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  1. Damn nice man... damn nice. Create, adapt, over come. Dig it dude.
  2. Yip.. for sure. To each their own for sure. I couldnt give a fuck what anyone has negative about anything ive ever had. To each their own for sure. And yes, pics, pics go a long as way here lol. And again, same,... ive had a riot with the burb build, but, i am REALLY ready for my very own ish,.. its been WAY to long. Way to long. Search is on for a sierra for me. I wont go all that big, but, im ready for some of my own bang again. For sure. Again OP,... welcome to the forum. Cheers.
  3. Pics,.. would go a long long way, long long way. ( A mono block that is mono'd, lol... hope your being funny there) . Got some pics you can share? I like civi hatches .... do you like it? not like it? happy? ,..looking for any changes, upgrades,... any electrical stuff, anything youd change, or do again. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Oh .. ive seen a trillion bubbled coils.. lol, trillions,.. after someone wangs on their shit way to hard., or does a shit recone job, and it tilts into the wall,... just not "factory defect" . The bubble, in my view, seems to be oddly close to where, its dented eh? At the bottom ,... Causing it to arch. And i mean you. The bubble is there, in my guess, because you deformed it, and it arch'd to , well the closest thing. But im just spit balling. "Obviously, since I'm buying a new recone.. I might as well turn this one all the way up.. 10sec into the bass drop one of the PR's explode and rip apart." Fair shake,.. im kinda lost on bro, but good luck. Id like to hear a PR set up for fun. Let us know how it turns out yo...(but i think your fucked)
  5. Update from finals this weekend. Ride went great. Much better than last year. Weather was fucking great. We had 8 or so rigs with us, which, was rad as shit. We got to Reno, just at the mouth of that shitty Donners pass. I sent a text out, saying how great it was all going, and how it dont get much better than this. Guess i fucked it up, because right at the mouth of the canyon, one rig broke. We where already a 3rd the way up when we got the news, and there is like zero turn around points. We all met up top, and talked together, with the man down on the phone as well. I was in a car following the big rigs, so, me being with the easiest rig to drive, drove back down to get him. We got a tow truck to get the broke rig to Sky High headquarters. Jon Rabe, we OWE you big time. He let us drag it there, said "you can leave it as long as you want bro". So choice, and thank god, with out that, i dunno what we woulda done. Anyway, got that all sorted, then met everyone at the hotel late PM. Dragging some serious ass. Got a bite, and pounded a few drinks and hit the hay. No one slept well lol. Nerves where a tad rattled and on edge. We got to the venue, and got set up, got the alt belt on to run all 4, voltage checks, gain double checks, went down our list. Went smooth. We then sat in the corner, and debated running 159.99 bass race. It is a pretty known fact that Steve Mick has that on lock, and has for years. The talk was about losing the window. If the windshield goes, all shots of getting a fine score in psyclone LOW AND LOUD goes right out the window.,, choice was made to bail outta that, and just for fun, do 149.99 knowing that is STACKED as fuck. So,.. we laned up for 499 and qualified with several others at 49.99 .. Right to the hundredth. They use the hundy, to narrow the field. So we are in. Which to be honest, i did not even think we would qualify,.. its such a stacked bracket, and to get in, you normally need a perfect 99 or 98, which, is kinda hard for us, as we havent had to really knob it in 599. We just turn it to full and let it eat, MAYBE turn it down a lil with 2 or 3 seconds to see 599. Normally we can pull a 594 or 596 just letting it eat, and not touch shit. Anyway we are in which did surprise me. That said, we made it ALL the way to the final round LOL, running into a team nemisis guy from back east that we KNOW always does well in bass race. 5,.. YES 5 ties to get by him. Which is roll the dice round. Number was chosen, and he broke out. And like that we made the final round, where we had a tie with Christian (another cali guy, so one and two stayed on the west side ) So a second overall in that, which was all gravy. Window was fine, and the 4 OG drivers that have scared me the entire time seemed OK. Psyclone run up. Running 2 clicks down (thinking we had to save for the next round, we didnt), for first day, on low and loud, we managed a 155.6 at 20hz. Not a bad score at all, but down from what we have done before at other shows. We were sweating the 4 OG drivers pretty bad, well, really bad. 1 driver had a fresh recone we installed the day before, one a month or so old recone, and the other 4 being OG as fuck from 3 years ago. Tripping,.. yes, yes i was. Also, we ran the MIC for the RTA run, probably 20 times while there testing testing testing. With driver temp changes, ambient temp changes, we even drove the rig inside where the lanes where and ran it 3 times, while everyone was eating during break. It worked,.. we put up a perfect 100. so stoked. RTA score is just as important as low and loud, or install. Got a perfect install 100 also. We managed to put up a 415 and change, breaking ALL previous records, and being the highest score ever achieved since psyclone was made a format. Even Gary Killians scores of old. So much respect to that man. So yes. We got a WORLD title. Number one on the planet. Ring paper work was filled out, colors and sizes where chose. Got home around midnight or so last night. So beat, so exhausted and SOOOOOOO proud. Super stoked how everything went. Every one there, all the Cali buddies once again, made us feel welcome, comfortable, and at home. Cant say enough about them all. Fam for sure. Below. Me, Jason (tall guy) Kenny and Christian, And kneeling is Ray and Adam. Among other great friends and fam. I cant say enough to all that have helped and supported and followed. Appreciate all the love and support all. After years YEARS of tears and blood, sweat and some frustration,.. WE GOT IT DONE........ Thanks again all. Till next adventure, all be safe, enjoy yourself at the shows and lanes. Kyle Kenny
  6. Rad weekend. Complelty beat. I'll post more, when I even wanna talk car audio. Cuz right now, I don't. Don't want anything to do with it for a while lol. Anyway, all the Utah guys did great. And all my Cali peeps crushed it, and made us feel welcome and at home. They are family. No doubt. Anyway Adam pulled a 2nd with a 163.3 in Extreme and we pulled a 2nd over All losing to my besty Christian in the finals round of 149.99 bass race. More on all that later. What a bracket. Wow!!! And the rad news. We finally got over the Canadian hump lol. Yepper, a WORLD TITLE in psyclone. We posted the higest score over all EVER. Since the format was implemented. A 415 and change. Hell, I remember when 380s where uber high. 400s sheesh. Anyway, paper work for world rings has been filled out and should receive in February. Thanks to everyone. The norcal spl guys are awesome and Every One there took us in like family. Great people. More to come when I feel more up to it.
  7. Pioneer DEH-80PRS Head Unit

    Lol. That's funny. The first 80prs I pulled a d tossed had the damore disc in it to lol. Forgot about it
  8. Home finally. What a weekend. Now to sleep for a few weeks...

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    2. WalledSonic


      Congrats man. You and Kenny both. 

    3. Kyblack76


      We got home around midnight last night Noah. Went on a LIL adventure. Dude I'm completely wasted. I'm exhausted. Filled paperwork for rings tho ;)   wicked good to meet you bro. Till next time. 

    4. 8ten8
  9. Jesus.  Some loud going on today. Rad street beat 4 runs, epic trunk battles, concrete this and that,... Jesus. Fun stuff ... 

    1. 8ten8


      I'll bet! Look'n forward to finals in Concord CA

    2. Kyblack76


      see ya there, we leave around 230am friday morning...... 


    3. 8ten8


      Yikes, safe travels 

  10. ^^^^ Yup. This as fuck. Even when set at 2k, on our 30 second runs, the alt pull, still bogs the motor down,.. it doesn't "self adjust" that's for sure. But it does get it there. I loved it for demo purposes. While demoing, id either not have the gas up at all, or be revin at 4 million rpm. Seemed it was ALWAYS one or the other lol. Here's a quicky at the start of the vid. Set that bitch at like 1500, and leave it there all show long.
  11. Yipper ^^^ that there,... was like 13$ or something. Ran one in the blazer, took it out, and its now in the burban, mounted under the hood. Which i like better. Lane up, reve up, done. The one above is the exact one i had. Ive seen bicycle gear changers, and many many other things to keep a 2k rev at shows. A quarter slapped in the TB, close pins, tape rolls,... wood cut to length to go on the accelerator, ... ive seen a TON of shit to get the job done. Ive also looked into flashing ecu's for a higher idle rev, but, .... never got that far.
  12. We use the same one they use in the lanes for the RTA portion in the psyclone discipline we compete in. 0-100 point scale , 100 being a perfect score. Termlab software, and mic. New mic dropped mid season. We also run a audison BIT dsp. Love it. Got that shit down to a science
  13. Vegas Shooting

    Bummer deal for sure. Horrible. ...