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  1. I just received my replacement Alpine CDE-HD149BT... Its been tested, 0 distortion full volume all channels... Here's the kicker, MFG Date - September 2013 !!!! LMAO Out of curiosity, I checked voltage at full volume, Sub channel 4.0v, Front/Rear - 3.6v.. Beggers cant be choosers I guess.. HAHA.
  2. Just a quick followup - They issued me an ATR # and I sent the unit I had back yesterday. I followed up with an email to Laurance letting him know I have a Poker Run in Havasu and really need the new unit by wednesday of next week. I got a call this morning from the Tech Support Manager to follow up on the tracking number, my address, and to let me know they will be also sending me some swag merchandise and that they valued me as a customer. Kinda cool to see them acknowledge the issue, but had I not gotten the support from Tony and Juan to make a video to prove, I dont think we would have gotten this far. Ill let you know once I test the new one they send...
  3. Well, its official.. Alpine has recognized the issue... Hi Christopher, Good news! We have a fix for the problem. Please contact our Tech Support team. Call (800)-TECH-101 I opened a case in your name. Please provide this ATR number 160404-000124 to the technician. Thank you bringing to our attention this problem. Please do not hesitate to call our Tech Support line if you have any questions regarding our products. Thank you again, Laurence I emailed back asking if he could share what they found... This is the response I got to that... Hi Christopher, What I can tell at this moment is this: We localize a lot that seems to have a scattered problem, probably cause by the tolerance of the parts used into the PRE-OUTPUT circuit (?). I have few samples sent to Japan be analyzed by the designers and we will go from there. Please get in touch with our Tech Support and we will take care about your unit. Thank you, Laurence'
  4. Should ask them for some alpine nav units, amps, speakers, and swag for all the trouble... HAHAHA
  5. Quick update on this... I received an email this morning from the QA Manager - Included in the email thread was 13 additional Alpine Reps.. Dont know which position they hold, but there are some of them with the JP domain name in their email for japan.. So it looks like this is going up... Ill let you know what i hear back from this... Hello Christopher, Just to let you know we did not forgot about you're problem! We gather few different samples from a different months of manufacturing that are under test as we speak. I'm expecting a result on Friday/Monday. One of our Marketing/Sales/Technical Support representative will contact you with the results as soon as possible. Best regards, Laurence Laurence Anghelus QA/Service Manager - American Quality Center (AQC-TR) Alpine Electronics of America 19145 Gramercy Place, Torrance, CA 90501-1128
  6. I'm assuming the 9887 doesn't clip at full volume? I'm gonna install mine soon so just wondering. Hook it up to a DD-1 and test it...
  7. Good Question, Do I have an honest answer, Not really... If I had to guess, I think it comes down to me as a person, wanting to do the right thing and hold those accountable when they need to be held accountable or should be held accountable. Im an IT guy by trade, I work on a lot of projects, Im not perfect, I make mistakes, but I hold myself accountable when I screw up or make a mistake and own up to it and fix the issue or problem to make our customers happy. Its called customer service. Sometimes there's issues that are more complex, but my team and myself work through them with the customer to make sure we meet their needs and everyone wins. How far will this go, who knows, but at least personally, I can say I tried. Its much easier for me to sit back and blow it off and say "Bye Felicia" to the whole situation. But in the end, that wouldnt help anyone or solve anything. I dont know how else to sum it up. Im not counting on anything or expecting anything in return, but.. If I do get something in return, then its just icing on the cake...
