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  1. Man. So odd. I've ran up to 24 dual 1/0 blocks in a build, each with 2 ss on each block. 4 on each amp. Never once did a SS come loose. So odd to even hear of it. I had a dual block on 2 alts, using ss also, and never had them back out. No loctite or anything. Odd. Solder em up i guess. Show us a pic when ya do it. I'd like to scope it out. Good luck yo.
  2. Three 8" subs vs two 10" subs

    I myself hate 8s.
  3. Vs threads are frowned on here. Welcome to the forum. Cheers. ...
  4. If it was me, if just make sure the SS is tight and put some shrink wrap over the adapter and wire. Check SS's now and then. Just me
  5. That's odd. I've ran dual blocks for seasons, many of them and have never ever ever had a SS back out. Bummer. Edit - like, the amp has a SS to secure the adapter right? Solder just seems redundant as hell to me, but, best of luck
  6. Cheers, and happy b day boss man......  

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      Happy 35th Steve....I am 35 so i will at least give ya that, haha

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      Happy Brithday Steve, Hope you had a good one sir. Thank you for what you do. i

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      thanks a lot guys!

  7. Looks fucking great dude. Youll love the alt. If i wasnt such a singer nut hugger, id roll with Dan. Hes actually here, and we are planning on going to dinner. Anyway, youll love the alt, and support you get from him. Good poop dude.....
  8. mr. mtx jackhammer

    Jackhammer is a turd....
  9. ... never to soon my brotha .....
  10. Amp Gain Nearly Maxed & No Clipping

    What I was mostly getting at was you know it's clean to a certain number, yet setting it 20 clicks down. Makes zero sense.
  11. Amp Gain Nearly Maxed & No Clipping

    Also, make sure the filters on THE AMPLIFIER are set correctly as well, not just the HU ....... This isnt rocket science
  12. Amp Gain Nearly Maxed & No Clipping

    TURN THE FUCKING VOLUME UP TO 62 ,,,, I dont get what is scaring you. 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 % of the 80prs's out there are clean to 62. TURN THE VOLUME KNOB TO 62, also, setting at a 0db over lap is gay as aids, kinda wish he didnt even have that on there, people just get silly with it. Use track 3 at least. Fuck, your emailing Tony for what? For him to tell you to read the directions?