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  1. So, 3 - 75 amp hour bats, is around 225 amp hours, then, the alt would be solid for say 350 amps... total, 575 give or take,.. But, that would be closer to battery rest, not alt charge. Make some sense? Edit - Id be curious where hes wiring that 7500 at... 1ohm? He'd probably be OK, as long as the alt is made from a reputable maker. Add more reserve if needed. (aka- watch voltage, let it eat, and see)
  2. Weird,.. I measure, and stick the biggest fucking cell I can get in. I got a d3100 in a stock Acura (yes, up front) I look at space, not their guide line, and stick the biggest fucking thing I can wedge in.
  3. Jesus. If The amp wasn't shutting DOWN from low voltage, then voltage didnt do it. We are in a 12volt world after all. Hell, I'd run in the 10s all day. No amo probs. You guys and your always needing to stay at 15v shit...relax. But op, impedance is GOING to change when you push on the cone. Unless you see a dead short, it's fine so something else is up. Your old 3500, if it's a older one, is a fucking tank. A great board. But the 4k should be good to go also. If your driver was fucked up, your amp should have protected. Soooo good luck, but I doubt that's the issue. and needing a HO alt and 40 bats for 200 amps is just fucking ridiculous.
  4. Well, if you got the cash to do it. No I wouldnt have. Hell, I'd would fly there and back with it for that. Do you compete? And HAD to have it? Or, you just wanted it yesterday? Do you man. I woulda bought something else to help my rig for 500 bucks. Or, another gun, or, something. But do you. Just curious, what sub did you buy? Not even very many drivers out there worth 500 bones. Hell, if any. Edit- what's gonna be funnier, is you payed to have it now, and I'll bet it sits in your back room or on your kitchen table for a week, not doing anything. I'm willing to bet.
  5. I guess not..... Carry on boss. Best of luck.
  6. So your alt "builder" put in a magic thing, to charge at 15v, but you spike to 15.6? Interesting...
  7. you can hear a difference? .... okie dokie..
  8. Do you mean, loud/power wise? Or, noise wise?
  9. You could, use 14v bats, and just charge lower,... like 15.5. Then, put it on the charger here and there to really top off. 14v bats, are more expensive, and ususally have less amp hour per. We daily'd a 16v system, charging around 17.8...... But, it was a monster hassle, and, although we did gain, it may have not really been worth the headaches. I dont know if your rig will be happy with upper charge, so, be leary there. Most, though, are fine 15 plus. But, some arent, and youll throw codes and check eng lights all day, ....... EDIT- also, i dont know your gear, but some amps, dont like upper voltage,.. they will protect. So, keep that in mind also.
  10. What vehicle bro. If your want meter shit, find what the vehicle likes (resonance) also, putting wood on the roof, glue it, with PL glue. Dont drill holes unless this is a full out audio comp rig. That said, you do that, it will put you in a class, you probably dont want to be in, like, extreme, and a 150, .......wont get you on the board. More info please? What vehicle, what comp or discipline are you shooting for comp wise..... or, do you just want a 150, just because. That meter, may be the death of you,.. just saying.
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