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  1. Not good idea to mix lithium and AGM. different operating voltages and charge methods and currents.
  2. check wiring is thick enough awg to handle the current and balance the batteries good. maybe charge up the battery manually with a battery charger seperately on its own to see if it keeps a charge and then put it back and see if it starts draining again or stays the same theres something weird going on there for sure
  3. use a tiny drill bit at first just so the glue doesnt start wrapping around the drill bit and peeling the surround off with it or something weird like that. go slow and easy with it
  4. if the holes do not seem to be open/see through check to see if the rubber gasket around the rim of the sub is rotated right its possible the surround or rubber gasket wasn't put on the right rotation angle to the rim but its not really a big deal just be careful so it doesnt tear. you can gently peel up the rubber gasket around the rim of the subwoofer to check if the holes are where they are supposed to be just be sure to put it back on carefully. if it doesnt come up. like its glued or if its made of metal or plastic. then just leave it alone and just make sure the holes can go all the way through. also check the bottom to see if the holes on the bottom of the sub's edge match the rubber gasket around the rim holes on top
  5. if its at destination facility it should get there today or tomorrow. dont worry about it. UPS has given me problems like this before. it usually comes later in the day or the next day. keep checking to see if it changes to out for delivery or something similar. if it says in transit that means its on the move and could be delivered today or tomorrow. ive had packages just suddenly arrive at my door and change from "arrived at destination facility" to "delivered" with no out for delivery or in between. UPS and USPS have done that as well to me.
  6. I cant afford something priced that high. 129$ is already pushing it. my subs are rated 250W RMS each at 4 ohms per sub. so i'd need either a 4 ohm stable stereo amp rated 250 watts RMS per channel or a 2 ohm stable mono amp 500 watts RMS at 2 ohms in maybe 2 months though I'll be getting a pair of dual 2 ohm 12" skar audio IVX 12 V2 D2 subs to replace my current subs.
  7. I took the volume knob out (its in series with the RCA's going to the amp) and ran it directly then re-adjusted the gains. now they dont smell anymore when I turn them up but i have to turn my head unit up a lot and my computer volume down to turn the subs down so i really need a better solution. my idea is getting that rockville 4000W amplifier since it comes with its own dedicated volume knob and should be much more reliable since it connects internally to the amp and not in series with the RCA's should I go for it the next time I get some money? it looks like an amazing deal amp for just 129$ on amazon! plenty of clean power and overhead power for the price
  8. box just arrived. its freaking awesome. my subs go so much louder now and deeper. they hit hard down to like 22hz very loudly. super awesome bass and good box. no port noise! and if i want a little bit less bass i can unhook one sub and just use the other side because they are in separate chambers!
  9. well it didnt cost too much so not an issue if it doesnt work out i can just return it for a refund
  10. im at a huge apartment complex. its a really bad bad neighborhood. like gangsters going around everywhere doing drugs. shooting guns into the air driving by like idiots people screaming at night its really scary so i stay inside pretty much 24/7 unless im going to the store to get groceries or pay bills and stuff. i just ordered that subwoofer box enclosure since i couldn't find anything else even remotely as good looking except for ones that cost twice as much that i cant afford I also ordered some extra heavy duty rug double sided tape its like duct tape but more tacky so should hold up my foam panels better too plus i get a whole entire roll to use. im going to put 3 big strips the long way on all 4 panels to make sure they dont fall down
  11. I dont trust myself even 30 feet from a saw and i dont trust myself even the tiniest bit to do it right on the first try. i have nothing to work on either. no good work space. no garage. it'd just be leaving wood chips and saw dust all over the carpet. every room has carpet except the kitchen but theres not enough room in the kitchen and i cant make room either.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IFEFMKG/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=AFD3YB3MPK3U3&psc=1
  13. I found an enclosure on amazon tuned around 31hz to 34hz and with 1.8 cubic feet per sub/side looks like the best one im gonna get and not too expensive either. its only 78$ from amazon. the reviews all say 31 or 34hz which is exactly what i want. and all the reviewers are thrilled with the box it'd cost way more to get all the tools and glue and stuff to build one myself and I dont have money for even the cheapest jigsaw or table saw right now. and i dont know where I would even order one it'd probably cost even more to get a custom one made within my extremely budget price range of under 100$
  14. dimensions are weird because the rear of the box is slanted. and on both sides of the box its indented about 1/4 to 1/5 an inch the port is on the right side of the box and goes along the back wall of the box. with the slot port ending behind the left subwoofer not visible from the front. but its visible from the side of the box. the OVERALL product dimensions is 29.5 x 13.5 x 14 inches but i dont know if it takes into account the slant on the rear of the box its almost exactly the same size as the sealed model with the same subs
  15. they barely move a quarter of an inch at 30hz they only start moving about a half an inch around 20hz and around 17hz at full volume they are moving really hard but still not even reaching close to mechanical limit yet. they move more when sealed at 30hz vs ported. not even close to mechanical limit around 30hz. i'd have to give them 2x rated power to even get them MOVING at 30hz
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