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  1. I have a 2002 mercury mountaineer with just under 5k watts RMS and a 250A singer Hairpin alt. I can fit a D6500 or D3100 under my hood and was wondering what you would run as batteries in my setup. I have 2 runs of 1/0 power and ground to the back. I would like to listen to music with little voltage drop while driving and at idle if possible.



    1. Ron36


      I have 5k RMS total with mids , I got a 250a ALT and 6 batteries still drop to to high 12's at stop lights . It's a game that's hard to win as long as u stay in the high 12's your fine . 

    2. WalledSonic


      Ran 6k with 240A alt and 4 batteries and i dropped to low 12s at stop lights. 

  2. evermaxx there are a lot of people that would love to have your electrical problems...............lol As said above 12.9V is the highest 12v batteries are going to keep you up to. At least you know you are actually drawing power out of your amp! A lot of people are supper pumped about staying in the mid to high 13V range with a similar set up, when all that actually means is they aren't pulling near as much power as you are. See sometimes lower voltage is a good thing.
  3. Ok a few things here to look at and think about. The least resistance and more surface are you have for your electrical to run through the better your performance will be. A couple more power and ground runs will not hurt you in any way. Always good to check out your equipment and make sure it is running the way it should be. In this case the batteries and alternator would be the first places to check. From the way it sounds all three are working the way they currently are designed to operate. If you want to get them checked out, then you can always go by an auto parts store (pepboys, autozone, advanced, etc...) and they can test everything for you. The thing to remember when doing this though is that you need your batteries fully charged before they run the tests, and some of the people running the tests at these places know less about how to actually test a battery than my 12 year old daughter does. It is an option though. They can also check your alt for you as well. I was going to tell you about the tow mode, but looks like you found that out. From what you have posted I think your batteries are probably ok, but they probably are not getting topped off with a charger. Remember alternators are not designed to fully charge your batteries like a charger will. Especially if you are playing your system running the batteries down most of the time when you are driving. Investing in a few more power and ground runs along with maybe an AGM battery charger will fix part of your problems, but the biggest issue you currently have is the PCM control on the vehicle. If you upgrade your stock grounds and you see that one of the factory grounds has a sensor around it MAKE SURE you keep that ground exactly the same. If you delete that sensor it can really screw you up.
  4. Ok everyone has heard of Slamology and has seen the pics and videos of how big this show actually is. Well the members of SMD need to take some pride that YOUR sponsors on the forum showed up and supported the industry in a big way this weekend!!!!! You had Droppin Hertz and the crew with a booth supporting the industry. You had Sky High Car Audio bringing their circus all the was from Nevada to the East Coast to support and show how the West Coast DC Audio guys do business. You had Mechman showing their support. You had Sundown Audio making their debut on the show scene in a big way. And probably one of the biggest things to show that Car Audio is growing was the fact that Sonic Electronix came out and show support like no other online retailer has done in YEARS!!!!! Big companies like Sonic are normally not at shows like this, but they stepped up and got a booth at Slam to show they are in it for the long haul. Now granted they are not the most informed when it comes to the SPL side of car audio, but trust me they used the time at Slam to really take in the scene and learn from those around them. I would keep my eyes out on some big things coming in the near future!! So, be proud that Steve and the guys here at SMD have gone out of their way to bring in sponsors to SMD Forum that actually care about the industry and support the industry that we all love. Like one of the show car announcers said on the stage at slam. If the shows do not have sponsors, then you will all be sitting in WalMart parking lots looking at each other! Go support your sponsors and tell them thanks for supporting the industry. You will not believe how much your support and comments will help those writing the checks at the companies make their decisions on where their money is going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Optimal amperage charge per battery for the larger 12V (D4700 and larger) batteries is 15amps per battery. Same goes for the 14V and 16V batteries. The intelliSupply would go by the same thing, but you are purchasing a lot more than just a charger with these. You are getting a charger, maintainer, power supply, and battery recovery mode. Me personally I would try to get as close to the 15 amps per that I could reasonable afford.
  6. I second this... The look of the super caps always looked like a childs toy, and knowing whats inside of it kinda is scary to think your whole car is metal and how fast they can deliver juice. Id like to see safer super cap banks that are of similar sizes to a certain battery foot print. You been in my office?
  7. Ask and you shall receive............... I mean I am sure someone will do something like that.
  8. I have learned so much from you today lol It is what we are here for! Just wish there was more time to be on here and help.
  9. Main reason is if all of your runs are the same exact length, then everything is equal through out your electrical circuit. If one is shorter than the other, then that one is going to get loaded first. Hope this helps.
  10. You would be amazed at the responses when you tell someone they really do not need a battery in the back with their system. Most tell you they really need one, and that is more based on the thought that if you have more than one battery your system has to be loud..............lol They do have their place for sure, but a battery bank is not the end all option.
  11. I do know what you are talking about, bbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt right now due to things I can or can not deny happening in the near future just can't put out what my suggestions would be. A few posts on here I am sure have already been screen shot and emailed to our competitors, so they can try to catch up copy us.......lol Just a part of the game. Hope you understand why I would rather not put that out there right now. I will say though if you search around the forums there are a few members that are VERY educated on the use of super caps. Some have tested the use with proper battery banks and others have only looked at is as a way to try to make batteries obsolete. It is not hard to see which way they lean. I will say this though. If you are not careful with super caps things can and probably will turn out bad. They can be very dangerous, but they can also be very safe if you do everything correctly.
  12. All threads should can could turn out like this. A lot the trash talk we get is because people think we own the forums and pay big money to get our say so. NO we are the only ones on the forums, and yes we pay to be on the forums to be able to come on here and help out and give info on our products. That is what we call marketing and supporting the industry. There are very few companies that actually SUPPORT the industry, but a lot of companies that use the industry to support their company.
  13. Because you end up wasting more money building a bank of all super caps v/s what you can do with a properly paired battery and super cap combination. Not that we have been testing for over a year now though to see what ultimately works best. If you are running something and it works for you, then no one should tell you to run something differently. You are the one running it and it is either working for you or not. If it is working for you then run with it and tell everyone to build their own damn system the way they want to. If it isn't working for you, then thats a different story. Way too many people want to bash on something, because it isn't what they are running. If it is working for someone and they like/enjoy its performance then who is to tell them they are running the wrong stuff. Until you start paying for someone to run what you want them to run, then you really don't have a horse in the race. With that said giving your PERSONAL experience about what you have done or giving proven reasons why something SHOULD work better is always a good thing for the forum and in life in general. Thing to keep in mind is what works awesomely in one application, may suck big time in another application that has the same exact equipment.
  14. ^^^ you are correct. You can actually drop down some in capacity and still get great instant discharge power with multiple battery set ups.
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