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  1. Thanks so much for responding. I'm gonna be running 3 of the subs and would like to be able to play low I like to listen to alot of rap music so I like the low notes alot just a musical daily driver . Power will be only be about 600 watts nothing big. Space I have available is 30w, 12.5h, 30d
  2. Could anyone take these parameters and tell me what ported box this sub would be best in? Thank you! Fs-37 Qms-7.5 Vas- 1.27ft3 Mms- 106.2g Xmax- 9.5mm Sd- 58.92in2 Qes- 0.7 Re- 3.4 Qts- 0.64 275 rms
  3. Not familiar with the brand but it seems old school so I picked it up. Can anyone tell me more about it?
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