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  1. image91

    Enclosure for Sundown Audio X-15 v.2

    Was considering a pair of aero ports this time as well Joe, good call. If I do sub & a slot port centered it would be aesthetically pleasing & work out fine in terms of port area & ratio. Just some more work is all. Will consider the two options & keep you all updated. If I'm re-doing the box, will be going 28 Hz for sure = P
  2. image91

    Enclosure for Sundown Audio X-15 v.2

    How large are we talking here? lol. Think in the current box I used around 63 in^2 of port. Approximately 12 in^2 per net ft^3. What area might I have to use to cater for it? We're talking 24" or so by maybe 2.75" O_o
  3. image91

    Enclosure for Sundown Audio X-15 v.2

    Agreed on all points made. I intend on trying to see what else I can get out of the OA-18 before I make a decision. Considering re-doing an enclosure, tuning to 28 Hz & firing up instead. Apart from this, re-doing some wiring & upgrading my battery. After that, will see how it goes =) If I do fire the port up, my port ratio might be horrible, is there anything I can do about that? How negatively will that affect the output?
  4. image91

    Enclosure for Sundown Audio X-15 v.2

    Was hoping to hear from you on this matter = ) Appreciate the time, know you're busy O_o The suspense in your statement though, lol. Do share? Have you had hands on with both & leaned towards the OA? What advantages do you think sticking with it would have? To be honest, the OA has a lot going for it. Really want to get the new battery in & try a couple different things to get it closer to its' true potential. If I have to end up keeping it, not a problem by me = P
  5. image91

