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  1. Opened a D3100 today and checked voltage at 12.49. Is this OK to charge or too low and need to send back? One of my other batteries said send back if voltage was under a certain amount of volts when opening but I can't remember which one. Thanks
  2. Is dual alternator setup possible for 2011 Toyota 4Runner? I know when they first came out ,even years later almost every brand said they made high output alternator(wasn't exactly true at all...almost every site I checked was trying to sell old style that doesn't fit 2011) They could make slightly higher outputs though. Now I know they make high powered ones. Does anyone know if there are any ways to dual alternator a 2011 4runner? Thanks
  3. Sorry for double post wish I was doing this on computer and not phone, thanks broke_audio_addict that's what I was hoping to hear. Thanks
  4. By linking do you mean dbSYNC ? It says 5000 watts @ 2ohms. I'm not sure of the diffence between strap and link sorry. Thanks for trying to help me though.
  5. Yes they are the Rockford 2500 Constant Power. They are linkable with sync cables but only when they are hooked to 2ohms at the lowest. The Rockford 2500 Constant Power also says it has 2500 RMS at both 1 and 2ohms. So I figured if I ever blow a speaker later I could recone them to total 2ohms each then be able to link them with the sync cord for 5k. That was why I asked. I didn't know 2 2500s hooked to each speaker voice coil at 2ohms wouldnt make much of a diffence since the rockfords2500s put almost the same amount of power in 1 or 2ohm. Or would 4 Rockford 2500 hooked directly to each coil at 1ohm (after blown or reconed like audiofanaticz recommended) then would the 4 amp setup be worth it? And which would be better 4 Rockford 2500s directly to each voice coil @1ohm or a pair of Rockford 2500s synced to 5000 @2ohms to each speaker? Thanks
  6. Which part is the bad idea? Sorry if its a dumb question that if I have to ask its usually no, just trying to learn. Thanks
  7. New to forum trying to read these on a phone very hard to search sorry if questions have been asked and answered before. I have 2 NSv3 15's dual 2ohm and 2 Rockford 2500, each amp hooked to each speaker at 1ohm. I've noticed people running 2 amps on 1 speaker by hooking each amp to each voice coil. My question is it possible to use 4 Rockford 2500s by hooking each one to each voice coil (would be 2ohm loads). Would this be too much power? I have seen videos of people pushing 10k 12k but those are being done by 2 amps. Does Anyone know if this is safe and can be done? Or just a bad idea. Thank you.
  8. Is zv4 18 rev1 same specs as zv4 12 rev 1 (1750rms) I have 2 12 zv4 rev 1 each hooked to Rockford 2500 and handle the power fine. Sorry if it didnt help your 5k question. New here was trying to get a question answered and saw this.
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