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  1. I know a lot of people hate Skar but from everything I am seeing, it's aimed at the owner mostly and the lower line stuff they have. I know many people running their equipment with no issues. I don't have the budget for doing a bigger name company anyway and I don't abuse my system so it should last a good while. Appreciate the info and help.
  2. Don't hate me but am going with an all Skar build. Gonna go conservative because I don't have a huge budget. SKV2 2500 and 4 SDR 12d2's, and SKV2 100.4AB, 4 FSX6.5'S and 4 VX175-ST tweeters. Forgot the 80PRS.
  3. I am actually surprised it lasted this long. I bought it before I knew what the hell I was doing so I have been running it at 1ohm for 10+years and it's only rated at 2ohm stable. I just need one to get by until I get my other equipment. I already have an alternator being built and got all my wires, rca's, batteries, and miscellaneous stuff at the house. I should be ordering my equipment in the next month or so.
  4. I used a piece of sheet metal that I cut and shaped to fit. Primed and painted it and it's been working great for a 3 fuse holder, no rust or any issues. I would post a pic of it but don't have enough space on the forum to post it.
  5. The light stays green but at every pop, it dims down. Never goes into protect. 12v remote is all I have for turn on, no selector for any other way. Any time power is on it continuously pops until I turn off the radio.
  6. Got a couple questions. I have had the same amp for 10+ years and just now recently have a problem. I have never had an issue with the setup but when I went to move the truck to cut the grass my subs started popping every second or so. I did a visual check and didn't see anything pinched, frayed, or broken. Everything has worked just fine until now. It is a Kicker zx750.1 on 2 CVR 12's. I haven't brutalized the system which is probably why it has lasted 10 years. I unhooked the RCA 's and it still happened. I've tried taking the remote wire off and start the amp manually and it still did it. What could possibly cause it? What else can I check? I do have plans on upgrading the system front to back but I wanted this to last until I could get my new equipment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I appreciate the suggestions and help. I have already taken into consideration the heat and final impedance. Besides ordering the equipment, I need to use, buy, or borrow a DD1 and CC1 to set the gains and crossovers. I will be looking forward to some true help in the near future from forum members and professionals alike. I know enough to safely install and set up the system but this will be my first (BIG) install with better equipment. I am used to upgrading the factory speakers and installing subs and amps but have never used an amp for mids and highs. I'm sure it's gonna be a huge change from what I'm used to.
  8. I'm new to the forum but have been messing around with aftermarket stereos for a while. I am planning a new build to start in the next couple of weeks and had a question. I want to run 4 8"mids and 4 tweeters (2 of each per door) , can I split them on a 4 channel amp and have mids running on the rear channels and the tweeters running on the front channels, or do I run 1 mid and 1 tweeter per channel? My thought was so I can set the HPF's to most closely match the frequency range of the equipment. Any help would be appreciated.
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