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  1. White drain pipe was the only option i could find in 6"
  2. Oh cool thanks for that, will let you know how it turns out.
  3. So finally got round to porting these boxes, i have 2 6" pipes at 16" long but will need to fit an elbow on each one as the boxes arent deep enough. My question now is how do i allow for the curved elbow in the total length?
  4. Cheers for that. Just to clarify, each sub is in its own seperate 4ft box.....so i need a 6" port for each box?
  5. All being well they should be getting around 1000-1200watts. They will be ran with a pair of linn isobariks with active crossover set 90hz
  6. hi guys, im just in the process of building some boxes for my old school Rockford PWR-415 subs to run in my house. The manual recommends 5" port 7" long for a 4 cubic foot box. i have exactly 4 feet internal volume after sub displacement (forgot to factor in the port) but i cant find any 5" diameter PVC, biggest i can find is 4". Any advice as whether 4" would work? and how do you work out the length if diameter is changed?
  7. can any of you recommend a good battery size for the M4b? im not sure how to work out the specs on batteries
  8. also what size battery would you recommend for the rear
  9. cheers for that, ill run 250 amp fuses just to be safe. how would you recommend i ground the amps? a common disto block or both amps straight to the body by shortest length? also a another dumb question.... i would not need to join the the 2 battery negatives together would i?
  10. hi guys, yes its been a long time and my project went nowhere until now. finally getting back on it. so im going to be running a second battery out the back as advised. 2 0 gauge cables fused coming out of the front amp then fused going into the rear amp then 2 0 gauge going inside the cab to a fused disto block then into the DD amps...... does that sound right? also what size fuses will i need for the 2 0 gauge cables? running M4b and S4b
  11. Cheers man youve been a big help. Whats your thoughts on those XS super capacitors? Alot of weight savings
  12. Sorry for all the noob questions..... so with these dual battery setups does it require a switching relay like a camping setup to switch charge betwwen the batteries? Or do they just get hard wired all together with fuses inline
  13. Or maybe shoukd i get a smaller amp? Im going to be running 3 DC Audio level 3 10's in a 3 cubic foot ported box
  14. Wow dont i feel a little out of my depth here haha. I thought once the motor is running a high amp alternator would provide the juice, i always thought running extra batteries was for competition when running the system without the motor on? Any of you helpful guys be able to draw up a quick diagram of how you think the setup should be?
  15. Would a large capacitor at the back with the amp be good enough? Or definitely a second battery?
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