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  1. Texas Heat Wave in Austin... Anyone going?
    I wasnt able to finish the enclosure yet, but I plan on showing off the cage work, drinking with audio fam, and get demos all weekend.

  2. Whats up with the discord thing?  An overly complicated chatbox and ad tool?  Seems to have much less traffic than old chatbox.  meh

  3. Flickr now charging for over 1000 pictures.  I have 1022 and about to start a new build log.  Gonna delete 22 images to maintain my old BLs and move on to another service for the new BL.

  4. And here I am posting on status updates like its chatbox... SMDH ? ?

  5. meh, chatbox was weak anyway.  Site traffic is low and no one is ever on at the same time.  Like trying to have a conversation with 6 hour gaps in between comments.

  6. Been so busy lately doing shit I dont want to do.  I just want to rip the car apart and go ham on the design.  I love audio and I fucking love designing shit.

  7. Indianapolis on business. Bell’s Two Hearted American IPA
  8. Man you west coasters got it good! Some of our best bottle shops in TX dont have what yall have in corner stores.
  9. hey bro I was looking at your build and was wondering what exactly did you order to make your amp backs?

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    2. walledbmr91
    3. WalledSonic


      @walledbmr91 wheres the build log??

    4. walledbmr91


      I haven't made one yet Im finally getting close to having everything I need I just ordered my last 2 sundown nsv4 12s im doing 4 in my 2002 Bmw 325i I got my ampere audio 11k amp and my singer alt and some lithium just need to get one more lithium battery then I can start on the wall which me and a buddy of mine Carey stahl are gonna build it but I figure then I Will start a build log.


  10. Thanks man, I’m back on. The password they gave me is a good one. Lol at me took me forever for it to work. Thanks bro. Oh I don’t have Facebook. I’d differentiatly friend quest you. You are One good dude, you got my respect.. Sorry how stupid I may sound. 

    1. audiofanaticz


      Dont be dissing my password creation expertise, I even had to delete a few because it was about twice as long!! LOL 

    2. 2loud4uboyz
  11. I love em. Try to find a cascade for a properly tart sour beer. Some 'sours' are kind of bastards in that the brewer may just dump sweet juice in at the end and not referment it. Also check out Jolly Pumpkin out of Michigan. Theyre on point too.
  12. Similar beer except using red raspberry as opposed to white and standard oak barrels instead of sovignon aged oak. Crisper, fruitier, less funky. EDIT: the fruit added is fernented to dryness, this is not a beer with raspberry juice added at the bottling stage.
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