    Enclosure for Sundown Audio X-15 v.2

    Thanks for the input Joe! Do you think it would be worth it upgrading to the x-15 though? The flat/wide bandwith is pleasing indeed. I have a preference of between 30 Hz & 38 Hz however, so if the X will out-perform in that range & at least match in the others then I'm all for it. Too bad the graph doesn't compare 1200w vs say 2500w. Would get a more accurate visual comparison. After doing some calculations, the slot port was coming up to around 4.5" W x 15" H x 40.75" long O_o compared to the two 6" aero coming up to 35.5" long. Slot port alone is close to 1.85 ft^3, lol. The difference in box sizes is around 0.75 ft^3. If I'll get better performance from the slot then I'll go with that despite the increase in volume.
  6. Good day all. Was presented with the opportunity to switch over to an X-15 from my current Obsidian Audio 18. Although I really like the way it sounds, from my understanding, the 15 will free up some trunk space & will hopefully out-perform the 18 in terms of low end & overall output. Can anyone share their thoughts on this? Basically I was told it would be like comparing an SA-18 to an X-15. With that being said, Sundown recommends 4.25 net ft^3 tuned to 32 Hz with 68 in^2 of port. Considering tuning to 30 Hz & wanted to use aero ports for the first time if possible. Would two 6" aero ports work @ 28 in^2 per port? (56 in^2 total). The ports will end up being approximately 35.5" long per. One 8" aero will only be 50 in^2 & a single 10" aero will be 78 in^2. Didn't want to go too much higher or lower than the suggested. If the two 6" aeros also won't be enough I'll have to revert to a slot port which will add to the volume considerably. Also, would 1500 rms be okay to play this sub as it is rated at that? Or would I only get the performance it is truly capable of at 2500 wrms + ? Any input/advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  7. Thanks for the input sckeeler11! BassMunky, I honestly wouldn't describe it as cheap sounding at all O_o It's a lot more accurate/musical than I expected for an 18. The low notes are deep & heavy, just the way I like With that being said, I am off to start another topic because: I was presented with the opportunity to upgrade to an X 15 v.2 So although I really like running a single 18, the X 18 is too far of a stretch in terms of power/current & box space. Going with the X 15 will free up some trunk space (which although not necessary is still nice) & if done right, might very well out-perform the OA-18.
  8. Small update. Completed the modification on the box. It sounds 10x better than the last one, thanks to all the help. My one possible issue is that the port firing backward is basically 5" from the tailgate. The port is 5" wide. How big of an issue is this? & does it warrant another do-over? Apart from that, my biggest issue at the moment is rattles O_o. Trying to take care of that one piece at a time. Next upgrade to system will be an Xs d3400r at the end of this month. Looking forward to that very much. Will there be any audible difference? Running a stock current setup with a big three upgrade atm. Curious. Thanks!
  9. No reason to be, no explanation needed. Didn't think you were sitting around doing nothing & all that amazing work is appearing out of nowhere, lol. Very much appreciate that you took the time to drop in. Thanks for the link. I did actually brace the last box & usually use some form of bracing when required. I took the box for a guy working at the dealership to hear & we messed around with it. Although it seemed to be tuned to 33 it was peaking around 50. Very strange indeed. Sometimes going simple is the best way. Especially with my limited experience. Was going to do over an entirely new box but decided to mod the old one. Went with 5.25 ft^3 net tuned to 30 like you initially suggested. Port is 63.75 in^2, 5 x 12.75 x 29.75. Sub up, port back. It's currently in progress. Hoping to finish it tomorrow (Saturday). Will probably add a brace. Ended up pushing the sub furthest away from the port. Have a better feeling about this spec. Hopefully it works out well = ) Keep up the great work! Thanks again!
  10. Sooo, thinking the tuning got thrown off somewhere. The inside opening of the port ended up being short off the wall (2.75" when port is 1.75" wide). Still breaking in a little & experimenting a bit but from appearances, it's not giving the kind of low end output I was hoping for. I crossed it a tad higher on the deck just to check & the 40-50 Hz range difference is loud as hell. On doing some more research I found a guy who said he got a recommendation of 5.25 ft^3 tuned to 28-29 Hz from Jacob. That rang a bell since you suggested tuning lower & going a larger net volume if possible. Dropped the port area & went with a better port ratio. I came up with a similar spec to the second option posted earlier. 5.25 ft^3 net, tuned to 28 Hz. Port is 13H x 4.75W x 34L. Sub firing up, port firing back & will be on passenger side. If after some adjustments & breaking in it doesn't perform as I hoped, will be doing this box. How do those specs sound? Is the port area too small? Thanks!
  11. Will try not to @ lose sleep. lol. Make sense @ same sized motor across the board. Was worried that you meant in comparison to most other 18s. Relieved to know that it should be a step up from the SA. Surprised to hear you give an "Ok" on the first spec. Wasn't expecting that. Was intending on bracing the port. Not sure how just as yet. Will supports along the port be an issue in terms air flow? Or they will be negligible? Any suggestions? Will the box itself need to be braced? Or will the ports act as enough of a brace? Will the second box perform better in your opinion? Looking at peaking around 36, preferably 38 for the most. Don't want 40+ to be overwhelming, more on the downward slope. Firing up would allow me to push the enclosure closer to the tailgate, which was recommended. Was also advised against tuning as low as even 33 but I insisted on not going much higher that that preferably. Thanks for the time/patience & expertise! = )
  12. Well that's extremely depressing news = ( Not exactly what a new owner wants to hear about their sub they were hyped about, you know? But I always appreciate the feedback. Do you think it was a bad idea to swap the SA 15 for it? Or will it better maximize my 1200w? I was going to do the box tomorrow/Monday. Here's what I came up with: Gross - 7.02 ft^3, Net - 5.13 ft^3, Port - 1.75" x 22.75 x 32" (2) (Again with the "bad" port ratio. I know you especially frown on anything over 1:5), Total Port Area - 79.625 in^2, Tuning - 33.5 Hz, Box firing upward. Sub to middle. Ports to either side. If that is all wrong, I just worked out something more straight-forward after reading your message. Gross 7.02 ft^3, Net 5.0 ft^3, Port 5.875" x 13.5" (1) (Muchhh better port ratio), Total Port Area - 79.3125 in^2, Tuning - 31 Hz, Sub firing upward, port firing backward on passenger side. Thanks again for the help bro. Checked out some of your work. Jaw dropping. I am honored.
  13. Good day all = ) I am in search of some assistance with specs for an Obsidian Audio 18. Made some attempts but getting extremely confused overall. Working with a max of 7.0 ft^3 gross. Would like to tune to 33-34 Hz. Will be putting 1200w on it. Was considering firing sub upward & porting backward or sub & port facing upward (Wagon). External dimensions available are anywhere between 41W x 15H x 25D. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Made the decision to get the Obsidian 18. Collected it yesterday. Bitter-sweet. Was hard sending back the SA. Appreciate all the help with the SA specs Triticum Agricolam. Now I need to plan something out for the 18. Should I move this to another forum? Technically it's no longer under Sundown unfortunately. The topic also no longer applies.
  15. Thanks again for the input = ) So you were definitely right, we double checked the ports & I'm not quite certain what happened before but I'm getting similar figures in terms of the lengths now. With the longer ports it might really be better to go with the single port & it would also cut down on some material/volume. Would the single port @ 60 sq. in. be okay? Yup @ twice the box size, was fitting pretty snug but it would have fit. So, the plot thickens... Was really hoping to move a bit more air, hence the two 15s & coming from a few other multi-woofer setups. The option to go with an Obsidian 18 has presented itself. The question is, do I got with the OA- 18 or stick to the SA-15. Space, although it'd be nice to keep some, isn't a priority. Pros of going OA-18: Ever so slightly better/smoother on low end? Moving more air. More output in right enclosure. Unique factor of running an 18". Maximizing the limited power I have. Cons of going OA-18: Extra cost. Larger enclosure. Rated less power than the SA series. Read that it's not as good with thermal handling. Had my heart set on Sundown Audio for years. It's a pretty tough decision. Back & forth between the two constantly. Has anyone had experience with both & can point out any factors I may have missed? Was told that they are basically the same speakers with very minor differences. Was even considering trying to order/ship the SA-18 due to it being discontinued & not being available where I am from. Thoughts?