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  1. when i lowered and widened the box 2 inches i also widened the rear port walls by 1 inch each to compensate,i shouldnt do this? and since i was adding another unaccounted for inch to the depth i was going to now subtract that inch from the rear port walls to stay at same cu inch port space.here are the final dimensions w/o subtracting that port length. is this calculator accurate? http://www.mobileinformationlabs.com/HowTo-1Woofer-Box-CAL Port lenth 1.htm If so id be at 2.5 maybe a tad more after displacement and bracing and corners,its calling for 30.96 inches of port with
  2. Actually just thought of this, if I increase the depth an inch to get the additional cu ft, should I now take an inch off port length?
  3. Yeah I planned on putting a vertical and horizontal en each, yeah will do tho I’ll def make sure it’s 5.5, but otherwise port looks right? appreciate the help!
  4. No it’s not if you zoom on the pic you can see the 3/4 gap from side piece to bottom piece, what I did was take the recommended box sundown provided 2 years ago, lowered the height 2 1/4 inches, raised the width 2 inches and the depth (front to back). 1/4 inch. I’m a contractor 25 + yes so the build is easy for me it’s the port/tuning I have issues with. from what I’m adding up it’s 2.527 cubic ft per side not including port should I revise it to get 2.7 per side for the .2 displacement of speakers? If I add 1 inch to depth it’ll take it to 2.77 cu ft per side Total 5.54
  5. thats not including the top or bottom 3/4 so finished height top to bottom would be 18
  6. ok this is what ive come up with, the port L=29 1/4 W=2 1/8 H=16 1/2 per port combined center outlet width of 4 1/4 with addition of corner angle pieces and center port V for airflow. and thickness of material 3/4 birch possibly to cut weight?
  7. Absolutely, is there any benefit to round port? I havnt built a box with round ports since probably the late 90’s lol I always do slot ports
  8. Ok sounds like a plan I’ll see if I can design something and come back with the results, I’m trying to queue everything into winisd as there’s oddly no sundown presages in winisd
  9. Point taken... and I wasn’t told I just been researching and reading a lot of different posts and I did read the 6th order pros for these as well. Now question is will the 6th order give that much more performance vs a proper ported box ie worth the slightly more work and space consumption? and right now I’m running a black ice 7000.1 and really want to get another if not will eventually upgrade to something else,this amp has way surpassed what I’ve ever expected from it this is the box their in now, they sound great but I know it’s not right for them and can sound bett
  10. What info you looking for? i wanna day the sealed was 2 cubes but their site has changed and it just says not recommended now, ported is 2.5 I have them in a 2.1’sh center slot ported JoeX helped make few years ago, sounds great still but it’s too small for these Xv2’s
  11. I have 2 Xv2 12’s running at .5 currently I’m thinking of building a 4th order for them I’ve heard mixed comments “don’t put xv2’s in 4th the roll off in a 4th ect” others saying it slams, I have a 2016 explore so I have fair amount of room and could pull a 2:1 easily, just need some help on sealed side dimensions and port i have 40 inches of width and like to be at 18 inches of height I could do a little higher but prefer that height,
  12. Hey Joe you still around? i sent you a pm i sure hope so....

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