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  1. I blew my m.a. 1800 watt so I'm running hem off a JBL 500 watt
  2. i want to figure out how to get the most out of these subs
  3. they run full tilt at 20 hz just fine my amp crossover is from 20-50 hz
  4. so your saying a 4th order would be better for them
  5. they have surprisingly good motor force too
  6. they are the sigmas i have them wired act 4 ohms I'm using them because i want to get the highest numbers possible on the lowest amount of power
  7. haha its literally just a ported enclosure
  8. Haha it starts at the b pillar
  9. But the box is 65 inches long 38 wide and 39 tall
  10. My photos won't load in here
  11. Yes in a Kia Sedona and I have it sealed beacuse I wasn't getting good results with it ported
  12. yes they are in the vehicle
  13. Yeah it's a big box and there eminence pro audio drivers with a 99db efficiency
  14. Hi built a 2x18 woofer setup in a 48 cubic foot box and I'm not very happy with my porting. could you guys help?
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