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  1. Alright well I'm gonna work with that tonight and do some math and I'll post a picture of me results and let me know what you think.
  2. True haha. Well let me ask y'all one more question. If a ported box gets you the most output then why does 2 "ported boxes" together not do the same?
  3. So literally 2 ported boxes glued together?
  4. Alright well I know what 6th order is but what is parallel-tuned? And for this 6th order I am doing it just like 2 ported box together?
  5. Alright well he's gonna be pushing around 1500watts and like around 30hertz to 50hertz ya know I don't really know how far the band width goes so I don't want a gap in between tho. He just tired of hearing lows but he wants to have more "variety". He wants to keep his lows but still have high end.
  6. Alright guys so hopefully someone can help me, I know some about 4th orders but I have a friend here that wants one done for his 2 Sundown X-12s. Now i understand the ratios but my question is if i need 5ft3 which is recommended for ported. Now if I do like 2:1 ratio that means i do 5ft3 ported and 2.5ft3 sealed correct? Just wanna make sure I don't screw up this ya know. And if that is correct then I do the ported section exactly like a normal ported box? If anyone would help that would be awesome! Thanks!
  7. Colby88


    I don't have a concrete answer for that. I would say at least 4 inches from the motor. I would have someone else chime in on that one for ya. It's more than 10 in so I think it's good.
  8. Colby88


    How far should a sub be from a port wall?
  9. Colby88


    When you mean port area your talking about m/s thing right? I don't have to make sure anything else in another graph? (Length fits too so I got that) Also when you say flat surface what do you mean?
  10. Colby88


    I cant post it for somereason but can you like tell me the main things for me to check to make sure it will be good
  11. Colby88


    Do you think if I do everything and like send you screenshots or something you can double check and make sure I know if I'm doing it right
  12. Colby88


    Alright well if I go to slot port everything should work out as long as the m/s is under 20? Correct?
  13. Colby88


    A big factor in port velocity is the power you're planning on running on them. Unless you think I should just switch over to slot port
  14. Colby88


    A big factor in port velocity is the power you're planning on running on them. Well I'm trying to push 1500 towards it but every time I put that in the program it shoots up to like 50 m/s and there is nothing I can do