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  1. Sub out signal

  2. Have you ever even put a meter on it? Or just ear O meter?
  3. Was gonna say, driver and power are needed for the equation ....
  4. And it's kinda odd yours played good 35-40 , and he said his, no matter where he tuned the box only likes to play like 11hz or something? Different styles, of the same vehicle or ?
  5. Very nice man. The reconing sucks, but, ... build looks great. Just curious, how you meter? Out law? Legal? Or ? Looking great man. You do some nice work. Keep on er... good luck.
  6. Well, we run a bit more cone area and power than you bro. Just sayin.
  7. You seem to be the one of the first. If they peak as low as you say, no one will compete with em. Monster disadvantage. Sounds fun for a demo rig, but, Also, how are they for aftermarket support? Easy to add a aftermarket HO alt? Much room for cubes? Flex/movement is low low low on the list of things I look for in a audio rig. Fixing flex is pretty cheap and easy. Not something that concerns me when looking for a audio project. Just me
  8. No doubt. Mr west knows what's up. Big time with this new shit. Newer OEM stuff is getting to be a nightmare to work on, but he knows ways around it all. Good shit Meade.
  9. Insane amount of work, just to get to the actual work lol. Droppin the pan? Sheesh...still, will be rad as shit when done.
  10. Welcome back Cody !!! . Long time bro. Keep us hella updated on the hearse. Seems its in good hands. And Jake, i like old school as much as anyone, but, id take the mechman hearse over that every day of the week, .... to each their own i guess.
  11. I run a head set when I'm clanned up. How else you gonna shit talk your buddies, joke around and shit. When ya get WWII rollin, let me know. Suppose to be some new guns, dropsand shit with double xp tomorrow. Holla and I'll add ya to the clan I roll with. Few on smdand a few here and there. Shits fun.
  12. Bill, quit fucking around, and post all the million pics youve sent me dude...... your people wanna see
  13. Who has a good entry level Sub

    You know what build house I prefer. Also for entry level drivers, i dig the sundown SA, and alphard has the machete sport I've seen and heard with my own eyes and ears and really liked. Glad to see you getting back in it a bit bro. Dig it