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  1. okay hoping some one can answer my question without simply saying the amp is garbage. So the nvx jad 1200.1..... sonic electronic has the only video dyno and it was 1100+ @2 ohms and 1300+ @1ohm. my question people are saying DD1 does not pick up any distortion with this amp. would that not mean that the smd dyno would not be able to tell what the amp truly puts out because it uses the dd1 to detect when the amp is distorting...? how did nvx even get its own RMS rating if DD1 does not work ever with this amp.. i have NEVER heard of any amp doing this. for real not looking for a return your amp or nvx is garbage. i really want to know why its the only amp i have ever seen 100% of the time not work with the dd1.

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