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  1. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Sounds good bro. Will go with this spec. Looking to work on it on Monday. Hopefully everything goes according to plan. Thanks to everyone for the opinions, advice & words of wisdom! Kinda like just looking at this thing, too bad it has to go in an enclosure O_o
  2. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Think i'll build a 4.25 ft^3 net enclosure, tunes to 30Hz. Port area around 67.5 inch^2, port length 40.75". Used Triticum's improved port calculator & got 80 inch^2 @ 2500wrms as optimal port area but the port length was too long. Trying to keep it there just kept moving the specs around too much so dropped the port area a bit to maintain the tuning & volume. Any adjustments i should make instead? Or does that sound solid for now?
  3. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    With that in mind, should i stick more closely to the 4.25 ft^3 spec for the 15? Or go with a larger enclosure?
  4. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    x2. That response looks perfect O_o Didn't think it'd be that much better on the low end bandwith. Thinking after all that i probably should have gone the x-18 in smaller enclosure. A big positive of the x-15 is that i can fit the sub on vertical face & keep my trunk pull, utilizing the full 16.5" Height beneath it. As is, the 18 has to fire upward & so i have to leave clearance for excursion. Box is currently 14.25" H. Wasted volume. Big factor there.
  5. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Was about to report that i pulled the trigger on the x-15 O_o If push comes to shove i guess i can get it changed. Question is, should i? The wider bandwith is preferable by far. As long as the peak is around 35Hz or so & not 45Hz it's perfect. Would it make sense to go the x-18 in the smaller 5.25 ft^3 net enclosure in your opinion? Or maybe just use a larger enclosure for the x-15 to widen out the bandwith? How does the x-15 in same 5.25 ft^3 net look vs the x-18 in 5.25 ft^3 on 2500wrms @ 30Hz?
  6. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Was thinking exact same. Was still curious to see a comparison however. If it's straight up a bad idea then understandable. Thanks DiBo
  7. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    @ Joe X I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble, if you could possibly model a graph showing an x-15 vs an x-18 on 2500wrms? Tuning around 30Hz. What i wanted to figure out is if a smaller enclosure will drastically affect the output of the x-18 or if it would still out-perform an x-15 if the x-18 is in a smaller enclosure than the recommended 7.0 ft^3 net. By smaller i was thinking maybe the same size as the OA-18 enclosure I am using now? 5.25 ft^3 net, 7.0 ft^3 gross. Saw that some of the other Sundown 18s utilize even smaller enclosures. Eg. The u-18 uses 4.0 ft^3 with 64 inch^2 of port. Maybe check that spec with the x-18 against the x-15? What do you think? Just trying to explore the available option properly before pulling the trigger
  8. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Unfortunately with the power i'll be running on it i won't be able to achieve near enough to break it in properly after even an extremely long time, especially not in an enclosure. Was considering free-airing it in moderation but enough to get it moving. Doing some research into the best way in my situation. Those subs are extremely stiff. Have a feeling once broken in a bit they'll sound even better. Met someone recently with 3000wrms going to his for months now & the sub was still stiff as hell. Lol @ JoeX, unfortunately still definitely can't afford a second x-12.Very much wish i could, lol. & agreed, would rather spend the extra money on another x-12 than current/power upgrade & get more output. Still wish i could fit an x-18 but that 7 ft^3 net & 9.5 ft^3+ gross is wayyyy too much. Has anyone ever heard one in a smaller enclosure that sounded decent?
  9. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    That's another mountain i'll have to climb, trying to figure out how to break in one of those things O_o So far, i agree with the fact that going with the Xv2 has more pros than going with the Zv5. Still all ears however
  10. image91

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Agreed completely. i know people who have been through the exact same situation. Upgrading amplifier to not gain any huge output difference. So my question is, taking what Triticum said into consideration, on that 2500wrms, would the Xv2 & Zv5 both play musically & hit the low end comfortably/without issues? & sound good doing it? & if yes, which would outperform which for my application? (A musical, heavy low end output) Would it be worth it going to 3000wrms? or even 4000wrms? i would think that might be pushing the current system i had in mind. Rather keep in the mid 13s if possible voltage-wise. i assume with the extra cost for current & power, i'd also have to be more cautious when playing the system, all for maybe a 1db - 2db gain.
  11. Good day all, Looking for some opinions. i've asked these questions in posts that i made for other topics but they were just by-the-way. Making a specific post because the time is going by to make a decision & the more perspectives i can get the better. Basically, i am upgrading to an Orion Xtr 2500.1d or dz model. Looking for a single sub. System is for everyday playing. Do not want any considerable heating up after playing 30 seconds of a song. i listen to alllllll types of music & am aiming more towards musicality. My preference with regards to bass is along the lines of 28Hz to around 38Hz. Rolling off after that would be perfect. If i can get the response to peak at around 36Hz that would be ideal. While not looking for strictly loud, i would like for the low end output to be on the very heavy side. My current options are between the x-12, x-15, zv5-12 & zv5-15. i'm constantly being told that 2500wrms is not enough to play the speakers optimally. i understand that it would not play them to their fullest potential, but is it that they would not sound good at all for what they are & i'd be better off going something smaller? If push comes to shove i'd have to go with a bigger amp but was hoping to not have to. The current setup for the system will be a single Northstar AGM under the hood & a Mechman 240a. Any & all opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks to everyone who has contributed thoughts to this topic so far
  12. image91

    Need help 2 15in sealed box

    Model on amp would help Joe's input a lot. Any details you can present are always a plus for someone trying to help out
  13. Noted. Will double check the subsonic filter & maybe re-set the gain just to be safe. Might consider using 1000w in calculations vs the 1200w when meter tuning & see how it affects the output. No reply from Nick thus far. Still very tempted to modify/adjust/remake box to fire up. Just realized i've never turned the box around to fire port forward. Think i'll try this later today & see how i like it = D Heard our local Sundown dealer describe an X-12 system he tuned recently & the lows sounded like my kinda lows. lol. The X still tempts me O_o Hoping to hear one soon, maybe that will help me as i'll have something to compare the 18 to. Thanks again Joe & Triticum Agricolam! (No idea what to repectfully call you for short O_o)
  14. i currently have 1200wrms on it & am curious as to if i should use something smaller on it to prevent mentioned damage O_o