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  1. damn bro i really love your 'hoe! She has a nice look! OH and yes, i know. I already hit a pot hole about a month ago. I just ordered myself a new 28 and this one will be the spare. Its a small bend. Enough to make me wanna shed a tear. Made me almost want to puke when i saw it. But it holds air and will be ok till my new one arrives. It really isn't too bad, ive been riding with it. What a bitch. Gotta pay to play i guess. It was a BIG ASS pothole too. Right off Hillsdale. Oh and if you are wondering why i took a month to order a spare, lets just say i ain't rich and that wheel ain't cheap. A spare is half the cost of a Whipple Supercharger. And it's JUST a spare. lol. It will be nice to have because i don't want to get caught with a 22" donut rim (stock spare) in an emergency. The damaged one will actually end up being the spare of course. I hear the hell out of that. watt ave has some nasty holes. I have to q bert down that bitch at night. after reporting my 3rd unintentional "L7 mod via local sinkhole" damage to state farm, they informed me that I was "driving in a reckless and irresponsible manner" , denied my claim, and the insurance premium tripled upon renewal due to 3 "at fault collisions within the policy year." needless to say, I have lots of coffee table's/ air hose reels waiting to be made. they aren't Forgiatos, but still...every time I hit one of the local sinkholes i'm almost scared to jump out and check for damage. what really sucks is wearing the stocks in the winter. I feel like a soccer mom, but I don't even have kids. fml
  2. steve, the new caddy looks nice...but as you know, these roads are treacherous in highlands when rollin on 25 series...I have the low budget version also on 8's.
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