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  1. Kyblack76

    Dash Cam

    Well fuck.... i did a lil more checking, and found there is a "upgraded" camera base, for the unit, that has gps shit on it... its 21 bux. Dude, wondered why there was a MPH thing on the vids and stuff LOL. Good hell., im a dope. Then again, why wouldnt that just come with the expensive bastard ?!?! Any way, ordered that just now, and that should cure my speed, and location stuffs....... jesus... Still, I really like the thought of WiFi shit. Just click a button, on my phone, and boom, the camera shows whats up.,.. just like my house cams do. Probably sends alerts to anyone around, or bumping, or movment shit. Sounds awesome to me. Anyway, will report back, when i get, and put on the "upgraded" base , .. what i think, and how i like. We shall see. (im just LOST as shit, (21 bux ??) as to why, they just dont ship that fucking thing with, right off the get go,.... lost as shit. Suck out every penny i guess, which pisses me off)
  2. Kyblack76

    Dash Cam

    Eric, I didnt start my own, I bumped Chris's oldy. Lol I asked around, got Pms from BROKE and Stephen, and several peeps. I know many "friends/people"+ that do the UBER thing, and they ALL run this unit. That is what lead me to click buy mostly. Wish I woulda listened to the others more tbh. I run the VANTRUE N2 pro. I paid to much, then sent Eric the link of the one I was/probably should got. I paid to much, for not having GPS/speed shit imho. I mean it runs tits, and all that, simple install, is small foot print on the window, does like 1920 recording, wicked good night vision, auto accident/hard bump record and save, and is simple to use. Front AND back cams, which is whatever, sensor shock for recording when the Dbag or bags fuck with your shit in the parking lot, with sensitive adjust.. Damage is already done, but ya hope the fear of them seeing the camera light turn on, after the first bump, makes them go to another rig to act a fool. Then it will catch em if they move forward fucking with your shit with the very wide angles front and back. But, honestly, for what I paid, it should have the gps/speed stuffs, and, now I see cheaper ones with WiFi. You can scope your phone and see what is going down real time. Which, I really like, and think could be awesome feature. And how this unit, does NOT come with a micro card, in the box, that I had to purchase, blows my gord. I dig it, but there is others, cheaper that do the same, as good, and MUCH more these days. In the dark shot I nabbed,..for funnzies. ... (thing below is my toll pass,.. disregard)
  3. Also Noah... lol, dont look at the certified score we did at this last show lol. Cops showed up, and we had to run sealed up. Ran around half volume, put up our worse score to date and still won. I thought Brent was gonna beat us tbh. Still did over a 400 total. And, that score is a certified score, out of the way, as you know, we need to qualify for worlds. So, it's done and done. Well let it eat. .. when it matters
  4. Yip. Us too, hence the door work. We are doin some roof stuff also. Dunno if that will help any but,.. we gonna try it,.. puts us in a different class for burps,but, we are done with that shit. Bass race, psyclone, top dog, bass boxing, subsonic suicide, and shit like that, is our want. Done playing it for 3 seconds. Wanna play it in the lanes, for 3 minutes... Isnt there a small class now in psyclone bro!? You'll have a ring for that shit for sure. Your numbers fucking ROCK for the amount of gear you have. Fucking awesome dude. Way awesome. Keep me up to date on what ya got going on brotha. I got into a shit fest with Andy,.. the asshole judge here. I'll tell you about it some day soon. I want you and your boys, to give him a lil static at worlds this year... as I doubt I'll go. Anywho,.. more to come on this turd... stay tuned.
  5. I'm on this dudes team. The choke point of a poopy connection is what will cause amperage to peg, and then heat and melt stuff. I highly doubt your set up can even supply enough amperage to make a 1/0 cable get that hot, (stock alt right? One OEM battery? Correct) unless its poo cable. I'd look at a better fuse holder, with better connections myself first.
  6. 3x event DB Drag 7-14-18 1st bass race 499 1st psyclone 1st TOP DOG (beat 7 competitors, twice, 14 total wins, back to back, no losses)
  7. Kyblack76

    oversized ported box?

    Didnt read everything. But, A I doubt half a cube will matter, and it seems like OEM always "recommends" on the smaller side, and B eating up half a cube is easy. Stick a 18 pack of beer or, wood in the box (help with strength anyway) if its that big of a deal.
  8. I feel,,,,... like, Possibly, maybe Jacob/Sundown doesnt even know about something. Like the build house, getting the contract, THEN, swappin somethin on the board, that is cheaper. If anyone gets what im saying. That is why in house building, and in house QA, rules. But,.... sadly, costs.
  9. Wonder what kinda shit storm this will cause....... Getting my popcorn ready.
  10. Kyblack76

    Four 8's or two 12's

    Am i weird? but i hate 8" drivers. They are just not built, let me re type that, CANT physically be built, to "work" correctly imho. Dont care what Ronnie is doing burp wise with his, dont care about ssa's new 8" driver (built at my favorite build house). I just dont like 8s for anything LOW END wise. Spider/softies , basket, xmax, coil depths, back plate shit...... i just dont care for em. Maybe im high. But,... ill pass.
  11. God damn. I'm loving this CZ. Dare I say my fav ive played with ever? Its wicked accurate right out of the box. (Shame I'm not,.. meh) I'm about 400 rounds in on my personal CZ, and it's just getting better. The trigger... is the best I've handled. I know that isnt a large group but, I love it. Nate,.. thanks for the recommendation dude. Sincerely. I'm super pumped to even know and now own the piece(s) . Got some swag coming for one, the other is for friends/fam, and to sit in my safe. Anywho... get out and get shooting!!!
  12. Kyblack76

    More power vs a bigger box

    Personally, I dont care for the tuning in either. Just me, .. prefer different. But to each thier own.
  13. Oh,.. and Candela is a stud. Soooo easy and chill to speak with. Dudes a stud. I called him at 5am my time on a Sunday, ... dude picked up on the 3rd ring, and helped me with a alt/amp issue. Even called me back some days later to check in, and I got a autographed car wiring basics book he wrote himself. Dudes rad as shit, and his work is top tier as fuck.