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  1. Hifonics subsonic filter

    I have a buddy with that same amp, ill pass on the info, thanks.
  2. So I'm trying to design a box for my 2 zv3 12's, i have installed 2 bucket seats in the rear of my 02 chevy pickup, and things have changed a ton in that truck since i last posted here. I plan on doing 2 zv3's in a ported box in between the 2 seats, almost like a tall center console. i found a 3D model of a zv3 12 on a different fourm, but i cant get the person to respond with a link to a download. Im just trying to get an accurate look of the box, and also having a model of the sub would be cool
  3. We made a pornhub account with one of our principles emails lol. That senior prank is amazing. Me and my friends are thinking of superglueing all of the door knobs so they cant be turned
  4. Whats a prank youve pulled during school or whats something you did to mess with your teach? Ill start it off. We put 2 bluetooth speakers in our classroom and me and my friend each connected to one, I would play the same ringtone the class phone has and my friend kept playing this soft moaning noise, it was hilarious!
  5. i already have the speakers picked, the crescendo pwx 6.5's. I thought about fiberglassing pods, and i could probably get it okay, but im trying to not go that route if possible, although I will keep it in my head as an idea I really like what you did on yours. Im going to go outside tomorrow and check out what kind of space ive got and if I can even fit 2 6.5's in there without cutting anything off. Thanks for sending that thread, it gave me some ideas
  6. Hey guys, I need some help... I have a 2002 chevy 1500 ext cab and Im trying to build a high-end system in it. Im only 16, so its a big project for me... I got my truck last august for my birthday, and my parents bought me a HU, and some door speakers on a little amp. It was great, but I knew I wanted at least a single 12 in there. I went with 2 12's in a under-the-seat box. 2 alpine r 12's on 2 rockville rxd-m4's in a ground shaker box. It was cool, but I just kept wanting to upgrade, so I sold one of the amps, and put a sundown 1500D on both the subs at 0.5ohm. It rocked, and still does 2 months later. I want more... the 6.5's and the 4x6's dont keep up with the subs, and im upgrading the subs anyways, both my dad and uncle want sound systems in their cars, and im selling them each one of the 12's. Im deciding to go with 2 sundown x15's on 2 sundown 1500D's. Big money, i know...... Audio kinda sucks..... I have a box designed in sketchup for the subs. I realized that even with the 4 speakers ive got now, they dont really keep up as well as I want them too with the 12's, so I know they wont keep up with 2 15's on 2 times the power. I am keeping the door speakers ive got now, but im adding 4 crescendo pwx 6.5's, i found some kick panel replacements for my truck at an audio store that was closing near my house and got them for $30, what a steal, theyre like $200 everywhere online. So I want to move the alpine 6.5's into the kicks and put 2 PWX 6.5's in each door... Is this possible without too much modding? The little pods in the doors now house a 6.5 and a 1.5" (i think) tweet. Id LOVE if I could fit the 2 6.5's in that little pod without messing anything up or having to mod too much. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, Trey
  7. Port size suggestions?????

    I dont have room for 24 inches deep . I although do have the room for 2 6 inch ports, is that any better than 3 4 inch ports? Im not exactly sure of the new possible depth of the box, since it was originally designed at 7ft^3 for 2 dc 15's. It will be extruded back to increase the size so maybe I will have room for 2 7 inch ports?? I will play around with it tonight in sketchup and have my drafting teach at school help me out with the volume after all the bracing and the angles (the box has an 80 degree front baffle, and a bunch of 45's inside and a steel tube for support in the middle, its awkward angles). I dont have much experience on slot ports, what kind of size/length port would I need to tune at 30hz with 9ft box? The front baffle is at a 80 degree angle and I'd prefer the port to go out of the front baffle in between the subs themselves. If a slot port is possible here, im all for it.
  8. Ive got a box designed for my 2002 chevy 1500 ext cab. The box is 9.0ft^3 and im putting 2 sundown x15's in it on 2 sundown 1500D's @1ohm. I have the box designed with 3 4" wide tube ports, and for tuning at 30hz, it was somewhere around 10 inches for each tube. Will this be enough port space for these subs? Im not exactly sure the requirements on the port size or area. I originally had a box designed for 2 DC level 4 15's, but decided I was going to go with sundown instead. The box size was 7.5ft, but now 9ft. Any suggestions on port size, will 3 4" ports be enough? Thanks for any help guys
  9. Sundown show 2017?

    I googled the Ruckus show. Found stuff from last year on youtube and some stuff online, looks pretty cool. Any other info on it, like date?
  10. Okay. The ones I found ran 140psi i think. It had 2 actual horns with it, i take it one was a low and one was a high. Will 140 be good?
  11. do you mind hooking me up with some links to these things? I have no idea what kind of lines/fittings i would need. Whats the price point on your rig? Also, do you have a vid of them? Thanks guys
  12. Im looking into some train horns, and I just dont know much about them... I found the Hornblasters Rocker 228 horn kit, and for $320, im just not sure how it holds up for the price. Im just looking for some insight on train horns in general, and if that kit is worth getting. I want loud and deep, but I dont want to spend $1000. The $300ish price range was what im looking for, so if anyone knows something better for that price, that would be great. I dont need anything crazy, just enough to scare my friends if they walk in front of my truck lol. Space isnt much of an issue either. Thanks in advance for help on this
  13. It would fit in the same spot as the HU with about 1/4 inch cutting above it. nothing will need to change with the ac controls. If i was to put it there, i was looking on some insight as to where I could relocate the HU. If it would be real hard to mount it somewhere else, I would need somewhere different to mount the tablet.
  14. Id like to keep both if possible open. Im thinking about doing the tablet down by the cassette player instead of relocating the HU. Any thoughts on putting it there?
  15. Now that you say that, I guess it would be nice, I just want it to be a clean setup... This is what im working with Heres a pic of the same interior, not my truck though. I do have an alpine HU though in place of the factory one