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  1. SKAR vs Sundown

    No product bashing, but , because of Kevin, alone, i wouldnt run skar if i got it for free....
  2. Hell, im still trying to figure out what the prize ribbons they are wearing are for ~!??!?!?!?
  3. Battery Draw Questions

    500 amps constant?
  4. Poll: Alternator of choice?

    Mmmhmmm. See how long that lasted? Dude just wants to start shit. Nice thread dude
  5. Poll: Alternator of choice?

    There's two on the list, I've called at 2am, 4am, for support. One not even on the alts we run. No idea what the hell your talking about "A cut" . Maybe you have a odd ball rig. HEY LETS MAKE A ALT FOR 2 PEOPLE THAT ONE THE ONE CAR, not how it works. See why these threads don't work? You always have ... that one guy. Welcome to the forum one guy
  6. Poll: Alternator of choice?

    Dom is a cunt. There. Fuck owes several people money or product. No need for PM here.
  7. Also bro,.... Im OG. I used a scope for years. From the 440 that every bass head on the planet has, to a fluke that i used for a good while. When i tested, the dd1 was acutally better at seeing noise. Talk about "cheaper" to. And, about 4 million times easier, and faster. If you want, when i get mine back, ill send it to you. Just cant promise when that will be lol. EDIT- and to answer your question about the 2 clicks being "audible". No ,.. at 162 sealed on the dash, or pulling 57s at 20hz for 30 seconds,... No,.. its all just loud.
  8. I feel ya. But, dude, one time thing? Ive used my dd1 that ive had for 4 years, a A SHIT load,.. yes, i do rebuild alot, have had several builds, but dude, You will use it more than once. If you dont, borrow one. Like right now? Mine is 4 states away. I sent it to help a fellow basshead/friend. Its been to cali, washington, texas, Idaho, florida ,.. twice, upstate, Ohio, and other places.. And like i said, i used it on my one shit, way more than once. But, i do like your understanding/thinking in the matter. After using the dd1 for a few years, i bought, and have the dd1 plus. I like it even more ......
  9. Ya,.. what if at 4 volts your sending is a monster square wave ? Do you know 4v is clean? And to that, flip side, what if your leaving a ton of power on the table also? I know in my testing, 2 clicks down was over a db and change loss. Just sayin.
  10. Glue cracking at former/spider

    A few of ours had cracks like that at the former,.... ran them like that for 2 more years. They never failed.
  11. Man, those pics bring back memories. Great stuff Ty. Great great start buddy.
  12. New amp break in and tuning question.

    Meh. I dont even care for driver break in. Board break in? Pass...
  13. Welcome the newest SMD Partner B2 Audio!

    Awesome!!! Great great products and killer CS. Ran 2- M1u's for a season. Power houses, and flat great looking boards. Ran cool, wired in the dirt even. Welcome aboard B2 !!! Dat SWEET SWEET Danish....
  14. matching amplifiers phase

    Gain match them and let it eat
  15. Whos the dude that can tell me how thats doin that? Whats going on under that magic bucket? Id like to learn how, and what is going on there. For funzies, im interested to know. Cool vid boss. And PANTERA ftmfcsw !!!!!! FUCK yes....