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  1. Use your DMM and get values. Like Hellbilly and I both mentioned above.
  2. Check all your RCA connections. I had a very similar thing occur when my RCAs slipped out of position from my bass knob. The connection was intermittent, so it would 'pop' the amp, and then go protect. Hope you figure it out man. Also consider unplugging your RCAs from your amp and testing AC voltage on your RCAs to see if the values fluctuate erratically. Play a test tone while doing this. Best of luck sir.
  3. Nah finish them in the fuzzy zebra. Lol Looking good man!
  4. Sorry to hear about your troubles man. XS makes some of the best batteries on the market. You dont think any other electrical issues caused the batteries to die? I'd have to say the bulk of people running XS do so because they make a great product. Tuned in for perseverance and the fix.
  5. You only need fuses FROM a power source. I agree OP needs more batteries but if he doesnt run more than the one under hood, there is no use for a second fuse in his power run from the front to the amps. If a rear battery is added, then another fuse is necessary (from a safety perspective).
  6. Did you try putting the press tool back on the rivnut and re-pressing it? Ive done that before. Do your rivnuts have serrations on the side that touches the metal?
  7. For those 'speculating', and since I was the last person to win SOTM: I didnt cheat, I dont know the admins, and I won based on votes from a bunch of forum members like yourselves. I also didnt run around PMing people and asking for votes or going to FB to fish for votes. That shit is petty and lame and below me. One problem I did experience, however, was when someone tells their team (TDH in particular) to go log in or create an account on SMD to vote for them. But then again, SOTM is designed to bring more interest and traffic to the forum. I dont know for sure SMD's stance on that phenomena. In 2017, the SOTMs were much different than the traditional SOTMs. The reason it went mute for a while was because of belly-aching and bickering. Funny how the thread was started to ask why SOTM died and it digressed to complaints about people NOT getting free shit. For the record, @snafu and @MECHMAN were EXTREMELY generous and helpful with the prizes, and I sincerely thank them for that. And since my build is 4/0 throughout, I donated my 1/0 Big 3 Winnings to the runner up. Im not sure if he claimed his prize or not... 77-Audio in particular: I dont cheat or kiss ass, so you can go FTFO.
  8. A true work of art, sir. Original as heck. Very cool!
  9. WalledSonic

    Difference Between McLaren Audio Tweeters

    In for learning. Assuming the 8 is for 50-150hz, the 6.5 is for 150-4000hz, and tweet for 4000-20khz, whats the concern, and how would you recommend changing that setup for the better? I’d never get 6.5s in my A-pillar, but i was considering a 2-3” full range on my A pillars and some midbass in the kicks so im interested in your recommendations.
  10. WalledSonic

    recase alternators?

    Just call mechman dude lol. Heres one example of a parts catalog for alts, for your interest: http://www.metroautoinc.com/Download/2017 METRO Denso Hair Pin parts Catalog-press.pdf
  11. WalledSonic

    Subwoofer length of surround

    I agree with Crazy. The answer is “it could be anything (heat, humidity, bad batch of material, etc), but you got 8 yrs of use so thats not a bad deal”. All the possible reasons are things you cant control anyway. Unless you specifically wiped them with windex or some shit like that.