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  1. What power & tuning are you looking at bro? Will definitely help with port specifications (Any other details would be helpful also)
  2. Always amazing to see suggestions like these come to life O_o Great work bro! & some solid advice from the members! Motivation ftw.
  3. DiBo was making sense. Won't bother to go the 5k, have a feeling even running the 3k optimally will be cutting it close.
  4. Okay so i shouldn't go with the HCCA line due to my current situation? Even if i dial it back to give me closer to 3k? (& nowhere near 5k? lol) Is it even worth moving from the Xtr line to the Sundown? The Xtr series so far gets pretty hot pretty quickly, too much so for my liking. Wondering if the HCCAs would maintain lower temperatures & be any more efficient. & SAE vs SCV, any benefits? Because the SCV is a fair amount more expensive.
  5. Lol, slowly but surely bro If i didn't have smaller systems for years now i'd probably have preferred taking your route. Sounds like the wait is gonna be well worth it! My biggest question now is what to do with amps. Decisions decisions.
  6. @DiBo Will not bother with the Hcca 5000.1 even if it's a great deal. i've seen a fair amount of posts/videos showing the SAE series outperforming the SCV series & a lot of people not very happy about it. Is it that the SAE series would definitely not be a wise choice over the Hcca? Doesn't it still have similar advantages over the Orion in terms of quality, efficiency, heat handling etc? Would a 76AH Northstar in front & a 105AH Norsthstar in back with full Sundown 0g double front to back run with a big 3 & a 240A MechMan be sufficient to clamp a clean 3k on bass? Will get everything else sorted out & decide on the sub last. Will hold on to my Xv2 15 for now because i'll go back & forth forever with theories. Deciding on amps is more important for now because i have a potential sale for my Xtr amps. Really appreciated all the replies so far folks!
  7. Going to possibly see the Hcca 5000.1 today but i know for a fact i don't have the current for it & probably won't. Never intended on running over one battery much less for two. But we all know how that goes O_o Will it make sense using the NSv4 with the Hcca 3000.1 or even Sundown 3000.1? Or would the Zv5 perform better on that power? Want something that i don't have to worry about getting hot after two to three songs preferably. If the NSv4 12 @ 3000 wrms will come close to, equal or outperform the Xv2 15 @ 2500 wrms then i'll seriously consider it. Part of me wants to shell out the extra for the NSv4 15 but i know i'll end up with the same "i have no trunk & the back of my wagon is dropped while the front is not" uncomfortable feeling. lol. Hence why i want to switch to a 12 if possible. @kalilac619 Not sure if you meant at the end that the NSv4 is 46% stronger than the Zv5 so it would be louder "15 to 12" swap? & can anyone at all give me any reasons to go with the Sundown amps over the Orion? (Trying to sneak this in here because it's hard making this decision on my own due to lack of available information online)
  8. Not familiar with "T" port designs, usually go separate chambers to be honest. What i can ask is if your net volume is as you want it at 3.5 ft^3 net? Or should it be 3.5 + 0.24 ft^3 net to cater for the displacement of the two subs? Don't think i saw them cater for that displacement in the program O_o
  9. How does your 18 handle the Hcca 5k bro? & also how does your voltage/current hold up? Will have a similar setup in terms of batteries & waiting on mechman 240A. i'm seeing a guy i dealt with before with an Hcca 5k for sale in pristine condition for less than the price i was getting the Hcca 3k for O_o So considering it. Especially since the 3k is out of stock atm.
  10. Apologies if these types of threads aren't allowed. i am just desperately trying to figure out if Sundown Amps are worth the extra cost when compared to Orion amps in terms of audio/build quality? Due to the fact that i get good prices on Orion products, i currently own an Orion Xtr 2500.1Dz & an Orion Xtr 1700.4. Is there much of an improvement to gain by switching to the HCCA series? & then if i do, is there any gain in going Sundown instead? So far from a lot of research: For Sundown: Smaller & neater, seem to maintain much lower temperatures, possibly better build/audio quality? For Orion: Much better price, more power. i've been trying to find information on this topic by asking around in my car audio community & by doing lots of reading & research online. i honestly haven't found much information. i figured where better to find out than somewhere where people have had a lot of experience with the matter?Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  11. Hm @ 15 vs 12. i figured at some point that because it was a higher series woofer with higher power handling & improved build/parts etc. that the cone area would not factor in as much but i suppose it still does. i noticed that the fs on the Zv.5 is slightly lower than the Xv.2 & both are a fair amount lower than the NSv.4? Comparing 15 vs 15 vs 15, same enclosure tuned around 28/30Hz, which would probably have best accuracy & best reproduce low end notes between 26 & 35Hz? i'm assuming that the NSv.4 would have the best power & thermal handling. Not sure on the other aspects. i've never been lucky enough to hear one where i'm from. Btw, which spiders are the best for an everyday SQL system? Thought the black spiders were but then i heard Derek (Sundown Audio Unofficial) mention "black SPL spiders" on an NSv.4 spl video? The stock red spiders were mentioned to be "more stiff" so just want to make sure i'm getting this right. 3000wrms is basically what i was aiming for @ 1 Ohm to be honest. Still trying to decide between the Sundown 3000.1 & HCCA 3000.1. With the rating that the HCCAs were putting out i sort of averaged getting at least around 3200wrms. Thanks for the feedback
  12. Question folks, started looking into the Nightshade as well. How are these on low end in comparison to the Xv2 & Zv5? & with a minimum of around 3200wrms, could the nsv4 12 compete with the Xv2 15? Will be looking at the black spider version. Trying to do my research so that i make a good decision with my next sub. So far i've gathered that it has more motor force & is lighter. Seeing a lot of people throwing a lottt of power on them so wondering if 3200 wrms is sufficient. Some people mentioned that they are not that different from the Zv5 but not sure how true that is. Thoughts?
  13. Yup, coming to that realization more & more. Going back in the direction of the ported enclosure & see how it works out. @DiBo i just did some adjustments & i'm going to modify the 31Hz tuned ported to a 30Hz ported firing upward instead of forward/backward. Using 68 in^2 of port area instead of 84.375 in^2. Will see how it works out. i used 84 in^2 of port area because it's what i got via Triticum's port calculator. i don't think it was too big, it just wasn't the best fit for my situation or what i'm trying to do. To be honest, the ported enclosure as is sounded excellent all-round & had a lottt of output. It just wasn't extremely low end heavy like the T-line is which is what i'm looking for
  14. Will put 15 back in ported enclosure & take a listen again. Didn't too like how heavy the higher frequencies were hitting to be honest. Rather that output be lower down.
  15. Last box was tuned to 31Hz. Went with a port area of 84.375 in^2. If i lower it a bit i should be able to hit 28. It's still big imo so i switched back to the T-Line. For some reason there was a shard roll of under 29/30 which i didn't like. Wanted to pick up down to 26 at least a little. It was dropping heavily after 29.
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