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  1. Great work dude. Seeing the seat back in,.. had to give ya a killer vibe. Good shit mate. Good shit. (Love that lighting, by the way, i did something similar, 4 rgb straps, that i can control on my phone, i have em hookes to a key'd on switch, so, they can come on at start, or, whenever the key is on via switch/button. They do have a neat lil feature in the app, that makes the lights "dance" to the beat. Anyway, good shit my guy)
  2. I like shit that works. Im a fan boy here and there, but, if shit dont work,. fuck an A, i will dump on it, exhausting all measures of couse... ill let ya know, no doubt.
  3. Nicely done dude. Damn. You got a ton more go, than i do. Also, on a note,.... i also, some time back, did the thing. 20 years of marriage,.. and then, done. Shit got a little weird. But, stay up, stay at it, and keep swinging. I know, those late nights, can get ..... well,.. odd. Just dont spend to much time, talking to shadows. I get it dude. Trust me. That said, when your on your feet some, get another dog. Im a HUGE doggo person, and i WILL NOT, walk a day on this earth, with out a dog by my side.... period. Also, super lame, but, time, will help heal. I didnt eve
  4. Same bud, lol, same. Just kinda hard to get into it, after a 15 hour day. I will say, i do get "excited" when it pans out,... and also, not biting off to much. Man, some of those builds in the day, .... jesus. They just got SOOOoooooo fucking involved. I mean, hours of the work, then, times ten in testing. Days, weeks, months, just to see if we gained with the sun viser down, or, move the vent a 1/68th of a milimeter .... and on and on. Then fight demons, the blue boxes on the 4 alts, or fuck, working on rigs, just to MAKE it 4 states, to a comp. We added bags in the rear of 2 builds, larger b
  5. Hey buddy. Doin ok,.. you know me, ... just doing me. Pluggin through it. Your shit, looks wicked nice dude. You can do way more finesse work than me, you always have. Hope you and yours are well my friend.
  6. Wicked good dude... wicked good. Bet that sounds great...
  7. Holy shit. Good hell that is clean as fuck. The little things, like the fastener depth, (because that type of shit,would stick out and show like a mother) is just soooo on point. Wicked looking... just wicked.
  8. Wicked slow brotha,... I use to be down, with working on a rig, 10,12, 14 hours, then go to work, on 2 mins of sleep, then, get back on it. Especially around competition times, world finals for sure,... ya, it ain't like that anymore lol. I just don't have the drive,.. I'm old, beat, and tired. But, it's coming along. Got a bit more deadening to do, then, the 1/0 run, and amps/dsp. So far, I am decently happy.
  9. ^^^^^^ thats just HU power,.... no damore amps, no dsp, no nothing., only 2 lil screws holding the driver in, and the baffle screws not tight. Just making sure shit works. And so far,... soooooo good
  10. Dunno if anyone else does this shit, but i love adding weight/second skin to any after market shit to..... Just make it ALL dead/dense as fuck. Man, i love this Second Skin.. shit sticks like a mother, and is easy to work with. I put mine over the heater vents in the house, to make it easier to work with, when its cold, it can be a struggle... but... anyway.
  11. About 4lbs of Second Skin,... on one door (pass side)... Also, any, and all OEM holes, are filled, mostly on the back, as, with rigs like this (my acura was the same way) they are built, pretty well, and if you add any thinkness, to the outter, the panel wont fit. That said, you HAVE to watch the inner also, becuase, shits so tight, your window mech may not function, but ... one door down,....
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