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  1. I can’t invert the subs. I’m very limited on space back there. I ran 3 of these SA 12’s in my avalanche and I thought they sounded great. A lot of people say they aren’t SQ subs and I get that but I thought they sounded good. what are some good SQ subs I could look into that are 1k rms or so?
  2. The box is 4 cubes before sub displacement. The 12’s are .14 each and the 10’s are .10 each.... im basically just wondering if the 2 12’s will sound better in a box on the small side of the recommendation, or 3 10’s in a box on the large side of the recommendation. The 2000.D clamps at like 2300 at 1ohm. 2 12’s will give me 1 Ohm with 1k plus per sub; 3 10’s will give me 1.3 ohms with roughly 600 per sub....
  3. So I’m in the finishing stages of my build. Went get measurements taken today for my sub box for behind the 3rd row in my 2011 Tahoe. Original plan was for 2 sundown SA12’s, but it’s looking like the box will be on the small end of sundowns recommendations, which is 1.5 to 2 cubes net per sub. I’ll probably be around 1.6 cubes per sub. Wouldn’t I be better off with 2 cubes with the 12’s? I’m now wondering if I’ll be better off going with 2 Sa10’s since the box will be on the small side for the 12’s. What’s y’all input on this? I listen to mostly rap and love hitting the LOWS, but I am more so going for an SQL build this go around. I’ll be pushing these at 1ohm with a sundown sae-2000d. Box will be tuned to 33hrtz. subs haven’t been purchased yet, and the box construction will go underway this week. Update: so after further investigation I see that the new version 2 10’s say 1 cube per. so I’m thinking I can go with 3 10’s ported and be at 1 cube per with the space I have. This is what the site says “ BOX SUGGESTIONS: SA-10 v.2 : SEALED : NOT SUGGESTED PORTED : 1.0 ft^3 tuned to 35 Hz // F3 of ~30 Hz SA-12 v.2 : SEALED : 0.75 ft^3 // F3 of ~54 Hz PORTED : 1.75 ft^3 tuned to 35 Hz // F3 of ~29 Hz What should I do? I have like 3.2 net
  4. The component set I have my mind set on is the Hertz Mille 1650.3 2 way set. My concern is fitting the tweeter in the factory location. Anyone here with a Tahoe have this set and did this, or have a set with a tweeter about the same size installed? I believe the frame is 2.1” and the depth is 1.75”. Anyone able to tell me if I’ll be able to fit these tweeters in the A-pillar factory location. I’m fine with having to do some modding to make them fit, but will they actually fit and be able to be hidden behind that little grill on there? My goal is to look stock, so I definitively want to avoid mounting in the mirror access cover or pods or anything like that. I definitely want the tweets behind that factory grill in the pillar.
  5. Thanks! So you would prefer the 4 foot frame ground? It’s not hard at all for me to do it that way; if frame is the better Option I won’t even bother fooling with the bolt. I just know people say not to exceed 3ft ground wires so I wasn’t sure.
  6. So I’m installing sundown sae-2000D in the rear interior panel where the jack is stored on my 2011 Tahoe. which would be a better ground? Through the floor to the frame which would take about a 4 foot run, or ground to the bolt that secures the jack in that compartment which is about a 2.5 foot run? I kind of thought the frame would be a much more solid ground and better than the jack bolt which is pretty much just the sheet metal, but with the length of wire it will take to get to the frame makes me question it. what do you guys recommend in this situation? thanks!!
  7. Anyone?? I was hoping to get some more done on this project this weekend, but I don’t want to just go with my intuition and start popping fuses or damaging circuitry in my truck!! I’d appreciate any input anyone may have on their thoughts about this. I’m sure some of you that did installs in newer vehicles came with this same kind of megafuse. What did y’all do?
  8. Long time member here... Barely post; I mostly just lurk/search and find the info I need. Anyway, I recently bout a 2011 Tahoe. In the process of doing the big 3 upgrade and I’m just a little confused. So there’s a 175 megafuse that’s fed from the battery then on the other side it’s branches off to the alternator with a 4 gauge wire and the main under hood fuse box with an 8 gauge wire. I’m confused as to why there is a 175 fuse on an 8 gauge wire here. My plan was to run From alternator to inline fuse, then to battery with all 0 gauge. Then from battery to another inline fuse to the 8 gauge fuse box. I was planning on just fusing this wire at the inline fuse at like 60 amps, but the way the factory has this all hooked together is just throwing me off and I’m not 100% sure how to proceed. Im sure someone here has dealt with this same kind of issue before and can shed some light on this for me. Thanks in advance to any help!!!
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