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  1. So impressed with the Hertz coaxials, i went larger/bigger. So much room in these dashes. And, sorry for many of you, myself included,.... bigger, is BETTER here. Leggo... I got more Second Skin, cut, and warming up, to lay around them.. then, ill crack the dsp open, and drop the high cut even lower. Also, these have adjustable tweets,.. sharp eye, would see im aiming them, at the corresponding A pillar. What im trying to achieve is a broad, or wider stereo affect. If that makes sense to some. Ill add the SS, and, then, with the laptop connected to the dsp,.. go for a ride, run my
  2. Need some usb action. Lets get it. (Turned out tits, and thanks Tony, for the usb tossed in one of the boards/boxes.
  3. These are dope. Took the ole lady, and doggos for a 3 hour cruise in the mountains in a beast rain storm. Ran the audio (she likes it as loud as i do) full rip, for damn near most of it, even leavin it up, as we got out and walked around, ... under the seat, with the rear heat blowing right on em, they stay luke warm, not even close to any type of "hot" at all. Fucking rad. I am,.. officially, a fan of these little things. No dick riding, no nut hugging (which, ill admit, im prone to do, hey, when i like something, i take it to heart) . I dig these tanks. Obviously, longevity, will tell, but i
  4. Depends, but, 40hz at -7.5 is what i roll with, or did. Edit- also, i cut my subs at 55hz. Because, well, they are subs. My mid range, is cut at 55.....
  5. Got some time in, listening to this set up, driving to and from work. This,.. already, is the best sounding front stage I've done to date. Granted, most of the other builds/rigs ive been involved with/built, where ment for the loud/mic/competition. Still, the Satori's, are fucking awesome, and the dash coax drivers were a wicked nice surprise. To start, the dash speakers where cut at 1k hp, 18k lp at a sharp 24db slope. Mids at 200 hp,2k, just to be safe. Source and 408 all flat. Nothing boosted, nothing cut. Since, the dash are at 160-17500, and the mids (no bullshit) 55-900.
  6. You,,... one of the O-est, of G's been a while mate. Hope you and yours are doing well.
  7. Its playing !!!!!.. I finished the under hood, to cabin run, and my god, this is going to be fun, tooling around with.
  8. Trust me... i get it/know. One rig, i spent 3 plus years on,... countless hours, and money, time, effort, ... i sold to a kid, after striping the gear out, but the shell remained,.. and in 4 days, he got in a accident, and totalled it. (hell, he thanked me for the wall in it, for helping him walk away, untouched) Thats one of around 5 or 6,... man, the time, hours, days, late nights, blood, tears,.. jesus. That said, ... im over it. Moving on. Or, moved on. I am doin a lil build in my 4runner, but nothing, NOTHING like the past. Welcome and best of luck, in your new adventures m
  9. Time finally came eh bro? Well, good on ya. Getting out of the "gig" was also bitter/sweet for me as well. Could you dm me, a list of what your willing to let go? I'm looking for some low end, ... havocs tbh. Anyway, hope you and yours are well my friend.
  10. 4 connections away from it playing. Dsp, amp, are all in, with mids and tweet wires hooked up. Ill finish tomorrow. Left the dsp dongle hangin out, so i can put thw laptop to is. (And i did go with the 3.5" coax instead of the Scanspeak)
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