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  1. running 2 12's on a rp2000 at 2ohm and they do very well for the price.have them in my 300.im also using the skar box that my gf bought me for christmas.fit is perfect
  2. i have 1 skar svr dual 2 ohm sub and i want to add another svr .i wanna be able to run at 1ohm with one amp instead of adding a second amp my current amp is the 750 lp skar which they dont make no more.i plan on purchasing another amp to run both but i really wanna stay at 1 ohm.is there a way to wire 2 dual 2ohm subs to 1 ohm .i really dont wanna have to buy 2 new dual 4 ohms . if all else fails what is a good amp that is around 1500 at 2 ohm?
  3. finally caught a break and got some new wheels and tires.its getting there hellcat reps and pirelli tires
  4. id hate to spend 350+ and be disappointed in that scosche dash kit.now if the radio up on top and the controls on the bottom section i could live with.the metra kit for 11-14 isnt as bad but still ugly..guess its a loc for now
  5. had for a few weeks but also had a few kidney stones as well lol hopefully soon wheels and stereo.just not liking the aftermarket dash kit for it
  6. i pulled both sticks out this morning and there the same brand samsung same specs.i switched sides with them and see if it does the same thing.could be i just have a bad stick.
  7. looking for some help .i recently upgrade my ram.it had 1 slot of 4gb already from factory so i added another 4gb to the second slot.same pin speed .after about 10 mins or more the screen will freeze up and i have to cut the power off and restart it back plus a buzz noise will come from the speaker...could it be a bad ram ..any help will be appreciated SAMSUNG 4GB 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
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