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  1. smallest box for fi sp4 18

    Use a 15
  2. Audiopipe APMI-2000 Amp Dyno & Unboxing

    Welcome to the forum man....
  3. Looks good Andrew. Functional as balls also. Nice as always yo...
  4. With going through SEVERAL drivers, making his own drivers, and a fucking 7.5k on each at .25., with batteries all over the back of the car floor. Dude tested and tuned for SEASONS.... I heard, sat in his rig, and spoke with rob an entire day at DC HQ. No one is saying its not possible., im certainly not,..... no one is. But,.... the shits not just hooking shit up, and wanging.
  5. Ummm im lost as well.... in the back of a suv, is WAY different than a trunk, and looks like a kick score, which, i believe is for pussies, outlaw, meh as fuck. And is that at 54hz ? jesus,...... my doors handle 50 and up,.....
  6. Odd. Only blew two drivers in my life. One was a mtx road thunder 2 when I was 15. Shit. Thanks bud. On the real, not everyone thinks losing gear is cool. All good mate.
  7. To home boy, that says competitors eat through gear... I'll bet my house you've lost more gear than me, in years of competing. Dont speak for me. Dont speak for us. Period. I take pride in keeping my gear on point AND driving it to the fullest. And.... winning. Dont talk for me you dont know my language.
  8. You ain't coming close to a 50 with that.... unless you put the mic in the vent ... even then..
  9. Got some more darkness added to all the windows,... added the Vanture dash cam, (thank you all for the texts/dms, help) , also, tossed in a COMPUSTAR Auto start/security system. Works like a dream. Starting to look more and more like mine. Some black out letterings and shit and some other goodies are on the way.
  10. Xtr 2500.1 half ohm?

    I feel ya... picking up what your putting down. ..