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  1. This section, Murphys pub... is for drunks , doing drunk things. Pretty fun column. But... you won't get a ton of device help,.. feel me?
  2. We are talking about Amplifiers yes?.. id ask, or put it there... amplifiers is grayed out to you ?
  3. Spent 1000s to not shake the rig ... but. I do it all wrong most of the time.
  4. Holy shit. I know, I know people are new to things. But man...  I'm struggling with the on-goins here of late. Please new people, read the rules,  dont just click the tab. Do SOME research before a simple post. Welcome all new ones, but holy shit, help yourself a little and then get deeper please. 

    1. PaCiFiKbAllA


      I been noticing that too lately....welcome do Noobville 😂

    2. Karkov


      I had some literal lol moments, it's entertaining for sure

  5. The section of Murphy's pub, is a great start
  6. Same here. Its fiannky getting into the 40s and 50s are suppose to be way soon. Then, it's just up from there. I hit my local indoor joint st least twice a week, but, I'm a put door shooter. I love to be out. I'm heading to a local outdoor club type range today, then, tomorrow, it's out in the west desert to shoot and tool around. I love it... happy shooting all, and be safe.
  7. Slinky'd a coil, on like, 300 watts...... damn. See what Rusty says, and let us know.
  8. What is "drops pretty good" ?? Unless your well below battery rest,... your fine. A lot of new people, think seeing 13v is scary,... hell, that is over battery rest..ish. Your fine.
  9. My titan would charge just over 13v unloaded at times. Just the way it works. Gas sipper shit. And who cares. If you hold when you present a load, then your good.
  10. Power, when the KEY IS ON, and 0 when the key is off. A keyed power source. Any, KEY'd ON source. Like, the keyed on wire to your head unit. Same same.... Meter, set to DCvolts. Hot to the fuse or wire or whatever, Ground to metal. Is there 12v with the key off? Yes- Find another source/fuse on fuse block No- Turn key on,......... is there 12v with key on? No- Find another source/fuse on fuse block Yes- Tap into it. Enjoy
  11. Ya,.. id just add some reserve, and let it rip....
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