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  1. Laid a new bead on the passenger side of the top brace, since the weld was a bit scant on that side. Tacked in the pole. Made the bar with a swoop so more pressure would be on the windshield flange. Harbor Freight blankets are not flame retardant. Pretty sure theyre extra flammable, actually. Im really freakin proud of this weld: Here's how the turnbuckle meets the upper bar Straight down the line Ive been banging the SAE1500 for the past few months. Im SO fucking stoked to get the 6K back in!
  2. In the end, it doesnt really matter. The only concern is cost of wire. In terms of wire resistance, if you size wire appropriately, measured DC resistance will be negligible between the two setups.
  3. Cool stuff man.
  4. Alphablazer is a good example of a rig that has all the grounds ran thru the frame rail. Check out their build log. +163dB rig and I dont think he has problems. But thats not SQ either. And neither is a 5k. Haha
  5. If you're concerned about noise, back to the battery terminal. But depending on your vehicle, you may not have any noticeable noise so chassis grounding may be great, which is in line with what strangeduck was saying.
  6. I read an SQ post on another forum concerning grounding. That was one of the things mentioned that could introduce noise, but in practice, I dont know if it really matters. Results may vary, I guess. Haha
  7. Directly back to battery ground. Battery ground is the truest ground. Its the voltage source.
  8. I wonder if electrical noise could be a concern with amps going to chassis ground.
  9. More idle amps. 120A at idle isnt much. Especially if you are stop-and-go a lot or enjoy demoing
  10. Goddamn this car looks so sick bagged.
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. The top bracket was made 1/8" too short in height, so I welded a strip of 1/8" thick steel on the flange to support the windshield pinch seam. I was a bit sloppy with the weld as I was scared to stay in one place too long and bend the bracket. Now its supporting the windshield pinch seam very well. The bar I bought is seam welded, so I had to reach in with the dremel and remove the weld ridge you see here Then grounded away two flats on each side of the turnbuckle So the turnbuckle can slip into the bar. The rest of the parts are prepped so I can tack it all in place tmrw and finish this bish up.
  12. There should be a plug in module to retain those functions. Check metraonline.com
  13. LOL tell me about it. Dan at US Alts should be sending me a PCM module very soon, I hope to report back some good news in May.
  14. Singer 240A alt, 215A warm at 2500RPM, 130A at idle. 395Ah XS AGM Dual runs of power and ground to the rear bank Rear bank all bussed in (4) 15's on a Sundown SCV-6000D at 0.7ohm (ran the 6K for a week before I started breaking the windshield so am running low power right now) Dipped into 11s at idle but full tilt at 2500RPM didnt go below 12.0V. I am on the edge of acceptability, IMO. If I had 250A at idle, I'd be happy!
  15. OC: When a squirrel eats a couple holes in the gas tank on your mower...