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  1. clean and crisp sound they produce and the mid bass from the mids are pretty nice and for thee price its hard to beat
  2. https://www.down4soundshop.com/C5-X6/ https://www.down4soundshop.com/C5-652/ i have the components and def happy with them
  3. anybody in here have this radio?if so whats your take on it .i currently have the avh-500ex pioneer but im looking for something different with apple car play and android auto
  4. i may look into the c7 and up grade my amp.i also have been looking at the new sundown v2 series and also a few fi subs .i just hate redoing my amps cause i like the matching amp desgins and the other skar amp is the lp-1000
  5. right now i have 2 12" crossfire c3s in a ported box but after about 9 months having them im starting to miss having my trunk space.im thinking of doing 1 12"c5 since my amp is the skar 750 i cant just re use it..but how much am i gonna loose going from 2 12" to 1 12".c3s are 400rms and c5 is 800 rms.. i know im loosing cone area but ive heard really good thing about the c5..or if anybody suggest a single 12 around 800 wats ill check it out..thanks
  6. https://www.down4soundshop.com/skar-audio-lp-750-1dv2-monoblock-car-amplifier/ https://www.down4soundshop.com/skar-audio-lp-1000-1dv2-monoblock-car-amplifier/ i have the 750 and love it but the type r will handle more than rated so id go with the 1000
  7. i was gonna suggest crossfire c5s or c7s but I see u have bought already.and needed 5 1/4
  8. at a local shop today and was looking at some of there stuff mostly subwoofers, side by side with some fosgates and the dd made the fosgates look small.ive never ran dd or heard them in person.any input from you all on here.i have fosgate components up front and just wanting to switch up things .im running crossfire subs now and def happy with them.just looking for different fronts without spending a bunch of $$$
  9. for instance mercy by pollie pop .the bass notes is usually when it comes on.unless i turn the bass knob back alittle then it goes off.so im assuming it just normal under certain notes
  10. alright mostly the music i played that the light came on was only rap with heavy bass but i did turn the gain back down maybe a 1/8 of turn and its sounds much better but the light just came on and back off with a heavy bass drop.but as you said clipping occurs even at the low settings.
  11. are the amps clip light accurate or close to it ..im usung the skar lp.750.1 dv2 on 2 crossfire c3s at 1 ohm.the light never comes on unless its a really heavy bass song.so i cut the gain back alittle and then if i turn up the music alittle more it comes back on.
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