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  1. The following are the modeling curves for a sealed box inside some car: Output in dB (normalized) inside a car: An then impedance: As you can see at about 36Hz impedance is close to 30 ohm up from close to 4 ohm at the extremes. You would expect a heavy dB loss around 36Hz due to the high impedance, right? But as you can see that doesn't happen, not at all. Not even a little bit. And this is not power (W) but output (dB) which are not the same.
  2. If you worry about your drivers heating inside the sealed box you can always mount them backwards so that the motors are outside the box for better cooling.
  3. Hey Joe I have a Chevy Express 1500 van so rooms no problem I have a DC Level 4m3 15 inch sub on a Rockford bdcp 1801rms what's a good sub box design I seen your design for 2 subs can u do it for 1 sub I really would  appreciate it if u can thanks!

  4. Probably you can do two sealed or one ported but not two due to all displacements, get a copy of Torres calculator to figure out your net internal volume of a particular design. Link to Torres calculator: https://bit.ly/Tvj3gB
  5. Hey Joe you still around? i sent you a pm i sure hope so....

  6. Hey joe, ive been reading in some forums that you are good at box designs, any chance i can get some help on a design?

  7. Hey, I was scrolling through looking for box designs for a 12” Rockford P3D2 subwoofer ported enclosure and noticed you and one other member talking as you helped me make a helluva box. I was wondering if there was any way you could help me come up with a design, I really liked the design you and the other guy came out with too. I want it tuned to 34-35hz. Thanks!

  8. This was better in the enclosures section I think, Do a box sub / port up to sundown specs to avoid rattle.
  9. Give unclipped 750W RMS to this sub and it will work without issues if your box is properly designed, NEVER forget to engage your amp's subsonic filter to 28-30Hz.
  10. Yes, the pic is just an assembly guide, the extension is so small that you could just not do it.
  11. Can be done like this, subs /port firing forwards/backwards, power: to subs rated: 45s are done as follows:
  12. The BRZ1200 has an output to feed a second amp so you can do that. You will need to gain match though.
  13. If you are looking to save space then yes at least two 8"s, two 10s will give you about 43% of extra cone area and will only cost you about 0.8 cubes of extra of net volume. Depends on your goals.
  14. You have space for 12s back there, I wouldn't do 8s more so if you are thinking of upgrading later.
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