  8. Quick Update - I made some traction today with Alpine... But let me table that real quick and respond to RW... I do agree, "FULL" Volume, like 35 of 35, in most cases will likely distort/clip.. but as most have shown in video's a majority of HU's go clean to the click before the final volume number, so I think its a safe bet to say as well as accepted in most qulity HU's that I should get 34 vol clean.. My Kenwood X997 was that way, clean to 34, 35 the DD-1 triggered.. Again, 22 vs 34, thats a major difference, not only in volume notches, but also in Volts being sent out the RCA's.. I can live with 3.5v, I cant live with .5 volts. I even tested my Pioneer AVH-5500 in my truck.. Volume goes to 40.. Clean to 39, at 40 it pops the DD-1.. In both cases, the Sub channels and 40hz were clean to 40 volume, the 1kHz was only clean to 39 on the Pioneer and 34 on the Kenwood, but again, thats acceptable. In regards to the 148 vs the 149, the biggest difference is the 2 line Dot Matrix on the 148, and the 3 line Dot Matrix on the 149... thats about it in terms of difference... all the internal settings are the same, crossover, t.correction, 9band ParaEQ.... So today I made contact with the local AZ Alpine USA America rep. I reached out on FB to him, he read through the entire message I sent, even watched the video. He was shocked. He put me in touch with the Supervisor of Tech Support, and provided all his contact information. Honestly, all I needed was their email syntax, and technically, I can now email anyone in Alpine by following their naming convention for emails. I wrote up an entire summary from start to finish covering all aspects that have essentially been posted here, but obviously set forth in a professional email to address and make aware a problem. While I was doing this, I also reached out on FB to the main Alpine USA Americas FB Page and sent a message because the page said they respond within the hour. I sent a summary via message as well as posted a write up and YouTube link to their page for approval. About an hour later, I received a response and was provided with the full contact details for the Manager of QA over Alpine USA America in CA. I also dropped names in my message to the Alpine USA Americas FB Page, they did confirm and state that the Manager of Tech Support is currently out of the office. This fell in line with what the local rep here in AZ told me, cause he did inform me the Tech Support Manager was out on Jury Duty. So that made me feel better that the FB IM person did in fact check to see if that person was available. I took my entire write-up email I sent to the Tech Support Manager, and CC'ed the local rep here in AZ and forwarded it to the QA Manager. I have not heard back from him yet, but was assured the QA manager was the right person to be in contact with.. I'll keep you updated on the progress....
  9. I wish I could have tested a 148, thought I ordered the 2nd one as a 148, but 149 showed up... Trust me, the Alpine tech support dude when I called, I could only imagine his facial expressions when I was trying to tell him. He went round and round, saying that every HU has a clipped signal at full volume, and theres no way you wouldnt get a clipped signal. When I spelled it out, start to finish, explaining distortion, level, then voltage reading, as show in the video, .5v clean, you cant gain match that on low voltage setting. All he said was, its not supposed to do that... No Shit Sherlock!! But it is... Then he said, try it with Defeat Off... Tried that, same results!! Ive read some other posts on forums where guys have basically used this, and switched to high volt in claiming it sounds better. Of course everyone though he was crazy, but I understand why now. Ive tried to reach out and make connections with Alpine both on Linkdin and FB, but no traction. Tony said he was going make a call to one of his people about the issue, but Im sure its not a priority with all the other things going on. Theres got to be a way to get through to someone at Alpine to help address this, I just dont know how yet...
