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  1. My buddy's Jeep stays above 14V 100% of the time. Here's a pic of his plug connector. If yours is the same, chances are Chrysler uses the same across the board. Report back after you've driven for a few weeks and let us know if it ever dips lower, for science. IMG_3262 by Walled Sonic, on Flickr
  2. This is determined by Chrysler's PCM if you have a plug connector. Lucky for you, most of them charge in the 14s all the time, from what I've read. Us GM guys have to deal with the alt shutting off completely... EDIT: The main benefit of an upgraded stock case alternator is more amperage with all the benefits and function of 'stock' like PCM regulation, no battery light warning, etc.
  3. Actual Legit Alternator Shop ?

    I have personal experience with Singer, US Alts, and Mechman. All three give excellent customer service by email or phone and all three make excellent alternators with warranty. There may be others but this is my personal experience.
  4. Yes it creates more heat since it flows more current, but if you set the gain lower than you normally would, then the current thru the amp at 1/2 ohm COULD be lower than it would play at 1 ohm For instance, my amp clips at 70Vac and is wired to 1/3 ohm. If I wired to 1/6 ohm and set the amp to 35V, then it should produce a roughly equivalent power output, so the amp wouldnt see more stress. In the end, a lower impedance typically draws more current, which will drop voltage quickly. This is why you need a lot of reserve power at low impedance.
  5. Bluetooth is definitely lower sound quality. Yes, you would need to adjust your gains accordingly. Some units have a 'source level adjustment' (SLA) that you can change for each input device so you dont have to readjust your gains on the amp. So for example, your USB may be set to 0 and then perhaps you set your BT to +2 to give it a voltage boost from the head unit. If you dont have SLA on your head unit, you would have to adjust your amps.
  6. Hey Big Scoot, try 1/8" neoprene foam from Amazon. Works great, just installed some in my buddy's 4th order box and it compresses well and holds pressure too.
  7. amp in protect

    Could be coincidence man. You havent *seemingly* done anything wrong, but things just break sometimes. If you wanna open the back and post pics of the guts, we can help identify shat what section of the amp blew and that may give an indication if its your fault or not.
  8. >mfw pic of 13yo kids turns everone into 13yo kids 😂
  9. 2 amps 1 sub

    I'll be welding brackets to my car within the month to secure my wall/box. Nutserts/pressnuts is another idea EDIT: fuse for wire capacity. If you tune your amps right, you shouldnt need to downsize your fuses for the amp rating.
  10. Audible Carnage (Houston)

    Hollerrrr Houston... See yall there.
  11. I dont own one. I just use a full size jig saw to cut plastic
  12. My EE buddy has a 4 channel oscilliscope that i picked up at lunch today. Gonna phase balance my amps to perfection this weekend!
  13. Acad 2017 has hot keys, ive recently learned. We have like 100,000 files in 2D so we’ll be working partially in 2D for years to come. Should have it installed at work by Wednesday. Our file server requires us to be up to date on softwares.