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  1. Trying to set the amps temporarily, until i bring it to a shop (i'm a noob) The T2500 is set at 40hz and the gain at 3 And the P200 at 70hz all pass and the gain at 6 Will this be ok/safe until i bring it to a shop to tune? Thanks !
  2. Built the box, don't judge me i'm an amateur ? And mounted the amps Used these on every wire
  3. So the problem with the engine is fixed, only too almost a year ? But the engine bay is complete now Looked like this before Painted and replaced a lot of stuff, while i was at it did the big 3 And the plans for the audio changed a bit.. again...? The new plan(setup) will be as following: HU: Pioneer MVH-X560BT Sub: Rockford Fosgate Power T0D215 Sub Amp: Rockford Fosgate Power T2500.1 Mids and Highs: Rockford Fosgate Punch P1652-S Components Mids and Highs Amp: Rockford Fosgate Punch P200.2 Electrical: Ground Zero GZBP 12.3500X battery Stock 90 Amp Alternator CCA 0 awg power/ground/big 3 CCA 8 awg subwoofer wire CCA 12 awg speaker wire Hollywood Energetic RCA's Hollywood Energetic Fuses and fuseholders Rockford Fosgate PEQ remote controller The Punch components, if they're not loud enough for with the T0 15 i will upgrade to T2 components and T400.2 amp
  4. I needed the engine for this; I have that car for almost 5years now so thought it was time to put an engine in.. Plus the Golf mk3 was shit, rust and water leaks everywhere
  5. Thanks! ? Front has the same isolation as the two pictures above but forgot to take a pic of it... The battery in the trunk and the wiring (rca's, remote, voltmeter wires and the bass remote)
  6. Yeah i found that but i don't think that that's the best design.. isn't 2.75 cu. ft. on the small side? Would like to play the low lows even though i don't think that that's the best sub for it
  7. Could somebody help me with a box design for a Rockford fosgate T0 15 ? The dimensions i have available in the car are as following L x W x H 560mm x 770mm x 400mm L x W x H 22'' x 30'' x 15,5'' (approximately) I want to place the sub up and the port also up. Will be using 18mm MDF and powering it with a Rockford T2500.1 at 4ohm. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I just got a used Rockford T0 dual 2ohm 15inch subwoofer rated at 800watts rms and was wondering what amp would be better to use on it? I've got a Rockford T400.2 that puts out a little bit over 500watts rms bridged at 4ohms and a T2500.1 Which one would be better to use? the 400.2 or the 2500.1 with the gain turned down? Thanks!
  9. So some wire arrived today.. All OFC ? Huuuge difference between OFC and CCA 0gauge for the big3 4gauge for the mids and highs amp 8gauge for the wiring of the subs 10gauge speaker wire Little bit of 12gauge just in case Looking at the 10gauge speaker wire i think it will be a little bit of overkill... Just need more 0gauge now
  10. Thanks! So i'm having trouble with the engine that's in the Golf Mk2 but i need a car so i bought a Golf Mk3 Will be driving the Mk3 while i fix and build the Mk2 The Mk3 It only had the tweeters playing so i'm annoyed by that I have some parts that i've collected in the last 2years and will not be using in the Mk2 but don't really now what i should do/use in the Mk3 Maybe some suggestions? Rockford Fosgate Power T400.4 amp Rockford Fosgate Power T400.2 amp Rockford Fosgate Power T2500.1 amp 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro PPS4-6 Mids 1 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro PPS4-8 Mid 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro PP4-NT Tweeters 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro PP4-X crossovers 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch P1S2-8 subs Some Rockford Fosgate RCA’s Fusion Powerplant dual 4ohm 15’’ sub Pioneer GM-A4604 4-channel amp Some 0gauge and 8gauge CCA powerwire Ground Zero 90Ah battery and an Optima yellow top
  11. Could i put two different brands of batteries in the back of the car together? (batterybank) One is 90Ah and the other one is 110Ah Thanks!
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