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  1. Why..why,.. why make a grip, with no base. only complaint. Its hollow. A removable base, would not only look legit, but also, you could carry shit in there. Like, spare batteries for my relex. Why, why would you NOT have it... oh well..
  2. Here is the left side delete. I dig it..... Gun is looking pretty ok. They have some hand gaurds out, and look sick, and ill (after i read more) will be doing that. There is one, that is a bit shorter, and flat at the tip, that looks rad as hell. But, i need to read more. Time to go play.....
  3. Ordered from HB Industries sunday night late, shit came today. Duck bill mag release, left side saftey delete, right side AK style saftey lever, (also moves the saftey out of the way. OEM one, dug into your hands bad)....And new, lower degree (straighter than stock) Pakse grip.....And all that, was just over 100 bones. Awesome. Working on this, is easy also. I dont work on guns, and i did this, in my underwear, sippin coffee, watching dan patrick. Took about 45 mins, all said and done. Ill head out later today, and go through some paper, but, its not hard to tell, in my kitchen, the grip is at a better angle, and, brain dead easy to know, the saftey no longer even comes close to your hand,..... and, loading sever empty, and loaded mags, the duck bill release, being way longer, kicks the mags out, no issue at all....so,... win.
  4. Kyblack76

    New SP4+ option

    I'm in the same boat man. Want some fi in the house, and those new drivers look dope
  5. That said. Be prepared for some losses. Gear loss I mean mate. Just be prepared, if and when.
  6. Kyblack76

    New SP4+ option

    Junk.... Man, get Scott or dan to put a team coil in there, and I'll take 7 18s
  7. When the Griswold house lights up, .. entire neighborhood dims, and dude throws the auxiliary nuclear switch,.. I shit myself laughing, every ,.... single.... time...
  8. Kyblack76

    4th Order

    Run one. Got it tuned almost exactly how we want it, for the ORG we compete in. But, I dont give out enclosure advice. Ever..
  9. Kyblack76

    subwoofer box enclosure

    I think he wants a vented enclosure... Google translate... I'm guessing Joe..
  10. Kyblack76

    Rockville dB45 4 channel

    Fuck it man,.. slam it in, and let us know what ya think...
  11. Put some yeller led fogs in the 4runner Drive done here, pass side negative Out west shooting guns. Was a blast. And I think the runner looks dope in the dark with new bulbs.
  12. Kyblack76

    Mutli mono amps problem

    im lost, why cant you do them both at 4-8 (what board are these? did not read,... i almost never see a selectable input switch,... that is weird to me) So, why can you NOT put both boards on 4-8??? Are you sure you have 4 plus volts on all sets of RCA ? Push comes to shove, put both boards at .2-2v and set them there.... EDIT- was does your dmm see, at full, on each RCA ??
  13. Kyblack76

    Are most of us actually under powering our sub's?

    Under powering?! Not here. Not in our daily/demo builds, and certainly not when we are in the lanes ... nope.
  14. Ya,.. it was more than I wanted to pay.. i wanted to do a "cheap as fuck, but reliable fun" build. But the second I saw it being gray, I knew I was gonna buy it. He had it marked at 285, and sold it to me for 240. I also got 2 30rd mags, and, my buddy got a teal colored Walther P22 for his wife. They like the one we have, and it is teal/light blue colored, which his wife loves, so, we nabbed that for her. Just need to address the shitty safety, upgrade the mag release, put the faux suppressor on, and put a light on it, and I think I'm done with the scorpion evo. It is soooo fun to plink with. Mad fun. Really dig it. We had just under 900 rds between us both, and we went through em ALL last night at mid night out in the desert. I have a speed reloader, I picked up, that is a god send for reloading mags, and saving your thumb, and unfortunately, it dont fit the scorpions mags I'm tired as shit, got to bed around 6am. Got up at 11, but I soooo wanna go adjust/sight the red dot in... they gave me a ton of free range time, but I'm just so beat/lazy today. But, I wanna go bad... well see.