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  1. I actually did put my 2 r 12s in my old 4th order, it was 2 cubes sealed i believe and 6 ported (iirc). tuned to 45hz i do remember that. they slammed but they definitely arent designed for a 4th order box.
  2. Ive used Second Skin Damplifier pro and Crescendo Murdermat. I liked both very much. Second skin has a lot of products for lots of different things though which is good..
  3. the sundown sae1500 does almost 2100 watts at 1 ohm. that amp is 415$. Sure it might be expensive, but I dont think its overpriced. I popped my first sae1500 due to me accidentally wiring it to .25ohm (lmao), and sundown just sent me a new one, no questions asked. Also sundown makes very efficient amps, and also the power output is consistent to impedance change, a lot of amps climb very exponentially. They do 5000 watts at 1 ohm but only 250 watts at 4 ohms. I know thats exaggerated, but you get the idea
  4. Sundown just for the fact that ive used that amp before, and it proved itself to me. Not saying the MMats isnt good, I just dont have any experience with the company
  5. Yeah I'm not trying to put some crazy power onto it, I think the 2 1500's strapped will give me headroom, I don't plan on going all the way up on the gains. But since I already own one, and have a deal on another one that's next to new, it ends up being much much cheaper than a new amp that's larger than the 2 together. My sub is laughing at 1500 watts right now, but I also dont think I need 4k to get it loud. After putting the 6k on my old zv3 12, I dont think im going to have a problem on 3-4k. It would demo a couple songs before it got hot. Then again, I had it in an enclosure that was designed for big power.
  6. How would the port mount in this box? Being 25.75 inches long, and the box only 35.75, is that 10 inches enough to clear the motor of the sub?
  7. Do you think its possible to get 3.5 cubes net with a 8 or 10 inch aeroport tuned to 34-36hz? I dont care about the port coming out of the box some.
  8. I do like that. Ive never done much with sub/subs in a trunk of an suv. is the sub up/port back the way to go? looks like that box could also be built with the sub and port on the same side, is there any way that generally tops the rest?
  9. I dont know the exact dimensions, but it will be a large trunk area so size isnt very limited (a yukon denali xl or suburban). The box I have is about 3.85 cubes with the sub in it but no port, so I can cut out the existing port size and throw an 8 or 10 inch areo in there, and just have some of the port sticking out.
  10. With a port that large, and net volume so small, how would I make all that fit? Is an aeroport still an option? I could have it sticking out of the box some.
  11. Do you think I should tune higher/lower based on my port area? I'm going to shoot for ~50sq inches. If it ends up being a little larger, should I tune a little bit higher? Or would there be any real noticeable difference
  12. Alright, so. Slot port it is. I can't decide the tune though, I know I want mid 30's, but cant decide between 32-33hz or 36-37hz. I really dont need to play any lower than 29-30. I prefer 33ish to 45ish. What do you guys recommend?
  13. my zv3 12 took a sundown 6k all day last year. hooked it up at .5 ohms, was clamping almost 5500 to the sub at 40hz. it can take it no problem, it just needs clean power. my 15 is definately able to handle more power. it is laughing at that 1500 rn. sundown put a dyno video up of that amp and it actually almost does 2100 at 1 ohm. im thinking a 2nd one will help, since I have a buddy selling one thats next to new for only a couple hundred. im trying to decide the size aero I need. some people say a 8 inch is fine, some people say I'd need more. not really sure tbh. i want something that will ground pound all day in the 30s and 40s.
  14. Ok so I've created a few topics now discussing my zv3 15 and box ideas and such. I have settled on a good ported box. the sub is a Sundown ZV3 15. Power is 2 sundown sae1500's strapped. I need some help getting some box designs. Imma go over basically everything so you guys dont have to ask me a bunch of stuff. Car is going to be either a 2007-14 suburban, 07-11 yukon denali xl, or 07-11 escalade esv. My truck got totaled last weekend by a guy driving under the influence.. id prefer an aeroport, tuning in the mid 30s, no specific preference. I want a daily ground pounder. Im not really worried about numbers but I would like to go for a 145 at the minimum. electrical is a mechman g240, 2 800cca autocraft batteries, and a xs 2100. any designs are very appreciated, and even if you just have some input, please let me know. I want all the knowledge I can get.
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