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  1. I don't have a concrete answer for that. I would say at least 4 inches from the motor. I would have someone else chime in on that one for ya. It's more than 10 in so I think it's good.
  2. How far should a sub be from a port wall?
  3. When you mean port area your talking about m/s thing right? I don't have to make sure anything else in another graph? (Length fits too so I got that) Also when you say flat surface what do you mean?
  4. I cant post it for somereason but can you like tell me the main things for me to check to make sure it will be good
  5. Do you think if I do everything and like send you screenshots or something you can double check and make sure I know if I'm doing it right
  6. Alright well if I go to slot port everything should work out as long as the m/s is under 20? Correct?
  7. A big factor in port velocity is the power you're planning on running on them. Unless you think I should just switch over to slot port
  8. A big factor in port velocity is the power you're planning on running on them. Well I'm trying to push 1500 towards it but every time I put that in the program it shoots up to like 50 m/s and there is nothing I can do
  9. Well with this I can't seem to get the m/s down below 30
  10. Either, you can get away with SLIGHTLY higher port velocity with aero ports, but if you can keep things down below the numbers I listed above you will be better off. There isn't really a single right answer for what the graph should look like. If you tell me what subs and box specs you are working with I can see what you are getting.
  11. Hey are PSĮ platform 3 15". 2 of them. They recommend 2.5-5 cubic foot a sub so I'm going around a 8cubic feet box not including displacement. 34hertz if I can. Aero port if possible. I thought it looked good but I wanted to make sure. It didn't look to bad.
  12. And I have that program up to date. I got my subs put in and everything looks good but not really sure what a good response is suppose to look like on the magnitude scale.
  13. Well on air velocity does this include square port and aero ports?
  14. Someone help me out with WinISD? Kinds new to this. Just really understand the graph and how to know by looking at the graph if a port will not make port noise. Just trying to learn.
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