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  1. Looks like its doing what its suppose to now mate. I dont see anything weird.
  2. But not "holy shit" louder...... no night and day diff, .. not at all. Louder, as the suspension loosens, ya,.. but, not earth shattering. He sounds pretty disapointed. Id bet its something else.
  3. If 12.7 is the worse, and its only here and there,.. i wouldnt do anything. If you hold 13,... meh... roll with it. Save your money. 12.7 is battery rest, its just fine. Especially if this is at idle banging. Is the worse drop with some rev, or at idle ?
  4. Acetone, or some rubbing alchohol. Meh, just a decent clean will do you fine. That shit sticks like no other.
  5. Your amplifier nor your deck has a high pass ?? Jesus, what gear are you running?
  6. Dont play songs well below tuning...
  7. ^^^^ Home boy above is on it. Your winding/coil is fucked. Meter it. See what it reads. Then, recone it.
  8. Made my P10 famly complete with a S today. (the blue grip one is my PCR,.. i was doing size comparisons with my carry pieces). My p10f OR piece was in my bag
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