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  1. All, We are selling teh burban. Fully loaded, but minus the 6 18s (drivers) Heavily/over build, Steel/metal/wood, 2 part foam, LARGE (huge) 4th order with 6 18's. 6 - Xfire 4ks 20-XS Power D1600s one D3100 and one D3400 4 - Singer Billets (rad blue) with Singer 4 chan external REG 1- Xfire 2000.4 running mids and tweets 1- Audison Bitone 2- Alpine 149bt Head units (one in the dash, other in rear for lanes,competitions/rules, demoing) Flip of a switch is all it takes to run one, or the other. 1 Xs Power 30A charger. Rig runs, drives fine. Id drive it over Donners pass right now, to world finals (again). Upgrades/larger disc brake conversion (she heavy), Upgrades suspension, WITH rear air bags Transmission cooler added, Spare greeen back belts to run 4, 3, or 1 alt Extra set of rims and tires The truck is a turn key 2 time back to back world champ, 3 time North America champ in Psyclone, and, to date, has the hightest OVERALL Psyclone score, ever recorded. Termpro and all. Looking for 13.5k Loaded, again with OUT SUBS. The rest is yours. I wont answer stupid emails/dms, and/or ZERO low balling. Price is farily firm, as, there is a TON of perfectly working gear in this, and i know, the blood,sweat, tears, testing, tuning, time nets us zero on price. I can, provide many many many build pics, vids, (if you havent seen this rig somewhere), show termpro, competiton info, ... whatever you think you need. Thanks for looking. Kyle/Kenny
  2. If your running NETWORK, then your running 3 way active.... HIGH ,. MID,,.. and LOW
  3. Therapy..... ( good news to report. My DPP i sent to Leupold for turning off, after 1,2 cycles, is back, and STAYING on. Super dope. The new threaded barrel i stoned, and fit on the spo1, functioned perfectly, even with my SilencerCo Osprey 200 rnds flawless) Super happy.
  4. That's where I am. And made several shows to Cali. 3 world finals even. Come to Utah, Cali is a fucking joke anymore. I couldn't live there. No way no how. To many people telling me my own business, taking freedoms,... fuck that. Cheers mate.
  5. I've never ever heard a "shallow mount" driver sound worth a damn. Their build/nature goes against the very need you want from them. I would rather run a well built comp set.
  6. Yup. I was gonna mention that. And he hauls toys with it to. Way cool. Anyone that even thinks they are into car audio, I would think has seen or heard of Blake's rig back in the day. C-pillar madness years ago built by the man. One of the best vids ever ... Blake Hunts c-pillar burb. Held the ground and pound national record for a while.
  7. @strangeduck  dude, you see the vid Rockville put up ??  El oh fucking el. 

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    2. strangeduck


      you know i beat the shit out of my SA-12's for years and never had a failure. clip city sometimes. stinky coils and all. still beating on them.

    3. Karkov


      please link via PM.  Thanks

    4. strangeduck


      give me a minute. i'll see if it still exists


  8. Way to huss Rockville. well done. Fucking bone heads. That YouTube vid was painful to watch, and just flat funny at the same time. Let the memes pour in.....
  9. My CZ sp01, already had the milled slide (cajun gun works again) for a DPP, and had tall/suppressor height sights put on for a dope co-witness. Well in my brain, that's all but ready to be a suppressor host, and now I have a can,... let's finish the project. Nabbed a threaded barrel from Cajun Gun Works. Took just under 2 hours of stoning. Sharpie marker, fit, stone, repeat for ever. But.. it locks up like a boss. Feeds and extracts just like the oem barrel as far as I can tell. Stoked to slap the Omega9k on it, and run some subsonic cheap shit through it.
  10. Nor cal vs So cal !! That's a rad show. Tell everyone hey! Ray is taking his concrete van I'm sure I saw on his FB. If Ray M is there, or Noah, tell em what up, from Kyle. Great great peeps there. I like my cali audio fam, more than my home state peeps lol. Have fun yo.
  11. Lol, ya dude. The search for something started when I was at a comp/show, early into all this silliness. I demo'd for hours. And I shit you not, every damn time I looked down, my rpms where either non existent or, i was at like 11 million LOL. So, the hunt for something began. At comps, I've seen it all. Stack of pennies on the throttle body, paper clips, clothes pins, wood, cut to length on the gas pedal,. You name it, I've seen it.... and it all did its job fine. Most orgs cap your revs at 2k if you look in the rule book. But ya , for demoing, the cable we use in both rigs, is a God send. cheap, easy, reliable. Done...
  12. Some, ourselves included, use stuff to get the rig to rev up, and sit at a desired rpm. So like in the lanes, or demoing all day. Set it, and for get it. Alts need to see a certain rpm, to even "turn on". Feel me?? A solution I found, and did on my blazer and we put it on the suburban build also.
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