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  1. so I have 2 sundown saz3500s but one is a v1 and one is a v2 and I want to have matching v2s so if anyone has a saz3500v2 for sale I will buy it asap thanks
  2. hey bro I was looking at your build and was wondering what exactly did you order to make your amp backs?

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    2. walledbmr91
    3. WalledSonic


      @walledbmr91 wheres the build log??

    4. walledbmr91


      I haven't made one yet Im finally getting close to having everything I need I just ordered my last 2 sundown nsv4 12s im doing 4 in my 2002 Bmw 325i I got my ampere audio 11k amp and my singer alt and some lithium just need to get one more lithium battery then I can start on the wall which me and a buddy of mine Carey stahl are gonna build it but I figure then I Will start a build log.


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