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  1. Port Placement

    Good info. For my own knowledge, why would you desire to port on the drivers side door for a small box? Something about loading the port or reflecting the wave off a wall/door in close proximity?? Perhaps the same reason why a non-sealed-off trunk setup would want to port against the trunklid?
  2. Port Placement

    Do you drive alone more often or normally with others in the truck? Is that a 4 door or a third-door extended cab (looks like 4dr)? I'd probably load off the passenger side door, but I'm tuned in for other people's opinions. I'd imagine that loading off the passenger door would sound better to the driver's ear, but I dont know for sure if thats accurate.
  3. Port Placement

    Side fire allows you to have a long port without bends so you can get lowwww without making the build process complex.
  4. Host with flickr, imageshack, etc etc. or use your mom's youtube to post some vids dude
  5. What youre hearing is the port noise from your undersized port
  6. Dear wannabe suicide bomber: Fuck your martyrdom, you piece of shit. I hope you shit in a colostomy bag for the rest of your life in prison. Sincerely, MURICA
  7. Whats the cutoff slope for the high pass filter for the human ear. That must be like 100dB/oct to hear 20 but not 19
  8. Level 5 12 basket

    Bc its fun to build stuff
  9. My speaker lugs couldnt fit thru the AMM-1, so i made a 4 AWG jumper that just stays in the AMM-1. Threw a M8 bolt in one end with a wingnut. Now i just need to find a place where i can play full tilt for a good 30min or so to take a bunch of data and get familiarized with it. This one has version 3.8 software, but Tony D recommends 3.93. After the first round of testing im sending it in for an update and then i'll redo the same tests to see if it made a difference.
  10. Not sure if that makes this situation better or worse. 😂
  11. Hahah holy shit cam, does your mom know youre using her youtube channel? You can just make your own, bud. Lmao
  12. The member map is only as updated by the members who voluntarily update their info. Mine is up to date, along with many others.
  13. Cam, serious question. Whats your tactic to get your low end hairtricks? is it your undersized port or your cabin volume? Or perhaps something else? Please share your knowledge with us.