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  1. Damn, really wish I wouldve built a driver's side port. That way I could block of the 4th sub hole and play around with just 3 subs and more box volume. I dont think I would get good response by removing a sub from a center slot port design like mine. Life lessons.
  2. Cant believe the biker stayed upright thru all this. Damn https://m.imgur.com/ROXMhtf?r
  3. The reason to play pure tones is to ensure 35Hz is actually quieter than the other 2 frequencies you were concerned about. Perhaps the complex arrangement of sounds and frequencies in a song is tricking your perception.
  4. Are fees to ship into Canada that expensive? Im curious why you'd have to come to the US for all that.
  5. Play pure test tones. That may help.
  6. Must be that Fi goodness you guys are always talkin about.
  7. Reply with system info
  8. Duck, others are modifying it live, are you sure you got the right results?
  9. So whats the downside of running a smaller port than necessary? Port compression and increased impedance rise? Im happy with my results. Although everyone is trying to modify it live so it kicked me out on my 3rd run. Thanks Triticum.
  10. Is that a function of the driver or the 4th, kyle?
  11. It does make sense, since the cutoff frequency is 0.707 times full voltage. This means a couple of hertz above the cutoff is where the attenuation actually begins.
  12. Gotta admire your perseverance man. That cage is sick, tuned in for this build!
  13. Very cool man, never seen the ports split up like that before. How does it play? Looking forward to VIDS!
  14. Im sure he had a great time trying to find the newest albums on CD. They werent that popular in the 80s.