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  1. Awesome article. My first system back in the late 80s had the Coustic 360 on my MTX terminators and a Coustic 260 on my Boston RX67 coaxials with the Coustic 3 way crossover: Those were the days. Lots of great products on the list. I couldn’t afford the MB Quart and the Phoenix Gold stuff yet.... had to get a better job before I could upgrade. Very nostalgic list....
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  3. Daily driver for 3 years. Time to take it to the next level Started with wheels. I powder coated them and painted the inserts. I love your videos and products. Look forward to my install, these products would be a solid foundation. I have big plans. My family is from Cali.....Not nearly the car scene here in TN...but my club gets out there...I appreciate the consideration. Thanks.....