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  1. The guy is ok with removing the plastic tool tray so that it sits nice and flat on the floor,but I believe there's a hump in the rear wall about 3/4 of the way to the passenger side.
  2. My bad,a box full width of the cab,to house two 10s
  3. Does anyone have a detailed diagram of a simple sealed enclosure to fit behind the seat of a 03 Dodge 1500 standard cab.i have a client who can't seem to get the truck to me for measurements.id appreciate the help.
  4. I built a 4th order box for a H CCA 12 for a friend.its more of a show off piece,sounds decent.but now he wants to put it in a lil contest and its not competitive.the sealed side is 2.4cubic ft and the ported side is 4.6. 2:1 is what I wanted,I think my port is wrong.port is 31.25 x 3 x 6.5.box is 9h,32w,18.5d sealed.17h,33.5w,20d ported.i will try to post a pic.if anyone could help me to resize it or if someone could tell me exactly what this box is tuned to,I would be much appreciative
  5. Thanks Josh,there is an idea.salvage the sides and build a box for just one 15.you don't wanna judge my skills or even ask what kind of home I live in?
  6. This was just fuckin off dude.for fun! I just ran thru 22 sheets of mdf in the last 3 weeks building for folks.i don't need any answer rushed or otherwise.just wondered what you or someone else might do if handed a pile of used material and said have fun?
  7. This is a fucking joke! I was bored as hell watching it rain and thought let's see what kind of ideas other people might come up with.surely I'm not the only person here thinks outside the box.step away from the PC software fellas! Use your imagination!
  8. Not really sure how,new to this sos

  9. What I need is the goddamn recommended enclosure size! 

    1. will77530


      But do you live in a mobile home though you never answered 

  10. 3/4 mdf,double baffle,1 1/2" nails.,Tite bond wood glue,2" screws

  11. When I said properly,I meant glued, fastened,air tight,braced,square,ext,Alice

  12. Ok forum,I posted last night looking for some insight,maybe some ideas, suggestions,ect. What I got was not at all helpful or appreciated.to those of you who simply don't have time to try and help,just don't reply to my topic.its that simple.to those of you who are interested in helping others learn,here's my spill.i built a sealed enclosure for 6 12s a few weeks ago.the guy it was built it for had to back out of the deal so I was left with the box.i came across a XFL 15 cheap so I paired it with one of already had.work has been slow due to the weather so I was attempting to build a box for the 15s using the material saved from the 6 12s box.yes it is ugly! Yes I'm aware it is probably the wrong size but I guarantee that it is built properly as this is NOT my first build.just looking for some pointers,and maybe some ideas.there is a pic and a diagram in the post entitled "help!" Thanks for your time .
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