps I decided to let it sit on charge and a few hours later the voltage dropped down to 12.98v and the current increased up to 6 amps. i checked back every 30 minutes after and the voltage has slowly started increasing. its now at 13.1v at 6 amps. battery is stone cold. not warm or anything.
  11. i was just seeing how low of a voltage it can run on. and that was the quickest and simplest easiest way to test it. because 9v alkaline batteries have just enough capacity to slowly drop the voltage rather than plummeting rapidly
  12. if i just run some music at listening volume with high pass filter to my stereo speakers from the amp it keeps running down to 6.2v running on an alkaline 9v battery and hasn't shut off yet i have cut the bass just to see when it will cut off and its still going How is it able to run down to such low voltage without cutting out? does it not have low voltage protection? its at 5.8v and still on somehow it finally starts cutting in and out around 5.5v
  13. Maybe some kind of really really smooth paint that they cant attach a nest to? so theres not raw metal exposed otherwise just keep on spraying them with some long reach foaming wasp sprays we've had 2 in the last couple years but they are gone now. I was also thinking lining the whole thing with something that is very unsuitable surface for them to attach a nest to. double sided tape. or some something they won't like to be around.
  14. could by your alternator changing into "float" mode charge once the battery reaches full. try revving it and see if it changes? or try restarting the car and see if it immediately goes to 14v or stays at 13.2v? 13.2v is a bit low for float charge though unless its really really hot where your at. check the amperage draw of the battery and alternator to see if anything is dragging the voltage down by drawing a lot of current/amps or see if simply nothing is drawing much current/amps at all.
  15. try uploading the images to an image sharing site and then share the direct image url as a link on here. so that you dont have to worry of the tiny image size limit
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