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  1. I'm digging the welding in the upper corners near the windshield. Thats a weak point on my car and I'll probably have to beef it up sometime in the future.
  2. .4 volt voltage drop

    >I'm about to switch my grounds to 4/0 grounding to the frame. If you are changing from a chassis ground to a frame ground anyway, then you can measure your voltage drop and report back your findings.
  3. Boring update. I fucking hate prep work and painting. Just always have. But I want it to look nice this time around. This is my face of disapproval as I start the last leg of painting the interior of the box. You can tell by the furled brow. I'll need one more touch up on the port splitter tomorrow. The typical view in the viewport... the white is a lot more consistent now. You'll be able to look all the way into the back of the port too
  4. Are you running a sealed or ported box? Maybe you can optimize what you already have.
  5. Soundigital SD35K SPL EVO-II

    I'm honestly left with more questions than answers now. Haha thank you for the amp guts.
  6. Doubling cone area roughly doubles your output (or increases by ~3dB). Doubling your power roughly doubles your output (or increases by ~3dB). In theory, a single 12 on 2000W or 2 12s on 1000W would be the same. HOWEVER, due to a variety of factors, there will be differences. Then we get into motor force per cone area, box size, porting size, cabin volume, etc etc and then it gets more complicated.
  7. Dark Walnut stain on the wall to match the door pods. 3 coats of stain and then 3 coats of satin clear (or maybe high gloss, I cant decide).
  8. whats going on.

    1. WalledSonic


      Sup dude? Hows Japan? 

  9. Sound System help

    >BOSS AMP >not really 3000W >shat electrical Rewire with 1/0, do the Big 3 upgrade, and get yourself a better amplifier. I owned a Boss, so I can honestly say that it doesnt put out the RMS power. Mine lasted 2 days until it stopped working. No protection circuit. No internal components visibly burnt. Just stopped working.
  10. Hoping to see more from you guys. I've been wondering what sets SounDigital apart from the other manufacturers. I've seen your equipment in some builds recently.
  11. Counter question: whats your goal? A single run of 1/0 can only carry about 300 amps. If you dont want to run more wire, then you're limited to maybe 3kW total output.