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  1. Thats probably it! Maybe you could use those to re-enforce the brace you installed if it ever pops off again. I like the look of that sub cabinet, I hope you get it covered soon.
  2. Looking good on the Glass work. I was thinking about your sub box repair, and I remember seeing Special Screws with Really wide threads that extend deep out into the wood. Its on a thread on this forum somewhere. I cant recall where or what they are called or what brand they are, but Drywall type screws will always pull out eventually. And congrats on the 1st place win.
  3. Those are the terminals I like to use too Daimer. I dont crimp them though, The ones I get come with Solder plugs that you drop in. Basically you clamp them in the vice with the hole facing up, Drop in the solder slug, heat the terminal up with the propane torch, Pre strip the wires to the exact depth you need, then once the terminal is HOT and the solder is melted, just slide the wire down inside it and hold it there. You can keep heating it and feed more solder in at the junction, but with the solder slug, thats really all you need. Feeding a bit more solder will help seal the end around the terminal, but if you use too much it will suck up the wire and melt the jacket and make the cable stiff for however far it travels up the wire. For Battery terminals I like these Flag style terminals and the solder slugs I use Heavy Duty Battery cable heat shrink with Glue inside. It helps seal the connection and prevents corrosion.
  4. If you like the stained look, using this technique with alternating pieces of different woods might look pretty interesting. Get like 4 different hard woods, layer them 1, 2, 3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 etc. Then Sand the shit out of it and stain it. That would be interesting looking. I love CNC router's. I could blow some money playing with one of those.
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