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  1. Looking for someone who has experience using this amp
  2. For real!? Nobody here has used these subs?
  3. I've got 2 VFL Comp12s and just got a Soundstream X3.71.specs apparently don't exist to the public for the subs so I called American Bass but they gave me a box design that seems more universal than specific.any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. I agree,but I can't find any info on the subs other than 2000 watts rms,450oz magnet,4" voice coil.ive emailed vfl and asked for the parameters
  5. Has anyone built a box for two VFL Comp12s? I've built a 7.5 cubic ft box which is .5 bigger than the tech guy at American Bass recommended.the thing is an absolute monster and is underpowered 2000 watts.when I upgrade to 4000,will I need to reconfigure my box? Is the box too big now for the power I have?
  6. The guy is ok with removing the plastic tool tray so that it sits nice and flat on the floor,but I believe there's a hump in the rear wall about 3/4 of the way to the passenger side.
  7. My bad,a box full width of the cab,to house two 10s
  8. Does anyone have a detailed diagram of a simple sealed enclosure to fit behind the seat of a 03 Dodge 1500 standard cab.i have a client who can't seem to get the truck to me for measurements.id appreciate the help.
  9. Not really sure how,new to this sos

  10. What I need is the goddamn recommended enclosure size! 

    1. will77530


      But do you live in a mobile home though you never answered 

  11. 3/4 mdf,double baffle,1 1/2" nails.,Tite bond wood glue,2" screws

  12. When I said properly,I meant glued, fastened,air tight,braced,square,ext,Alice

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