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  1. Same here. I've been every year since 2012 also. I'd love to get some demos. I'll be there with a group of friends. I'm hoping to finish my build before then so I can demo.
  2. Nice. They definitely hit the lows. Have you metered it?
  3. Anyone going to Slam this year? I'll be going with a few friends. Be cool to meet up and get some demos.
  4. Thanks. Was looking at building a box like the one I drew above but was told it was bad. I thought it would be ok since it was still in the enclosure but I see I was wrong. But yeah, just wanted to understand why it was bad. I'm gonna search the forum to learn about loading issues. Thanks again
  5. That's what I was thinking. So what happens if say the middle sub was on the rear of the baffle, and the port was in the middle. Attaching a very poor drawing to show what I mean 🤣 Not sure how to explain it but is the 3rd sub able to perform the way it should in this or would it be ineffective?
  6. Ok so I have an enclosure that fits 3 subs. The subs are up and the port is back. The port is right in the middle between two of the subs and the 3rd sub can be seen by looking in to the port, right in the middle. What effects would the 3rd sub and the port being in the middle have.
  7. Got my first 370 elite alt today.  Thanks Matt for the amazing deal!

  8. What's up with the Crescendo Audio bass knob. Why the hell is it so hard to find one???

    1. Keith77


      Just get a PAC LC1..

    2. tyma1026


      I've checked their site off and on for a year and it's still showing pre order. I may try the LC1 again. I was looking at the CT Sounds bass knob also. I like the built in on off switch.

      Thanks Keith77

  9. I could get a used T2500bdcp today. Is 600$ a good deal for the amp, used?

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict


      That's not a bad deal if it's in good condition.

    2. tyma1026


      A few little scratches but tests good. Would the amp show bdcp on it somewhere? I see BD but thats it.

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