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  1. Can i have 1 370 alt plugged in to the factory harness and 2 370 alts on a external voltage regulator on same battery bank.if i set the 2 370s to the voltage the plug in alt sits at would i have issues.does the 1 370 need its own external voltage regulator.
  2. I hold no anger towards dbr .everyones not perfect and makes mistakes I do..besides I texted dbr befor this post and told them what happend and to package other one better then texted today to put warrenty card in second amp package it is refurbished and i expected dents
  3. It is bull that it wasn't package right.regardless of a video the amp came in cosmetically like the video
  4. The corners could have been bent before its possible and side was dented before .but from what IV seen where the t2 corners were bent the rap was popd and ripped and the dent on the side the box was wrinkled and rap was popd and ripped.the side is not sharp so the rap would not rip
  5. I know when the volume is to high for my electrical.the volts drop.I just wanted to see how loud it went on my electrical and that it works because its gonna sit untill I get better electrical and if u stop a car the alternate does not put out as many amps so that means i have to play it lower.plus my car idles low so by turning it up at a stop it worse .stopping a car doesn't mean its off.so when u stop at a stop sign u shut ur car off?
  6. Wher the bubble rap was damaged the amp was damaged and showing u get 2 decals means nothing I never said it was first inbox and I am looking at the box now .wher the side is pushed up the box is wrinkled.the box is not ripped anywhere its just wrinkled on corners.call what u want I know what I opened and who ever packaged it nos how they packaged it
  7. Packaging was to light for the weight of the amp to begin with and UPS bangd it on the truck floor so i pictured how many other people banged it around.heard from many people dbr does good work and so far I'm happy.I guess I'm the @aahole for getting a amp packaged wrong
  8. The manual I have is copyd and stabled .bass nob and wire was new.i just dont want the next one packaged like this one was incase its handled worse by UPS and it dont work.no bs .i have no gain from this if anything I have another amp coming I worry about
  9. I understand people gota see to believe.it was rapd in bubble rap then taped and set on pieces of styrofoam.in one box .and I'm not asking for anything by to package the next better.and don't worry next one and everyone after will be videod
  10. Just a shout out to dbr that UPS dont give a monkey nut sack and should package stuff better.
  11. I had opened it at my bosses house because he was drueling over seeing it.then I was pissed I didn't video tape the unbox.dont matter its the same as the first unbox and 10 min unbox after. wouldn't bust my own shit then keep it.also hurting people makes me take longer to get my system together.doesnt work out for me in the end just the moment just happy it still works and saved gwaup to get my electrical way up
  12. It works tho.i sent a message telling them to package next one better
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