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  1. Yeah. Im going between getting a 2nd sundown 1500, or at this point, a single 2400.. I know the sundown amps are proven, and ive had mine for 2 years at half ohm with zero issue, but that price tag kinda sucks
  2. I see a lot of good about these amps... I was looking at either 2 of the 2400s or one 4500 for my zv3 15. anyone know the longevity of these amps? how reliable they are for a daily system?
  3. I say get a couple of fat batteries. You're going to need that power
  4. Stickers on the outside screams "steal me". Ive seen some cool trunk locks that are connected to your key fob and are separate from the cars stock locking system. If you drive a truck or suv, and dont have a hidden trunk, tinted windows. also dumb stickers for car security might be good to throw onto your car (one or 2) to deter dumbass thieves. bolt down brackets from the box to the car, and also hidden amps are good too. my buddy has a 09 equinox, and has his sub and speaker amps, and 2nd battery in his spare tire area. now given he took out his spare, but for him it was worth it, also in his car that little panel locks. he has 2 brackets holding down his box that can be removed but its a pita
  5. Sweet. You can also try opening the front windows, rear windows, different doors open to see what sounds the loudest. On my truck, both windows being open is the loudest. if your box has room, try turning it different ways, like the sub facing up, facing the rear, facing front. Different box positions can sometimes gain sound
  6. Kraken

    Sundown 6.5s

    Ive only heard the x6.5s in person. ive heard the sniper box (8th order i believe) and the same guy with 20 x6.5s in a ported box. Both boxes sounded good, the ported box obviously had more range. if space isnt an issue, i would personally bump up to an 8 or 10 inch sub. Especially for sound quality, a 10 inch sub will be physically able to hit lower notes and still have that high fs. if you really want the 6.5's, i would do the x series.
  7. Have you thought about doing an aeroport? In 9/10 cases, you can use less port area per cube. What vehicle is this in? Do you have room to completely change the box dimensions?
  8. Damn what subs are you running, thats a big ass port. I assume its a slot port. Try bending it around the back of the box. Making the port a little smaller will be easier to tune lower, even a 5 sq inch difference might drop an inch or 2 on total port length. for instance, if you were to have a 100 sq inch port, and say for your box size it would need to be 10 inches long to tune to 35hz. (I know thats completely crazy but its just an example) If you were to drop to 90 sq inches, it might only need to be 8 inches long to tune to 35hz. It is probably best to drop it a few sq inches and play with the length. look at Torres, its a box tuning/measurement calculator. Its somewhere in this fourm if you want to download it.
  9. Thinking more about this, I do think the 8 would help. But, like I said, and a few others, it would need to be sealed. Having it crossed over to handle only midbass would be nice (70-300ish hz). It would also help to make sure you do have a solid front stage though.
  10. I agree, the subs will mostly drown the 8. Although if you seal it off below if it isnt already, you can get some extra high bass/mid notes out of it (85hz-500hz). Which can help a little, espically if your subs are tuned low. but make sure if you do put an 8 there, that it is powered properly and that you seal off below it,create almost a box beneath it. which can sometimes be hard, if youre good with fiberglass it should be easy, if not, you might be able to find something online or somehow build your own enclosure.
  11. Kraken

    Front stage ideas??

    Crescendo, Sundown, Mclaren(Never used Mclaren but always heard good things about them), Alpine R series. Ive used all of those except for mclaren and I have liked them. Its more the amplifier choice than the speaker choice. for example, you can put 100 sundown neo pro speakers powered by your head unit or even a small amp and they wont be loud or sound good, or you can put a few of them on a nice amp powered properly, and get them to sound great and get loud.
  12. Kraken

    Front stage ideas??

    6.5's all day. Sundown sa series is great for the coaxials, or if you want to do components the crescendo pwx 6.5s paired with the sts-1 tweeters is also great. one of my good buddies has the sa speakers all around his car and they sound great and get pretty loud. i have the pwx 6.5s and sts-1's. the component setup needs some more power, but then again it will get louder. its all up to you. but overall I would go with 6.5's
  13. Kraken

    Electrical for SQ S12250

    Temporarily, yes. I wouldnt run it like that too long on that kind of power though. The alternator just isnt feeding the battery enough power to keep up with that power draw. Even though if youre setting your gains properly, the d3400 should be alright at least temporarily.
  14. Personally I would run the Fi teams. that way you can use both of those amps. plus you have the electrical to back that up. Building a box within your parameters will be tough though, seeing as how the fi's need between 3 and 5 cubes a piece.
  15. If you tune the amp properly without the bass knob, and use a remote bass knob, you should be just fine. I have never had any issues with mine, I have used a few different kinds of knobs with a few different kinds of amps