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  1. Ordered a new sfb 8000D got everything hooked up and it's pumping...sort of. Pretty sure I'm having problems with the rca voltage, ordered a matrix plus to level that out as I've needed one for awhile. But as I'm trying to measure the output of the amp and tune with an AMM-1 and dd-1 I disconnected the speaker wire to run through the AMM-1 and electrocuted the ever living shit out of myself. From touching the speaker terminal ( with metal allen key) and nothing by my other hand touching the amp. Is this Normal? I've gotten little bits of tingle before but never enough for me to jump f
  2. Yeah, that's how mine was acting. It would cut my steering off and flash my entire gauge cluster as if the car had just started again so I just bypassed any concerns and did it that way because...steering important xD haha ( Mind you after trying a few different pigtail configurations first to try and keep factory as possible)
  3. Sounds like it's overvolting and shutting down the car for a moment. My Mazda speed had the same issue, Try running just a tickle wire from the battery to the alt pigtail to have it excite and stay charging. Not 100% if that's what I was suppose to do but it's pushed my Singer alt for about 2 years now no more problems. If you have a power probe use that before wiring anything in
  4. 2017 Nissan pathfinder 3.5l D7500 and d1200 powering sfb 8k and nvx 800.4 The highest I can find anywhere if at all is 270 amp alts but this 3.5l vq35 is in a dozen other vehicles
  5. Has anybody had any experience with nextgenalternators? https://nextgenalternators.com/ They're supposedly based in Florida and I'd love to buy local. They've also quoted for higher output and a better warranty than Michael Singers for my suv so I'm obviously a bit concerned with the validity of their business. Too good to be true? Website was made in April 2019 but I can't find any info...
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