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  1. at a local shop today and was looking at some of there stuff mostly subwoofers, side by side with some fosgates and the dd made the fosgates look small.ive never ran dd or heard them in person.any input from you all on here.i have fosgate components up front and just wanting to switch up things .im running crossfire subs now and def happy with them.just looking for different fronts without spending a bunch of $$$
  2. for instance mercy by pollie pop .the bass notes is usually when it comes on.unless i turn the bass knob back alittle then it goes off.so im assuming it just normal under certain notes
  3. alright mostly the music i played that the light came on was only rap with heavy bass but i did turn the gain back down maybe a 1/8 of turn and its sounds much better but the light just came on and back off with a heavy bass drop.but as you said clipping occurs even at the low settings.
  4. are the amps clip light accurate or close to it ..im usung the skar lp.750.1 dv2 on 2 crossfire c3s at 1 ohm.the light never comes on unless its a really heavy bass song.so i cut the gain back alittle and then if i turn up the music alittle more it comes back on.
  5. try jp at www.down4soundshop.com dunno about the shipping
  6. it had a bad coil when I bought it so the replament was sent out few weeks after.the box is the fosgate factory box for the p3 and its 40 hertz..id like to have it play alittle lower around 35..
  7. 2016-17 model single 12 and as of right now I have the alpine mrv-m500 mono on it...I bought it last yr around feb and a replacement in march so
  8. mostly rock and metal but there are quite a few songs I feel like there should be a lot more bottom end
  9. right now my p3 is tuned at 40 hertzs but ive seen ppl that has them tuned to 34-35 hertzs..how big of a difference does this make
  10. well if I buy the skar amp that's 700 at 2 ohm going into the p3 if im not happy with that then I will upgrade to the sa or skar dual 2ohm sub since the rms is 1000k at 1 ohm on the skar amp.if I knew the box was close specs to the sa I would just keep the Rockford box and remove the port cover.i may measure it when I get time since itwill be next month before I buy anything...model on the p3 is this years model p312-d4
  11. I have mine is the fosgate box I wanna stay away from higher wattage right now but I have heard nothing but good on sundown subs but if I get the sundown at 500 watts is it going to be enough to push it or am I still going to need a bigger amp....if so ill get the amp first and see what the p3 sounds like then if im not impressed ill grab the sa
  12. my setup right now is a 12" p3 ported with a alpine 500 watt amp.birth sheet says 516..i think the p3 needs more power myself so im looking at 3 amps .my sub is dual 4 ohm http://www.down4soundshop.com/skar-audio-lp-1000-1dv2-monoblock-car-amplifier/ https://soundqubed.com/product/s1-850/ https://www.ctsounds.com/collections/amplifiers/products/t-1000-1d but im also thinking about switching up the p3 to the sundown http://www.down4soundshop.com/SA-Series-Rev.3-12-750-watts-D4/ its my daily driver also so I like to have sq but also get decent loud and low ..the p3 does good but I just dont think the alpine is pushing it hard enough and I seen some post about skar amps and smoke not sure on the reason..whats your all's opinion
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