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  1. Yeah I'm just trying to keep a lil overhead so the power stays clean. They look like they could take it. ?
  2. Yeah the T0s 12s do 700 rms. I was actually going to give each sub like 750 to 800 clean watts. So if you think 1200 is good I should be fine lol.
  3. Just wanted to see if any of you have played around with these subs before. Was curious about their thermal capabilities. I have a pair right now and I want to power them with around 1500 clean watts. Just fishing to see if any beat on these subs before. Thanks.
  4. Yes I did mean crossover. I believe the one on deck is better.
  5. I want to know how I can use my radios eq with out using the one on sub amp which has no way to shut off or run to full. I'm trying to avoid phase distortion. Any help is well come.
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