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  1. Kyblack76

    Mclaren speaker

    Waa gonna say the same randell. I cut my seleniums at 63 , 12db slope. And they smashed. 90? That is mid range. Not mid bass to me ... pro audio,.. I dont even call "mid bass" ... just me...
  2. Kyblack76

    Battery for H/O Alt?

    For a 2k board, wired that high, I'd run your OEM shit (stock alt, and whatever bat you have), with a reserve bat and be done. You wont be pulling much of a load wired at 1.3. You not competing, or have a huge demand, if you drop into the 12s or 11, who cares. No reason to spend cash on nothing. Just my .02
  3. The joke, is having a kid vs buying rubbers dude ... wow..
  4. Kyblack76

    In need of help on subwoofers

    Never heard of some one turning their high pass UP for better output. I mean, if your playing songs in that range anyway, the high pass isnt doing anything for out put. Or, if your trying to play to low, then the high pass is just cutting information/crapy notes (that are my favorite by the) out. Odd.. but, if your happy...
  5. Dawwwww. Thats cute. How bout 9k plus, back to back, and dunking it... I'm around 8k. Not back to back for sure. 0 hate so far. Not a single hiccup...
  6. Fuck yes Pimely, beast shit.. awesome man. Go take psyclone next season. I think we are done with it. Go get it, and keep that shit here in the states man! Hope you and yours are doin well bro. Stay gold my friend.
  7. Kyblack76

    Hello!!! Advice on a BOX for Fi TEAM 18v2

    Fuck ya this. I say try it. Do some wing spreading, and try it. Watch some vids, talk to Triticum, and others, find a buddy or family member that may know wood working, and build that bitch yourself mate. I like when peeps do for themselves, and do some knowled gaining all the while. If you just cant, are not able, have zero tools to do so, have home boy build ya one, take a space cruise (drive) and go get it, and meet a cool cat, with a ton of knowledge. Good luck. Post pics of whatever road you venture on
  8. Kyblack76

    Sub amp stopped working, don't know why

    But he sees 12v at the end of the power cable it seems. And his other amp shows 12v, am I reading correctly? A blown fet or cap, can "drag" voltage down. I doubt the car would start if he had 8v though out. Know what I mean!? Edit- I would still be looking at that board. Open it up yourself and sniff around. Also, unload it. Un plug the rcas and speaker leads and check voltage
  9. Kyblack76

    5k - 7k rms wiring

    Can be debated. I mean, the alt is secured in the metal (ground) bracket on the motor/block right? So, your basically running a wire go the same thing. Some swear by it, but I've had 2 alt builders tell me "meh" whatever. ... That said, we did "ground" all 4 of ours.
  10. Kyblack76

    HELP! - Killing Amps with Vibrations...from 8 18's

    Wurd. Our baffle is one of the most ridged, strongest parts of the rig. The sad thing is, with large, space consuming builds, the enclosure may be the ONLY option/place to mount boards. You just try and make it the best you can...
  11. Kyblack76

    HELP! - Killing Amps with Vibrations...from 8 18's

    Going on 4 years, not a single lost board. Our rear baffle is more solid that any other part of the entire rig. There are times, the enclosure is the only option. A layer of dampener wont do anything imho. Nothing. Just like the rubber feet/washers. Wont do shit imho.
  12. You have the deck volume all the way up, clean, any knobs if used in between,, all the way up, and you see the 40hz signal, but zero clip light? What track did you use at this step? Also,.. you got the "high pass" set? Set at what?
  13. Wurd ^^^ No way they would have different coil sizes , just because more cone or not.
  14. Im not a ton familiar with Sundown, as i am with a few other brands, but, the team is a 4" coil, vs a 3",.. for more thermal cap, and was WAS available with neo, or ferrite for a time. If you want one, im sure you could find either with a bit looking. I saw 3 neo teams for sale on a group just the other day. I have no idea when, or why or if, the TEAM has been discontinued, or just shelved for a bit. If so, that is a little odd. Wonder why ?! dunno.... But.... what i do know, from my own eye balls and ears: Ive had the pleasure of getting to hear some NSV4's, (John Nolte's rig) and, Im a fan. If i ran sundown, i would more than likely run the NSV4. I feel, its a FANTASTIC driver. Has all the goods/wants, when im looking for a driver. From what ive read, and just seen, no personal experiance, the ZV5 is also beyond great. I wouldnt hesitate to run either. Both, along with a few others, i think, are some of the best to be had these days.
  15. Kyblack76

    Best SQ System

    Wurd... I feel ya. I do just feel, if i have some kinda high zoot sq oriented rig/set up, i would have control (full active) from appetite to asshole. Though I have heard rad comp sets, with their own passive network sound effin sick for sure. Never sat in a rig in my life, where the rear fill, did shit. Maybe through the alignment off is all lol. It's a bit silly also, .. the discipline we run in the lanes, is called PSYCLONE. It consists of 3 separate pillars, and is suppose to try and represent a "full audio system". Not just burp loud, what have you. 1- rta run. Points for FLAT as possible 20-20k, 0-100 points possible. (This is where I ment our boy Brent Leavitt, man he helped us a TON in the early days with our RTA shit,.. such a rad dude). 2- A low and loud, 30 second ave, using their provided tracks. Bonus points for 20hz playing. 3- Install. Proper fusing, at proper lengths, all that jazz. You get dinged accordingly. One of the "required" deals, is some sort of rear fill lol. We have it, and it "plays" so we dont recieve deductions, but, that shit stays the fuck OFF all the damn time lol. Take the 3, combined, and Bob's your uncle. Fun ass division, very challenging, and rewarding. But we always giggled and scratched our heads over the "all vehicles will net -10 points for missing, non functional rear fill" rule ..