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  1. ive got 3- 31 Series Odyssey PC2150's - Had them checked at Copperstate Battery by Chad in Tolleson, all batts are in excellent shape, load tested to 1200CCA and still held 10+ volts. Batts are still under 4 yr warranty, but if taken care of should last at least another 5 yrs.. $140/ea - located in Scottsdale, AZ 85251 - they weigh 76lbs each.
  2. I just received my replacement Alpine CDE-HD149BT... Its been tested, 0 distortion full volume all channels... Here's the kicker, MFG Date - September 2013 !!!! LMAO Out of curiosity, I checked voltage at full volume, Sub channel 4.0v, Front/Rear - 3.6v.. Beggers cant be choosers I guess.. HAHA.
  3. Just a quick followup - They issued me an ATR # and I sent the unit I had back yesterday. I followed up with an email to Laurance letting him know I have a Poker Run in Havasu and really need the new unit by wednesday of next week. I got a call this morning from the Tech Support Manager to follow up on the tracking number, my address, and to let me know they will be also sending me some swag merchandise and that they valued me as a customer. Kinda cool to see them acknowledge the issue, but had I not gotten the support from Tony and Juan to make a video to prove, I dont think we would have gotten this far. Ill let you know once I test the new one they send...
  4. Well, its official.. Alpine has recognized the issue... Hi Christopher, Good news! We have a fix for the problem. Please contact our Tech Support team. Call (800)-TECH-101 I opened a case in your name. Please provide this ATR number 160404-000124 to the technician. Thank you bringing to our attention this problem. Please do not hesitate to call our Tech Support line if you have any questions regarding our products. Thank you again, Laurence I emailed back asking if he could share what they found... This is the response I got to that... Hi Christopher, What I can tell at this moment is this: We localize a lot that seems to have a scattered problem, probably cause by the tolerance of the parts used into the PRE-OUTPUT circuit (?). I have few samples sent to Japan be analyzed by the designers and we will go from there. Please get in touch with our Tech Support and we will take care about your unit. Thank you, Laurence'
  5. That sounds plenty fair. I will be selling one of my T2k's for $400 local or $450 shipped. My other T2k and the T15004 will stay in my RF collection. I think $420 for the T15004 is a little low I was checking prices the 350-400 seem to be about the going rate for the t2000... Didnt really know what to put the T15004 at.. I think I have listed on craigs for $500 but everyone like to low ball.. just trying to get an idea what I should be putting these up for so I dont screw myself...
  6. Im thinking $380 for the T20001 and $420 for the T15004.. Does that sound fair?
  7. Should ask them for some alpine nav units, amps, speakers, and swag for all the trouble... HAHAHA
  8. Quick update on this... I received an email this morning from the QA Manager - Included in the email thread was 13 additional Alpine Reps.. Dont know which position they hold, but there are some of them with the JP domain name in their email for japan.. So it looks like this is going up... Ill let you know what i hear back from this... Hello Christopher, Just to let you know we did not forgot about you're problem! We gather few different samples from a different months of manufacturing that are under test as we speak. I'm expecting a result on Friday/Monday. One of our Marketing/Sales/Technical Support representative will contact you with the results as soon as possible. Best regards, Laurence Laurence Anghelus QA/Service Manager - American Quality Center (AQC-TR) Alpine Electronics of America 19145 Gramercy Place, Torrance, CA 90501-1128
  9. Check the DD-1 Map in Tools forums and see if you can find someone close to you that has a DD-1.. Although I tried the same, found a guy, PM'ed him, never got a response. Found another guy, PM'ed him and we started chatting, but his schedule never allowed him to meet up, he kept blowing me off, so I said screw it and ordered one for myself. I need to add myself to that map, but its worth a shot...
  10. Maybe he didn't want to end up stranded in the middle of a lake because his batteries died lol. Ahem. Not that I have done that or anything. Cough. those amps are power hungry HAHA, thats why theres 6 Batts in the boat... 4 - Odyssey 31 Series and 2 - 34 series...They are on a Perko, so I can easily keep 1- 34 dedicated for starting and let the other 5 run the stereo.. But I have had guys parked next to me, and their 1 interstate they thought they could run their 4-6.5's for 4 hours and still start their motor.. Ive actually pulled a 31 series out just so they could get it started, after my system was pounding all day... LMAO Could run a 3 day weekend without a charge, no prob!! I know they were power hungry, it honestly wasnt about that, it was truley about the weight and footprint savings..
  11. Well crap, guess I wont be selling these on here, dont have 750 posts... LOL
  12. Thanks Guys!! Thats why I wouldnt settle for anything but a MegaCab and the 5.9L Diesel!! I just recently got the DD-1, re-did my boat, then tuned the truck with the DD-1.. WOW what a difference now... HAHA
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