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  1. Kyblack76

    Fi 20 something inch. "PENTA"

    Next to omega motor. 60 plus mm of xmax one way
  2. Dude,... congrats man. Uber deserved. Ive watched you, on this forum, for YEARS, .... truly want to help, give knowledge out, (correct knowledge i might say) and honestly hope the end user goes away happy, and confident in what they have going on,..... with out fucking want, need, or ANYTHING, in return. Very cool man. Very cool. This forum, is that much BETTER, with you involved in it bro. High fives, and beers to you man. Enjoy that prize, and thank you, i know i can speak for all forum members here. Thanks Joe X.
  3. Ya bro. This issue just started. I can't on my phone, nor my laptop at home. Guess I'll try here at work. BRB
  4. Kyblack76

    Need help finding a 5 ch amp...

    Man. I'm hoping the 25 to life gets back to you new. I dig those boards, and seeing it actually being used, (not sitting in a dudes closet or storage) these days in a build, is slim. I'm hoping you get that board back mate. Best of luck yo.
  5. Anyone? It give me a error, every time i try to upload. Did i miss something? Update or something? TIA
  6. Kyblack76

    Need help finding a 5 ch amp...

    Wow,.. Fish Chris, back on the forum.... Cheers dude. Been a while. Good to see you still kicking.....
  7. I am trying to update a build log. When I try and upload a image, I get errors. It says to "contact us". I've tried it on my laptop, and phone, 3 times on each and get errors. Please advise. And TIA KB
  8. Kyblack76

    Xs power

    The largest you can fit.
  9. LOL... where you find these pics dude lol ....
  10. I VERY VERY RARELY, if ever, smelled my sp4 coils. Glue, sure. Never coil, and I ran a BIT more power than you currently have, to mine, for almost 5 straight years/seasons. Weird... Edit- and I got the dust caps and coil HOT. Melted the decals off at one show, and just kept on playing them. People that remember that build, know I beat the hell outta those things. And I sold them as "working" after all that. I know the dude that got em from me played them for a while. Hell, he still may be. Greg Corbin, a team mate, put a constant 6-7k clamped to his with a lot of success also. Odd..
  11. Kyblack76

    Setting the gain on my sundown sae-2000d

    Might as well just use your ear and nose.
  12. What driver are we talking about here? I didn't see any mention of it. But I didn't read everything well. As usual. Edit- in fact, I see zero mention of the amp or driver being used. What gear are we talking about here?
  13. Job Joe,.. well deserved mate. Get your shit !!.