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  1. Update: The site has been upgraded. In the end, it looks like that post was completely deleted by the OP and is no longer able to be retrieved. Sorry guys. Feel free to make a new one if you'd like!
  2. Sorry guys. Working on it.....i think it's because we need to update the forum. Will be a minute....

    Has been re-designed! Check it out!

  4. Well i tried recreating the steps but all emojis seem to be working fine from both desktop and mobile. I looked up that link in the picture as well and it's a "COOL" emoji. I'm thinking maybe this member most likely has some type of custom emojis downloaded to their phone, in which causes this to happen.
  5. This seems to be an issue with the app dev. That will have to stay like that until they fix it. I've updated it to their a recent release and it's still the same.
  6. So i know exactly what you're talking about, but it seems that it only happens sometimes, as it's currently not doing it for me (of course when trying to figure it out lol) So until i get to the bottom of it, you'll just have to refresh the page when it does that. Usually you only have to refresh once. I'll let you know when i get it fixed....
  7. I've been looking into this already. I think It's just the forum. This is something that needs to patched in an update if so....For now, refreshing the page works.
  8. After getting the forum and home page up-to-date, we can finally start adding more features for our SMD Paying members! If you'd like to check out what our memberships offer, click the following link..... Here is what we've added so far (more features to come)..... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ SMD Bronze Members - *Access to Exclusive SMD Paid Member Live Streams _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ SMD Silver Members - **You can change your name once every month! **Access to Exclusive SMD Paid Member Live Streams _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ SMD Gold Members - ***You can change your name up to three times every month! ***Access to Exclusive SMD Paid Member Live Streams _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Want to change your name? Follow these steps..... Go to account settings > overview > Display name > Click on "Change" How to see the live streams? Simple! Follow these steps..... While being a paying member, you'll have the "livestream" option in the navigation bar/ menu! Or Use this link -
  9. @WalledSonic My bad. The SOTM badges were enabled for ads. NOW it should be good.
  10. Everything is fixed guys. I've been working on the forum for awhile now. If you're a paying member, you should not be getting any ads anymore!
  11. Antheny916

    Help me identify this subwoofer please! pics in post.

    Nice to see you using our new video platform! Not sure what that sub is though lol. Hopefully you get an answer soon!
  12. Antheny916

    Violent BASS instant Red Face

    You can now upload your videos here to SMD!
  13. Antheny916

    Violent BASS instant Red Face

    visit: - join our awesome car audio community today!   Washed the Tahoe today and took it for a spin.  I know Brandito is an easy target but you can't fake that red face LOL    See the Ipad dash build pics here: SMD Products available here: The system in this 2001 Chevy Tahoe consists of: 12.9" Ipad Pro! (previously Mac Mini / 10.2" Touchscreen) Sony RSX-GS9 (Previously Pioneer P710 Bluetooth) 4 18" Ascendant Audio SMD v2 Subwoofers 10 Rockford Fosgate 6.5" 2 Rockford Fosgate 8" 2 Rockford Fosgate 4" 12 Rockford Fosgate 1" 8 Rockford Fosgate T2500.1 bdCP (Bass) (2 amps on each sub) 2 Rockford Fosgate T1000.4 (Midbass/Midrange) 1 Rockford Fosgate T600.2 (Tweeters) 1 Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 Processor 4 350 Amp Mechman Alternators 10 XS Power D3100 Batteries 1 SMD TM-1 F (Temp sensor/cooling fan controller) 1 SMD VM-1 Volt Meter 2 SMD OM-1 Output Meters Second Skin Sound Deadened Top to Bottom Viper 5901 Security Ridetech Shockwave Titanium Suspension Wilwood 6 piston 16" Caliper Brakes DJM and Spohn Control Arms "Meadecherry" Paint by Roy Devore ....and more Don't forget to Subscribe Also, check out my other pages: Instagram: Facebook Page here: Follow: Visit SMD Partner Sonic Electronix: