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  1. They do the job for a low price. Not gonna say they are the end-all-be-all 8" sub, but they work for this setup.
  2. WalledSonic


    Because its a very uncommon piece of information that could be very useful. Allows people to fix circuits that may have gone bad in their head unit. SERVICE manuals arent always available.
  3. @SMT youre also assuming those same 5 people would be willing to help. Possibly a poor assumption. Its not hard to navigate the forum. Its divided into subforum categories and there is also a search bar. Go to the subforum you are interested in, then search that forum with your topic, and if it hasnt been asked, then post a question. Easy stuff. You can do it.
  4. Ground 4AWG speaker wire Rear batt Rear distro block. Braces Lights mounted to the front face attach here And then connects to the ported light and then down to the amp rack lights Wiring Subs Speaker leads Cleaning Top half on now "Available space? Yes, we'll take all of it." Switch Face Meters In the daytime, no flash LIT AF Vids coming soon
  5. What year model do you have? My buddy’s 2016 JK came with a towing package but with a 160A small case denso alternator
  6. WalledSonic


    Its been a while. Figured I'd provide a comparative Impedance Plot of my old PSI Platform 2 15s versus my new Fi SP4V2 15s. Again, taken with the IM-SG. The plot shows measured values in green and red, and calculated values in blue and purple (to simulate what my 2 amps see). Both sets of subs were very broken-in when I took these measurements. Not sure what about the subs makes the SP4 unload at a higher frequency than the PSI's, but the data dont lie. Very interesting how the curve is much smoother with the Fis. The 36Hz blip (green) from the PSIs is now gone, yet the box hasnt changed. Now I'm curious if that really was a standing wave or something to do with the PSI subs TS parameters. Thoughts? Interest? If anyone wants the spreadsheet, hit me up. Its plug n play. Plot updates live.
  7. Axel is being moved backward to the 'correct' location.
  8. For sure, we come in to downtown every weekend to party so i’ll hit you up.
  9. Word man. -10 now, its great. I'm squeezing every bit out of those Amperes. LOVE those fucking amps. Seriously
  10. I was running a 250A US Alt, but I'm currently waiting on a voltage regulation module from Dan... So in the meantime, I'm running the Mechman 320A alt I won in December SOTM with a "one-wire" voltage regulator that runs at 14.3 to 14.7 all the time. I clamped it hot at 316A. It puts down 168A at idle. I honestly prefer the nicer rectifier plate, diodes, and welded connections of the US Alt (over the cheap rectifier, diodes, and crimped & soldered connections in the Mechman).
  11. So (2) 18s?? Just wall it
  12. Pardon my ignorance, but why would this be a bad thing? My roof tore before I added wood.