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  1. If you have a windows computer then Windows backup and restore does everything that you asked and it's free.
  2. This is what I have used in the past. http://www.zabasearch.com/advanced.php
  3. I forgot to mention that I'll only be pushing one 4.5k. My daughters going to private school so I'll worry about another amp and a 4th sub next year sometime.
  4. Ok so I made the cutout with the following dimensions and all looks pretty good. 31 1/4 depth 49 width 24 height I have a question. What do you guys think about putting batteries on the side of the port. I have a x2 power battery as my main and I have 3 xs power xp3000 batteries. I want to put one xp3000 on the left and one on the right of the port. As far left and right as possible to the port. Is this frowned upon. Will it hurt the bass? I figure I'll mount the amp on the back side of the box. What do you guys think?
  5. I'll make a cardboard cut out and try to visualize it better. I'll hit you back after I get my ideas together. Thanks joe
  6. Thanks joe. I'll give this a try. It is actually 49 inches wide. How much would it affect tuning if we adjust the numbers? As I stated before I don't need to stay at the window line. Would it be better if I go a few inches higher? 26 inches for the height wouldn't be so bad to me. Thank you
  7. Hey audiofanaticz, I have an 07 Tahoe and it is 49 inches wide. Good to know about the MDF. I'll keep that in mind Thanks.
  8. Hey JoeX, Any update on a design? Anyone else? No rush. Thanks for all replies.
  9. Depth is 43 inches from top of back seat to rear hatch I was trying to leave space for batteries. I think I have another place for them tho. I was trying to keep the height around the window line but I can go higher if necessary. If that's the case max height is 40 inches, 36 if I measure at the very back at the hump. Either ways fine. Thanks Joe
  10. Is someone able to help me with building an enclosure for three zv5 15 d1. They're going in a nnbs tahoe. I've got one Crescendo 4.5k and plan to buy another in a few months. My usable space is 23 high 48.5 wide 31 depth I listen to a variety of music but mostly rap, chopped and screwed. I love the lows. Thanks in advance.
  11. Got my first 370 elite alt today.  Thanks Matt for the amazing deal!

  12. I'll be there looking for Demos
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