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  1. Sorry lat reply:: my main goal was keeping diesel engine noise out sound in, I think RAM did decent with the oem deadner for the 2012 CTDs I got it with the carpet delete package its pretty quiet but went ahead and added a mix of FatMat and Noico 80m behind the back seat and firewall, cut down the noise some more, mirrors and loose change is the only thing I've notice rattling, i dont have a big system but if I stop at the local gas station and go inside you can hear the bass pretty good. Of course when you're outside all you hear is the CTD roar.
  2. It's strange how different frequencies can mess with one thing but not other items, If I KEY my HT on certain frequencies it has popped the bathroom GFCI outlet,. as for radio Gear I keep a 2m 440 HT with me in the truck with a sma mag antenna. My last car I had 2 cb,s , my HT and a Radio shack pro-2037 before they switched to the p25 along with the same bass setup no issues. put some rubber peel and stick standoff on the corvers and edge of tge radio. Worked for me kept it from vibrating against the bottom of dash
  3. I have a sealed 12 on RF 500.1 amp so this may be different for others, If I play a song like DJSNT, got160 ect: and play 35-45+hz my rear view mirror shakes to where I have to readjust it every other week. But if I go lower and play 21-30ish Hz my side mirrors shake so bad you can hardly see the cars behind you but the rear view mirror doesnt shake at all, ive also noticed different frequency ranges playing with other body panels. any body else play with frequency ranges to see different effects? might I add this is 1.25cuft sealed 12 sitting rear center floor in a Ram 2500 Crew cab
  4. Will be needing a good sub for the upcoming audio upgrade, Middle TN
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