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  1. First picture of my car I ever took. factory Bose junk, the first thing I purchased for it was a factory JDM Nissan skyline V35 stereo console $360, most overpriced piece of plastic ever.Installing my Alpine CDE-hd149bt and alpine center channel. I know, I know its not a I pad, I don't have the hart to hack up $360......yet, but it does what i need it to do for now. Please save me from this sorry system. Last of the 3 post #70,#309,#757 clamed Oak Ridge TN right outside of Knoxville Tn
  2. Dirty 04 G35 sedan Knoxville TN area # 70 claimed ........7 is pretty lucky number hopefully thanks for the chances to win Steve
  3. 04 G35 sedan under 100,000 miles 07 staggered G35 S coup 19"s with full size spare, I guess the trunk size is smaller with the full size spare if you build a box for it. If it helps persuade you to do so i will pay for shipping to Oliver Springs TN. I had 3 phones lined up trying to win the other day for facebook on the 3 different numbers. Never got threw once man. Thanks for the giveaway chances Steve. Its cool as shit that you find time to personally reply to facebook post and forum post with all the running of the shop and building stereo equipment and building you brand and trying to have a life. Keep doing what your doing.
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