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  1. It's that time of the year! Black Friday deals are now active for a limited time at WcCarAudio.com! The Official SMD Store! Also Available at: - Amazon - eBay If you've been searching for the BEST price on a SMD product, now is the time! We will be raising the prices on select items in 2020! Here are SOME of the deals going on right now!! Save 25% on SMD Electronics & 15% on SMD Accessories! Orders of $99 or more get FREE shipping in the U.S.
  2. We're currently going through all Member tiers. Bronze, Silver, & Gold. When we first started this forum, the tiers were not automated. Badges were given manually when the payment was received. This means if a customer cancelled their membership, we had to also manually take the badges off as well. After all the years, it got hard to keep track and long story short, some people stopped paying but still had their badge. We're now looking at who is actively paying for their membership and who is not. If you had a badge and it's now gone, it's most likely because you're not actively paying for it. If you think this is false, please contact me so i can sort it out! Maybe i missed it. _ If you want to get your badge back, you can try our new automated system here....https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/subscriptions/ This system is completely automatic through the forum, so if you pay for a badge you WILL get the badge. If you cancel, it will be removed automatically. _ Bronze tier - done Silver tier - done Gold tier - done All members are up-to-date as of 11/18/2019
  3. It was time for a change! As some of you can see, i've added new SMD group badges to the forum. These can be viewed underneath your username or profile! I've added a brand new badge called "Forum Veteran". If you've been apart of this forum for years and have been active, you're eligible for this badge. If you think you qualify, reply below and i will verify your account!
  4. Yep, they're being re-tooled. I think AMM-1's are next/ almost done. We're re-tooling every product one at a time. Cost will stay the same and the design may change just a tad to match the other re-tooled products. Older AMM-1's will still work perfectly fine though.
  5. Years ago we used to have a chat room that displayed online users along with other features. Well we finally have something very similar to it! If you haven't yet, go to the top and select "SMD Chat" to enter, or go to the following link.... https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/chat/room/1-smd-chat-room/ Of course we still have discord, but for the people who want to chat within just the forum, this is a great alternative! Mobile friendly as well! Let us know how it is!
  6. We've found the issue and have addressed it. Loading should work great now!
  7. It's a bug with the forum. Just refresh the page and it will work. We will look into this now, as we're currently going through the entire forum for issues!
  8. The DD-1+ will be in stock soon! No exact date to give out yet! You can purchase it from WcCarAudio.com, Amazon.com, & eBay.com!
  9. Alright so here's what i did. If you look at the theme list now, there is "SMD Dark/ Mobile Friendly" and "SMD Dark"....SMD Dark should be back to normal for you. You're a gold member so you don't see the google ads that make it not mobile friendly. But for the regular members the google ads are kind of all over the place with that theme. The "SMD Dark/ Mobile Friendly" should be perfect for regular members. The ads are aligned better. Hope it's all fixed for you!
  10. Alright, I think i've fixed the "SMD Dark" theme you were using. Try switching from a different one and then back to the SMD Dark one. Let me know if it's good to go!
  11. I've reproduced the issue you're having and have found the solution. It's the theme you're using. I'm not sure why that theme is making it do that but i'll look into it. For now, switch over to a different theme to fix this issue. I would go with the SMD Classic Default Theme.
  12. Have you tried emailing us at [email protected]? Or at the WCC contact page? https://www.wccaraudio.com/contact I'm the one who runs WCC and i typically reply to all emails. I'm sure i could've missed one or two here and there but most of the time i answer every single email and questions anyone has. Anyways, the OM-1 is still being built. Right now i don't have an exact estimated time to give out, but they're on the way. Along with everything else, we have a lot of stuff being built as i type this. Even VU-DIN boards have been re-vamped and possibly ready soon! We're coming up with a way to have build times cut down shorter, essentially avoiding such a long wait when we run out. But in the meantime, everything is still built by hand in the USA. You'll know when they're back in stock trust me. It will be posted everywhere the minute we have them ready! Thanks for waiting patiently!
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