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  1. Mine actually worked out great and clamped what it was meant to, it did look like they had just bolted an adapter bracket made if aluminum onto an existing 400amp alt though. The truck is sold now but it held up great while I had it.
  2. 2017 Nissan pathfinder 3.5l D7500 and d1200 powering sfb 8k and nvx 800.4 The highest I can find anywhere if at all is 270 amp alts but this 3.5l vq35 is in a dozen other vehicles
  3. Has anybody had any experience with nextgenalternators? https://nextgenalternators.com/ They're supposedly based in Florida and I'd love to buy local. They've also quoted for higher output and a better warranty than Michael Singers for my suv so I'm obviously a bit concerned with the validity of their business. Too good to be true? Website was made in April 2019 but I can't find any info...
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