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  1. I personally met Juan, the owner of 12V Metalworks, and ordered a few things from him at this point. DUDE TAKES FOREVER but I got my parts after much hounding. I wont be ordering from him again since a promise means nothing until you get your parts in your hand. And, its too damn easy to make my own copper bus bars.
  2. post a pic please. Usually just pop a hole and fish the wire thru. I took my doors off and drilled new holes since the new style Molex connectors dont have room to run wire.
  3. Check his signature for BL link. Pasted below bc its worth seeing an 18 in a 7cuft box in the trunk
  4. Do this: and then check out Karkov’s build log. Also check out my buddy’s Jeep, we had to run them under the vehicle and into the cabin thru a pvc connetor. Then bsckfilled with silicone like karkov had done. Here’s the post:
  5. Old enclosures?

    Remove the face board and use them as shelves in the garage.
  6. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    4/0 crimps from the yellow ebay-special 16 ton hydraulic crimper: IMG_5634 by Walled Sonic, on Flickr IMG_5636 by Walled Sonic, on Flickr I cut through the center of the lug with some 750mcm cable cutters
  7. The Flutes in my rear doors couldnt breathe with all that door panel in the way Pro Tip: put a sticker in the center of your speaker cone. Then install your door panel and look thru the grill to mark the centerpoint. Then pull the door panel off and use a compass to draw a circle on the door panel. Put some Damplifier Pro inside the door do snaz it up a bit A view of the passenger mids, both front a back Also finally made a blockoff plate for the top. Been waiting to fix the rear glass before bothering with this. Stain coming soon Its a perfect circle, but the angle of the door panel plays a trick on the eye. Heres the head on view
  8. I volunteered to work Good Friday (production dont stop when its end of Fiscal Year) so I had a couple free-days that I cashed in this past week. Pulled the rear glass for limo tint and to do some touch ups on the back of the box. Its secure, but I want to fill all the gaps and put washers under the screws. Also, needs a thick coat of paint to beat the Texas sun Sprung a small little leak at some point. Didnt get bad tho, nothing was soaked or puffy. Here's what I didnt expect... The top pinch seam for the rear glass is shattered all the way across whole seam. Started taping off that night and preparing to do something serious Too late to grind on metal in the driveway so I went ahead and did what I originally had planned. A bunch of glueing and screwing. More taping off to keep metal shavings out of the cabin Started with the angle grinder and finished with a wire wheel Getting these 1/8" x 1/2" steel strips cleaned up. Prep is so so important for welding This is a bit more serious than I thought Holy fawkin shat. Its completely trashed Gotta clean under the pinch seam also Clamped the strips to the underside of the pinch seam First tacks. First beads So far its not that bad since the 1/8" strip is there to share the bead with the pinch seam metal. At this point I was chasing cracks to get all of them stitched up. Not too bad considering its 26 gauge steel. But it wanted to burn through unexpectedly since the GM factory paints the panels before spot welding them. The paint in between the layers acts as a contaminant and you end up burning out the metal. Then you gotta clean the gaping hole and backfill with weld. Brutal Here I was filling some pinholes with the voltage and feedrate at the lowest setting. It was too windy to weld in the driveway Bye bye cracks Theres the coat of paint. 3 layers outdoor Ultra Pure White More screws too. I ended up welding the top 10" of the side seams and the whole top seam. The seam is beefier and much more rigid than before. Then I got my backglass reinstalled. Now gotta watch for leaks.
  9. Subs are out. This is where the light strips are going. Splicing wires and such This 3M two sided 'automotive molding' tape is badass shit. Highly recommended for light strips. Dont want these connector rattling around later. I'd hate to pull a sub for a damn light strip On a 9V battery First one in. Bolt hole circle was slightly different from my PSI subs. What a pain in the ass drilling new holes. New stainless steel nylock nuts on the old 3/8" aluminum threaded rod. New washers, hardware, and insulation under the plexi. Details. The gasket was offset quite a bit so I had to pull them off to recenter them. Took the time to drill out the mounting holes on the basket for slightly larger screws. Im not much for logos, but I really dig Fi's gearwheel logo. Stuck it in the back on the box so you have to look for it So heavy Sweeet Im running both my front and rear door speakers to a single 2 channel amp, so I used these adapters to allow all those wires to comfortably fit Upgraded the speaker leads from the amp to 4 gauge (from dual 8 gauge previously) to simply the connection point and clean the look up a bit.
  10. My buddy Herb marking the support stand for his D'Amore display Some cuts and holes later Conveniently used his GPS mount bracket that is made for the Jeep. First layer stain. 3 layers stain and 3 coats clear. We did a 4th coat of clear with 800 grit in between and it looks even better. Need to snag a shot. So plans changed a little on the 4th order... We pulled the back panel off (including the port, see previous pics) and decided to build an add-on section with more box and port volumes. Went from ported box volume of 4 cuft to 6.2 cuft. Increased port area from 56 sqin to 117 sqin. Sealed side remains 2.5ish cubes. Hopefully tuned to 35ish hertz. Per Triticums port area calc, we should be in the 'optimum' range, yielding 22m/s port velocity. The box cant tilt as high now, but we can still reach the vitals. Here's the add-on by itself without a top or back panel. Gotta make that 90deg bend smoothly Routed every sharp edge in the box and port interiors. This is where the magic happens Gotta install the top and back panels next weekend, test to see where we're tuned, and see how it likes power with more box and port.
  11. Didnt know abs was that flexible, even with heat. Awesome job, very nice touch
  12. 80PRS turn pandora off?

  13. Mount the amps on the roof and be done with it. Walling it is also an option
  14. Bola its either gonna be a brilliant success or a crushing failure. There will be no in between. Good luck and godspeed.