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  1. hissing and crackling under certain cirumstances

    Electronics are mysterious little things. Best of luck figuring it out. Probably a loose connection somewhere.
  2. hissing and crackling under certain cirumstances

    Have you checked all the connecting wires, especially the ones that output sound into the speaker wire runs? I know its a pain in the ass, but thats one of the more likely places for noise to enter a system.
  3. hissing and crackling under certain cirumstances

    Do you have an 'integration module' or similar device connected? Sometimes they add noise to the system.
  4. Did you drop some bass on his ass?
  5. Hell yeah man, we'll be installing a large case hairpin in my buddy's JK Wrangler, staying up late. Ill PM you
  6. 10$ of copper from the local supply, beaten into shape (I dont have a press brake... yet?) drill some holes Got the main bus and stock ECU fuse block floating in air Rep it Finished under the hood! ...4/0 chassis and alt grounds, 4/0 power cable from the alt, and 4/0 power/ground pair going to the rear.
  7. Sub suggestion and 4th order help

    So can a bandpass, if done right.
  8. I love the old school 'ralley' rims. I wanted those on my 72 LWB but went with some used Crager's instead. Miss that truck.
  9. Its a neat idea... You save a lot of space by omitting the port, making for a compact 'ported' setup. I'd like to toy around with one some time.
  10. Your photobucket links wont last long. The only reason your first post is still active is because it hasnt had a lot of traffic yet.
  11. That box is sick man! Awesome job!
  12. Dang I want to hear this thing. I need to finish my rig faster so we can do a demo swap sometime!