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  1. No doubt huh,.. lol, i constantly look for DM's from Jeff about this, and like 5 other builds hes doing LOL...
  2. Rad Steve. Everyone that knows anything about me, knows how much i like a damn dog. Cut my leg off if i had to for my 3. Hell, for one across the street. Well done dude. Well damn done. (i couldnt read or even look at the posts reguarding his sibling, nope, couldnt, wouldnt do it lol) great great shit dude..... makes my heart grow reading shit like this. kudos to you, and a great addition to your family im sure. ..
  3. Jeeeeez,.. give the box a chance. I was tuned at 32, and ran no SSF. Ever. Played 23 full tilt, 18 if i watched what i was doing,.. could do it with anything open, or sealed. You set the ssf at box tune, as suggesed, you giving up like a 3rd of your band width lol. (hes at 35, then a suggested a low pass of 45,... dudes pass band is gonna be like 8 hz, most of it sloping off, fuck that.. lol) Sheesh, give it a chance man. Depending on shit, id set a high pass filter about a octave below tune,.. if i was to run one. High passes are lame lol. IMHO. Also,... the driver unloading or whatever, because you wanna play 10hz isnt the boxes fault, its yours. Or, your driver is a turd, and cant hang.
  4. Maybe give everyone a hint of what it is your doing, and with what gear, goals, and the like. Kinda hard to dole out help, if no ones has a idea what your dealing with. And you have no idea, shit has changed big time. Welcome to the forum.
  5. Trav at JY chews and spits the guy out daily. Destroys him with truth, and knowledge. Shits fun as fuck to read.
  6. I agree. This should be pinned as fuck. Will be neat to see more examples and testing. Also to see it evolve in the future. ...
  7. Only thing shocking me about that entire ordeal, is that anyone wouild buy ANYTHING from that Miller dude. If ya have been in this game for an hour, you'd know his name and rep.. dudes a clown. Always has been, and always will be. Keep digging that hole.
  8. Looks like something Chris Miller would sell ya as "working" Fuck that clown
  9. well,... LOL, what do ya know lulz......
  10. This... all day this. There is a upgraded one out there. If your that deep into it, the DO THAT,.. Thats what cured all my misfire stuff. It ran so damn well. Entire different car, better milage, idled so damn good. Was a completly different car. Again, i dont know, if it is it, but, i heard its common, and after dropping coin, and time on the old, plugs wires, cap rotor shit for a month, this shit cured the fuck outta it,... engine light went off, code (misfire cyl 3) reset and stayed off, and like i said, it ran fucking awesome.
  11. I had a misfire on 3. Did cap rotor wires plugs, blah blah. Ended up being the fuel spider. I changed that, and that damn thing ran better than rver... I guess it's kinda a thing.
  12. They are both retards... period. Wish they woulda wrecked into each other. I'd have laughed my ass off... No care who started what.
  13. Steve breaking the interwebz with baby.... dig it bro... dig it

    1. srp365


      Yeah, makes me kinda proud to be part of the forum, you know.

    2. Kyblack76
  14. Want a design, with out Dims, drivers used, power, goals (I could go on for a day) etc? Why a 4th order band pass? Just cuz?
  15. Saw that also.... nothin better than a good dog