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  1. I love the simplicity of running network mode out of the back of the HU, the efficiency of crossing over the channels while the music file is still digital, and having a quality DAC convert to analog... all without having to setup another DSP inline with the HU. Yes I fukcing hated the interface if the 80PRS (Wish it was more like the DEH-9800MP) but i absolutely loved the raw simplicity along with the music quality for $250 and a single HU. i dont care if you disliked the 80PRS, thats not the point here really. Whether single or double DIN, are there any HU’s out there with a built in DAC/Network Mode that rivals the 80PRS? Now with the PRS (and P99RS) unavailable, I want something that was as simple to use as it was.
  2. Texas Heat Wave in Austin... Anyone going?
    I wasnt able to finish the enclosure yet, but I plan on showing off the cage work, drinking with audio fam, and get demos all weekend.

  3. Whats up with the discord thing?  An overly complicated chatbox and ad tool?  Seems to have much less traffic than old chatbox.  meh

  4. Flickr now charging for over 1000 pictures.  I have 1022 and about to start a new build log.  Gonna delete 22 images to maintain my old BLs and move on to another service for the new BL.

  5. And here I am posting on status updates like its chatbox... SMDH ? ?

  6. meh, chatbox was weak anyway.  Site traffic is low and no one is ever on at the same time.  Like trying to have a conversation with 6 hour gaps in between comments.

  7. Been so busy lately doing shit I dont want to do.  I just want to rip the car apart and go ham on the design.  I love audio and I fucking love designing shit.

  8. hey bro I was looking at your build and was wondering what exactly did you order to make your amp backs?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. walledbmr91
    3. WalledSonic


      @walledbmr91 wheres the build log??

    4. walledbmr91


      I haven't made one yet Im finally getting close to having everything I need I just ordered my last 2 sundown nsv4 12s im doing 4 in my 2002 Bmw 325i I got my ampere audio 11k amp and my singer alt and some lithium just need to get one more lithium battery then I can start on the wall which me and a buddy of mine Carey stahl are gonna build it but I figure then I Will start a build log.


  9. Thanks man, I’m back on. The password they gave me is a good one. Lol at me took me forever for it to work. Thanks bro. Oh I don’t have Facebook. I’d differentiatly friend quest you. You are One good dude, you got my respect.. Sorry how stupid I may sound. 

    1. audiofanaticz


      Dont be dissing my password creation expertise, I even had to delete a few because it was about twice as long!! LOL 

    2. 2loud4uboyz
  10. Loud bass pulse and amp goes to protect. Thinking RCAs bc i was messing with them when it first happened, but cant think of why that would cause a problem. 

    1. WalledSonic


      Yep loose RCAs near the bass knob were popping the amp with spike voltage and sending it to protect. I’d like to thank my DMM for helping me diagnose that so quickly haha

  11. Great read. Its more than a manual for an amp, it also has tons of great info for installs, in general. 


  12. What are yall looking forward to this wkend? Certainly yall have cool shit going on.

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    2. bsneon98


      beer and sanding

    3. Kyblack76


      Beer and kitchen flooring,.. watch a lil of the game, only because of the 1100 i have on it spread out on several boards/prop and standard bets...... but, not much going on really

    4. 06RTCharger



      Just hoping my team can play as good as they did against Minnesota or better. My boss is pretty cool about it too, hes a sports fan and told us if anyones team makes it to the superbowl he’ll give them off. So im set, just figuring out if or how much i wanna bet on’em. 

  13. Redoing rear disc conversion. ZZP sent me a new rear caliper. Last time, the right rear caliper kept locking up. I could manually push/screw it in, but i'd go drive and it would lock up. 

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    2. WalledSonic


      Ive read about colapsed lines, but this car only has 38kmi on it. I guess we'll find out in couple hours

    3. bmwking


      if the drums operate as they should with no other changes other than swapping to a caliper and bleeding... its definitely a fault in the caliper.  a bad piston seal would lead to a visible leak.  it may be a minute possibility, but it's possible that the flow port where the brake fluid enters on the caliper could be slightly over bored and overwhelming that piston with a higher pressure of fluid.  just a thought tho.  hope the new one works just fine!

    4. WalledSonic


      New setup is working great. 4 wheel disc :)

  14. Regulator died in my large case, been audio-less for over a month now.  Soldering new regulator today and putting the large case back in.  Werk werk werk

    1. Markous


      At least you have a spare alt. now ?  (SOTM joke)

    2. WalledSonic


      In all seriousness, I was hoping it would ship fast so I could drop it in, but theyre a bit backlogged.

      I just asked Mechman to modify my order for a 1-wire alt so I can maintain voltage above 14V.  I found out (via testing) that the battery light is not tied to the OBD system, so I should still be able to get state inspection.

      And when the 320A hairpin arrives in a couple weeks, it will be swapped in B)

    3. WalledSonic


      Found out the 2-pin-plug wires that connect to the alt regulator had been pulled out of their connector potting.  GM didnt put a stress cone on those leads. 

      Running the alt self-exciting (13.5-13.8V) right now with no problems.  A simple goddamn 18ga wire ruined 2 regulators.  The intermittent connection was signaling the regs on and off, quickly frying them.  

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