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  1. So I can use it all I want as long as I don't push it under 12 volts? It won't damage it?
  2. I have 0 gauge of OFC wire for ground and power. I have a AGM 65 dry cell battery and a stock battery up front. Independence is 1 ohm and it's for a 1999 Chevy Tahoe
  3. Ok so I recently bought a scv-3000 amplifier and I was planning on putting it in my truck. But. I still have the stock alternator. So my question for y'all is it possible to still run the amp just don't crank it up where it pulls too much amps?
  4. I don't have a concrete answer for that. I would say at least 4 inches from the motor. I would have someone else chime in on that one for ya. It's more than 10 in so I think it's good.
  5. How far should a sub be from a port wall?
  6. When you mean port area your talking about m/s thing right? I don't have to make sure anything else in another graph? (Length fits too so I got that) Also when you say flat surface what do you mean?
  7. I cant post it for somereason but can you like tell me the main things for me to check to make sure it will be good
  8. Do you think if I do everything and like send you screenshots or something you can double check and make sure I know if I'm doing it right
  9. Alright well if I go to slot port everything should work out as long as the m/s is under 20? Correct?
  10. A big factor in port velocity is the power you're planning on running on them. Unless you think I should just switch over to slot port
  11. A big factor in port velocity is the power you're planning on running on them. Well I'm trying to push 1500 towards it but every time I put that in the program it shoots up to like 50 m/s and there is nothing I can do
  12. Well with this I can't seem to get the m/s down below 30