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  1. I love the simplicity of running network mode out of the back of the HU, the efficiency of crossing over the channels while the music file is still digital, and having a quality DAC convert to analog... all without having to setup another DSP inline with the HU. Yes I fukcing hated the interface if the 80PRS (Wish it was more like the DEH-9800MP) but i absolutely loved the raw simplicity along with the music quality for $250 and a single HU. i dont care if you disliked the 80PRS, thats not the point here really. Whether single or double DIN, are there any HU’s out there
  2. Following. I'd like to see this on the ground too. Once you get started, be sure to post progress pics!
  3. Texas Heat Wave in Austin... Anyone going?
    I wasnt able to finish the enclosure yet, but I plan on showing off the cage work, drinking with audio fam, and get demos all weekend.

  4. Yes but I'm in the middle of a rebuild, currently. Upgrading to a CES 390A along with a laundry list of changes. More to come soon.
  5. Whats up with the discord thing?  An overly complicated chatbox and ad tool?  Seems to have much less traffic than old chatbox.  meh

  6. Flickr now charging for over 1000 pictures.  I have 1022 and about to start a new build log.  Gonna delete 22 images to maintain my old BLs and move on to another service for the new BL.

  7. And here I am posting on status updates like its chatbox... SMDH ? ?

  8. meh, chatbox was weak anyway.  Site traffic is low and no one is ever on at the same time.  Like trying to have a conversation with 6 hour gaps in between comments.

  9. Been so busy lately doing shit I dont want to do.  I just want to rip the car apart and go ham on the design.  I love audio and I fucking love designing shit.

  10. Indianapolis on business. Bell’s Two Hearted American IPA
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