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  1. Trijy guy, but had to see. Holosun 508t Still not sure what to try it on. Same footprint of the rmr, so im able to toss in on a few pieces. My grey evo is probably the choice tho.
  2. Damn bro,... packing that joint. Good stuff man. (holla when you need space, and wanna unload the honda,... lol, love that lil rig) Keep on, keepin on bro.
  3. With out proper tools, (dd1 or scope) you dont know where your source starts to distort,... so, everything after, dont matter. For you, and your set up, ... thats why i said "use your ear". Just set it where it sounds ok, back down when it gets squishy. It really is that simple. Dont let "i dont wanna mess up my gear" stop you. If somthing shitty is going down, youll smell or hear it. In the end, just get jamming. Enjoy.
  4. If all sound drops, mids/highs, and low end, id look at source as the issue.
  5. @SnowDrifter  Hey boss, check our dm's buddy... sloppy kisses. KB


  6. Kinda nutty huh??? I didnt expect the price,.... at all. I just kinda sat there and blinked at my screen when he said it. These fucking things, will be "printing" organs, and shit, before you know it.....
  7. Ahhhh... man, that, could pose issues no doubt. so, your using a LOC (line out converter) yes? I'll bet that input voltage is the problem or something. Stock head unit - LOC- amp,.. is this how your running it!? I'll bet if you get some cables, and run your phone, or another source to the amp, it would be fine, or better. You could try that cheaply and easily to trouble shoot for now. And no, dont even worry about your electrical for now. Edit- for future posts bro, you MUST include things like , your using the OEM source. That, is a huge key. Like, huge .. and more than likely your issue. Unless your voltage us super tanking to amp cut off, like 9volts or something silly, which, you should check with a meter or something, your electrical is not the problem.
  8. How do you know its clipping? Just sounds like shit? Or?
  9. Again,... HOW are YOU wired ?? Edit- pics??? Do you have a meter? Any help here ? Hell, draw it out, on paper, how it is wired
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