  10. Taylor, I have no personal ill feelings towards anyone in this situation, and I wish his wife well. What I do have a problem with is people doubting or even implying that what i am trying to share with everyone is false or bullshit. I have no issues proving my point, Im new here, nobody knows me, but I turned to these forums as a way of sharing information, what i found, in hopes to find answers or even a solution to a problem I had. It became an even bigger issue when Steve and Tony's DD-1 was called out on the table saying its an idiot light and is worthless cause it tells you nothing. This is when Steve and Tony both jumped in, because this is a personal attack on their product, which, without it, my situation would have never come to light. It then progressed even more by insulting the craftsmanship and cost. The facts were stated, the video was created, the points were proven, and the case was laid to rest... I will say this, Thank you to Steve and Tony for producing a product can show/detect this, without it, I would have gone about my business, never knowing, assuming it was something else. There's nothing out there like it, yah you can get a HP Distortion Analyzer, a good O-Scope with decent enough resolution, but who in their right mind as an end user has that kind of stuff laying around?? Not many, so thats not practical. On top of that, I seriously doubt the people who do have these, like Tony, wants to analyze everyones headunit to check, so instead, they came up with an easy to use product that doesnt have every last bell and whistle, instead, it tells you what you need to know, thats it, nothing more, nothing less. It doesnt need to tell you how much distortion there is exactly, just needs to tell you its over 1%. Doesnt need to show you the deformed wave, so you can see exactly where it is, just needs to tell you, it exists. If you want all the kinda of details, Im sure you can go get those tools and pay well over 150 bucks... For me, ill take the DD-1. Hell, the DD-1 is still cheaper than a handheld O-scope, and dont try to tell me those cheap knock offs is gonna show you with enough resolution with what we saw, cause i highly doubt it. But if you want to go spent 3-700 bucks on a decent handheld, again, you're looking for clipping, not distortion. The DD-1 tells you both... Even if I could tell you what the exact level of distortion is, what the heck am I going to do with that info?? Not a thing, I could care less, I only need to know that distortion is there, Im good with that. The tool is invaluable, those that dont think so, guess what, they dont have to buy it, thats fine, you're entitled to that choice as well as your opinion, but dont discredit the product. The product works, actually worked flawlessly. And just for the record, just because you have an opinion, doesnt always means you have to state it, but if you do, try to be graceful about it. Its all in the delivery, I dont care who you are, nobody likes to be or feel attacked, and sitting behind a keyboard seems to bring the best out in people, instead of swallowing a tad of humble pie. Id be the first one to admit when Im wrong, or even agree to disagree, its called integrity. Id much rather have the title of having integrity than being an ass or making an ass out of myself, but thats me...
  11. I told Tony there would be crickets after the video.. Sure enough.. Crickets.. Silence is golden!! HAHA Its amazing, you have to create a video to shut the naysayers and haters up as well as prove a point....
  12. Coincidentally I am having the same issue. I have a Kenwood X998 and I had decided to adjust my overlap and noticed this issue. Before reading this post, I was looking to order some new leads for my DD-1 since I had broken a set and had to re solder it. Now I'm going to see if I can find a few decks to test and verify but I think I now know what my problem is. I'm pretty sure I have a 3 year warranty on the deck so I will get the deck replaced since it seems it is faulty. Thank you guys for this post, the knowledge, and the entertainment. If you need a distortion free X997 I have one, it's the one I just pulled out and almost end ended up putting it back in... ?
  13. Try to figure out when this became an issue would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But what I think could be a safe gamble is that the older ones could be just fine, its the newer ones that have the issue, but again, its hard to say unless we just started bench testing them from every month or unless Alpine came clean and told us when they changed something, maybe a component in the DSP, different chip, im sure the list could go on and on with possible reason, but the only way to know for sure, is a DD-1, a 1kHZ tone, and testing to validate. Id give up my 149 I have now for a clean 2013 model.. HAHAHA
  14. So the 3 I have, 2 of them were ordered off Amazon, 1 from Brick and Motor (the one we tested), 2nd from S E international (Already Shipped Back) 3rd was from SoundWerks in Scottsdale. All in the last 30 days...I went over to Sounds Good to Me, guy was going to give me the display model claiming they rotate them out every couple of months, I could care less as long as the signal was clean, got to Sounds Good To Me, and the 149 kept rejecting the CD as an error... So off the SoundWerks I went. Where we test in the shop and that one went to 27. The MFG dates on these were Nov 2015, Dec 2015, and the one I got from SoundWerks which is installed in the boat now I believe was a Dec 2015. Again, dont know when this issue started with them, but obviously theres something going on. Whats weird as Tony points out, the 40hz is clean to full vol, the issue starts when we hit the 1kHZ, which we can speculate all day long what we think it might be, possible even the DSP... I still have the one from Brick and Motor, Im actually contacting them now to let them know to raise this issue with Alpine. I might even send an email or call also to let them know this is a bum deal.. If I get a response, Ill keep you posted...
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