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  1. How's the new chat everyone? Think we should keep it or put chatbox back up?

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    2. s5300


      Yeah, I think we should definitely keep the in-browser chatbox... I mean, both would be nice - but definitely don't get rid of the in-broswer. 

    3. Antheny916
    4. WalledSonic


      I dont mean to be a pest. Seems legit now.. Thanks a bunch man!

  2. Currently fixing ads everyone. Do not worry about any popups. Just cancel them for now. They will be gone here shortly.

  3. Great videos! Try uploading them to http://smdmedia.net/ !
  4. Who remembers the http://smdmedia.net/ website? After all these years of being down, I've brought it back! This is just the start for it, but so far i think it works very well! Check it out and start sharing your video's by embedding straight from YouTube or by directly uploading in .mp4, .flv, .m4v, .webm, or .mp3 formats! You can also post your live streams! Here's how you embed your video's from youtube (very easy)... Step 1: Step: 2 Step: 3 Step: 4 Step: 5 Step: 6 To upload directly, click the following..... Start sharing your video's now! http://smdmedia.net/
  5. Who remembers http://smdmedia.net/ ? Well it's back up! Check it out!

    1. WalledSonic


      Doesnt seem like the user name and password from SMD Forum work there, huh?

  6. I'm not sure why people are saying the 22nd. It's possible, but really there is no exact date. It's sometime during this month though. As soon as we see an official date, we'll post it for everyone. When stuff like this happens, it's a difficult process to get going again. Once we get these back in stock, no one will have to worry about them being out of stock for this long again. Any day now we WILL have a date to give out. I know it's been a long unnecessary wait, but please be patient with us for just a bit longer. Thanks!
  7. I don't believe they are the same. If you listen to them on any device you'll hear that they have different sounds. Same song names, but different sounds. Track 14 on both are named as "2k" but if you listen to them, they're two totally different sounds!
  8. Here you go guys! These downloads will work! https://www.wccaraudio.com/downloads
  9. New rewards added to the SMD patreon page! www.patreon.com/meade916

  10. Lets try something new!

    Help support SMD Video's HERE

    If you already support SMD we thank you!

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    2. audiofanaticz


      Glad to see him finally do it, how did you get him to do it? 

    3. Antheny916


      Well let's just say we both manage the page for now lol

    4. audiofanaticz
  11. SMD DD-1's are back in stock! If you've been waiting to get your hands on this item, check it out over at WcCarAudio.com, Amazon.com, & eBay.com! :)

  12. The DD-1+ will be in stock soon! No exact date to give out yet! You can purchase it from WcCarAudio.com, Amazon.com, & eBay.com!
  13. SMD CC-1's & SMD OM-1's back in stock everywhere as of 1/17/18!

    We only have 4 CC-1's left after all orders throughout the night! Available @ https://www.wccaraudio.com/

    1. bsneon98


      site says all sold out? I was going to pick one up this weekend :(

    2. Antheny916


      @bsneon98 We started with a stock of 50, and sold every single one in one day. We stated to "get it before it was too late" for a reason lol! Keep checking back with us, we'll have them back in soon enough!

      Sorry about that!

    3. bsneon98


      Yeah I was hoping payday would come before that. No worries and thanks as always Antheny!