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  1. I think I've also figured out what amp I want to upgrade to. An Orion HCCA 3k. On that much power (and yes i have the electrical to back it up, mechman 240(getting a 2nd one christmas time), 2 batteries), do I need to keep that port big? (10 inch aeroport, its almost 80 sq inches) because Im going to need around 35 inches of port length in a 3 cube box even tuned to 40hz
  2. Alright, so if I were to just ditch the 4th order idea and run another ported box, what do you (any anyone else with input) think some good specs would be? I see above 2.5-3 cubes with a ~10 inch aeroport is the way to go? Keeping the box that small with such a large port is going to be tough to fit all inside that box without a mid mounted port. That is always an option though
  3. The main reason I wanted to try a bandpass is because I havent ever built one before and Im looking to try something new. I also understand that 4th orders are a little more efficient (reducing box rise) which is something I need to pay attention to if Im trying to get loud on only 1500 watts
  4. Ok so I have a sae1500 but im sure that sub isnt seeing anywhere near even 1200 watts after rise and all that good stuff. when you say it wont be enough for 3k, is that 3k after rise or just putting a 3k amp on it? and Yeah I planned on making the front face of the box where the port mounts to be removable somehow so I could easily change my port length for different tuning Alright, I never thought Id have to worry about not having enough room, but Im pretty sure I can manage that increase in size. the box I have now is 5.17 cubes before displacement (3.6 after), and I definitely have some more room, but I need to figure out how much more room I have. Also my sub now does a 137.8 @37hz outlaw. Do you guys think I could expect to see a 145 out of my sub with a 4th order on 1500? I think its surely possible, but Im hoping for a 145 on 1500 and possibly a 150+ on 3-5k rms
  5. I posted a topic trying to get some opinions on a 4th order i designed for my zv3 15, I've never designed a 4th order before, and i'm not trying to spend the money and time on building it for it to sound like some dookie
  6. I actually am moving to mebane near right off of mebane oaks at the end of this month
  7. Durham/Chapel Hill area. and I guess so, i just seem to never get any help on my audio posts
  8. So Ive created a hand full of posts now on this site, and most of the time I never get a response, but I see plenty of topics blowing up all the time, or at least getting a few replies. Does anyone know why I never get replies? Maybe i'm doing something wrong, someone enlighten me
  9. Kraken

    Subwoofer trouble

    I don't own a single SMD product, but i'm still on here. I also am not going to recommend any SMD products just because I don't have any experience with them. If you really just came on here to talk shit about the community, then why come at all? It seems kinda dumb to say to not listen to "any of these idiots on this forum", but yet you're one of those said "idiots" on this forum.....
  10. Kraken

    Subwoofer trouble

    The wolf?
  11. Alright, so I have designed my box. 1.72 sealed/3.0 ported. 8 inch aeroport tuned to 42hz. Sub is a single zv3 15, amp as of now is a sundown 1500 (I plan on upgrading to over 3k soon). I have drawn out some box sketches and played around in WinISD and Torres box calculator. Do the box numbers (cft, tuning, port size) sound right? I know theres a lot to play around with when it comes to box designs. I know some people will think "Just build it and see if it sounds good", but Im only 18, so I dont have all the money in the world, so if I spend this money on building the box and it doesnt turn out well, im just out that amount of money. I just want to hear some opinions on the box, good or bad. I've designed plenty of sealed/ported boxes, but just now getting into the 4th order scene. Appreciate the help
  12. oh I know, I got the 4 inch for 5 bucks from a buddy. I just want a 4th order. I was going to buy a 6 inch port last week but then i started thinking of just doing a 4th box
  13. Ok so I have a Sundown zv3 15... I have it in a ported box now (3.6 cubes @36hz on a 4 inch aero). I want to build a 4th order, Ive been playing around with some different softwares, WinISD, Torres, Sketchup, paper and pencil, a bunch of stuff. I want a 2-3/1 ratio and tuned somewhere around the 35-40hz range. I have so far come up with a box thats 1.75 sealed/3 ported. my only issue is that I want to use an 8 inch aeroport, and Id rather not use a mid mount or something similar, although it isnt a definite no. I have found that tuning the box to around 35-40hz and a 8 inch port requires 24 inches of port. Does anyone know tricks or ways to shorten that with keeping a good ranged 4th order and keeping the 35-40hz tune? Ive designed and built a handfull of ported/sealed boxes but I havent gotten into the 4th/6th order scene. The 8 inch port gives me around 50 sq inches of port area, and at 3 cubes ported that gives me 16ish sq inches of port area per cubic ft, which I understand is a good ratio of port area to box size. It isnt the end of the world if this just wont work out the way I want it to, but im seeing if there is something I can change or something I just missed. Thanks for the help edit, im on a sundown sae1500d right now. as the sub sits it does a 143.4 outlaw style at 37hz. I plan to try out a 4th order on the same power, and hopefully hit a 145. but I also plan to upgrade amps here in the next couple of months, going for at least 4.5k rms, so if anyone has good recommendations on amps that size or bigger let me know. Ive been looking at the crescendo bc5500, encore 4.5k, sundown 4k, taramps 5k, skar 4500.
  14. Yeah. Im going between getting a 2nd sundown 1500, or at this point, a single 2400.. I know the sundown amps are proven, and ive had mine for 2 years at half ohm with zero issue, but that price tag kinda sucks