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  1. WalledSonic

    Twisted Sounds 3.5K

    Dibo is saying your sub coils dont measure 1 ohm each. Theyre 0.7 each, meaning each amp is wired to 0.35ish ohm, which is low as shit and questionable for a TS amp. Steve at Amp Medics is legit af
  2. Whats up with the discord thing?  An overly complicated chatbox and ad tool?  Seems to have much less traffic than old chatbox.  meh

  3. WalledSonic

    Box tuning

    I prefer to tune ported enclosures in the mid-upper 20s. Thats just me though. Had some PSI subs with an Fs of 35Hz and had the box tuned to 26Hz. I would do it again.
  4. WalledSonic

    Speaker placement help. Front stage.

    >active >zapco >old school orion You have my attention. Tuned in for advice.
  5. Tuned in... weird that the images pop up once I quoted you
  6. Digging the truck man. Looks great. Clean, stealth, murdered out. You driving this thing to CES or flying? It’d be cool to see your rig while im out west.
  7. I didnt care for those 2 ohm CDT mids when I ran them in the past. They just seemed overdamped and quiet. Turns out a 2 ohm speaker at 200W and a 4 ohm speaker at 100W sound about the same. Good luck on your subs tho.
  8. WalledSonic

    Twisted Sounds 3.5K

    theres no chinese caps on this board. Sorry to hear about that, either way.
  9. Put as many grounds you want and they dont have to all go thru the current sensor. CES (facebook) makes a bypass module. I bought it but havent installed it yet. I highly recommend a self-exciting regulator on your alternator. That way I charged at 14.5 all the time. Worst part is the battery light, but it wont void your inspection.
  10. WalledSonic

    HELP! - Killing Amps with Vibrations...from 8 18's

    Nope. I mount my 5Ks to a double thick wall (1.5" thick) with bracing, NO ISSUES.
  11. WalledSonic

    HELP! - Killing Amps with Vibrations...from 8 18's

    Post pic of where theyre mounted in the vehicle. The location you are mounting to must be flexing. If the board you mounted to has NO movement, then your amp wouldnt see vibrations.
  12. Flickr now charging for over 1000 pictures.  I have 1022 and about to start a new build log.  Gonna delete 22 images to maintain my old BLs and move on to another service for the new BL.

    1. Karkov



  13. *GASP* Kyle thinking about Lithium? Has hell frozen over??
  14. WalledSonic

    Power handling

    And how much money did you save going with PSI rather than Fi?
  15. And here I am posting on status updates like its chatbox... SMDH 😅 😂