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  1. Luvvin it bro! Keep making that progress!
  2. In most cases, yes it would definitely be worth it. If space for the enclosure isn't an issue, two 12s to two 15s is a significant jump in cone area & should result in a nice increase in output. That answer is just scratching the surface to get the ball rolling though. There are other factors to consider.
  3. Got my Deaf Bonce DB-SA412 sold finally. Just want to make sure I'm making the right decision so open to other suggestions. Anything I should strongly consider over the Sundown Nightshade v4 15?
  4. Didn't take it that way & I understand where you are coming from which is why I thanked you. Know you were just looking out. No apology necessary bro. I agree, a lot of people have that misconception. It was explained well in the video using the dog food. Lol
  5. Thanks bro. I'm familiar with t-lines. I've designed & built a couple as well as helped design others that were successfully built. My last Sundown Xv2 15 was in a T-line & I enjoyed it thoroughly. I've also seen that video quite a few times in the past. Appreciate the advice & info. I jumped to 8:29 just to see what you were referring to & I am aware of those facts. I enjoy flat response as well as higher levels of output. I know a 15" t-line isn't a common situation due to the enclosure size & it being a lot more common to use smaller drivers with that particular enclosure design, but that doesn't say it's a mis-match O_o. It's just different. Thanks for looking out though
  6. Was thinking that the two 12s would move more air than the single 15, that's why I was considering them. The 12s cost more, larger ported enclosure, 4x the weight of the 15 & the enclosure type I want to use, can't fit with 12s. Was supposed to put in the order for the Nsv4 15 today but had to hold due to the Corona situation (My mind can still change to 12s. Keeping open on matter). Spending that much on a sub right now would be a bit irresponsible. It's just starting to pick up where I'm from. Can't wait til things settle down to get the process rolling again. Getting the softer spider pack. Not sure if carbon fiber dust cap is worth it as I'll possibly be invert mounting. Running on a Deaf Bonce Apocalypse AAK5500.1. It's going in a transmission line tuned to 32. Thoughts?
  7. Hmm, is that confirmed bro? Didn't hear/see anything O_o Was being allowed to place an order from my local dealer. Wondering if I should hold or go ahead, especially with the corona situation. Btw, how's the NSv4 18 going? Do you have any links to vids? = )
  8. Can anyone chime in with regards to 2x Zv5 12s compared to a single Nsv4 15? (with the non-spl kit)
  9. Not going to get near the recommended volume in a comfortable manner. Tried fitting volume everywhere I could think of & it was still too small. Considering just waiting til NsV4 15s come back in stock & take one. Won't move more air than the two Xv2 15s but it should do well for a single 15. Apart from that, my other option was two Zv5 12s.
  10. Edit: Good day all, can't fit the originally planned 2x Sundown Xv2 15s. Trying to decide between a single Nightshade 15 or two Z 12s. There are pros & cons as always. Both enclosures will fit the vehicle, the NSv4 15 more comfortably (5.0 ft^3 net, 80 in^2 port area vs 4.25 ft^3 net vs 68 in^2 port area). The weight factor is 200 lbs vs 50 lbs, 12s vs 15. Cone-area-wise, the 12s should move more air. FS on Zv5 12 is 33 Hz. Don't know the FS on the softer kit on the NSv4 15 as they have specs up for the spl kit I assume at 35 Hz. Looking to tune to around 30 Hz. Running on a Deaf Bonce Apocalypse AAK-5500.1. Will be requesting the non-spl kit on NSv4. Does anyone have experience with both these subs & can give me some insight? I have used the Xv2 15 before but have never heard The Z or NS series. How do they play tonally? & do they both handle the low end well? Want to play down to 28 comfortably. Thanks!! Original post: Has anyone ever run these woofers in a smaller than recommended specifications enclosure? I currently have around 41.5 x 17 x 24 to work with. Getting these on a sale & wondering if I will encounter any issues running them in a smaller enclosure. Looking at a mono-chamber tuning around 30 Hz. Running around 2500w+ to each. May be able to add 1 ft^3 to enclosure if i custom build an addition to the volume in the space behind the back seat as it is a wagon & the back seat is at an angle. Also may be able to go up in volume by an inch but that would be over the seat height. What's the most compact I can go without sacrificing too much? O_o Any help would be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks!
  11. Was just by our American Bass dealer earlier leaving my vehicle to have me 240A Mechman installed. Some beast subs O_o
  12. Awfully quiet around here =( Found a way to alter enclosure without doing too much cutting down. Plan to increased port area to 50 in^2 which is a bit more close to the suggested minimum from Triticum's port area calculator. Lengthened port slightly to 44" which I was told I should try to not cross. These two things dropped the net volume to 2.75 ft^3 & raised tuning to 31 Hz which sounds pretty good. Any suggestions, comments or advice before I implement the modifications? Thanks.
  13. Good day all, working on a second project at the moment. An interchangeable enclosure for my system. A single Deaf Bonce DB-SA412. Was previously using a 2.25 ft^3 net enclosure, 40 in^2 port area, tuned to 30 Hz. Just altered an older enclosure to a 3.0 ft^3 net, 46 in^2 port area, tuned to 30 Hz. The larger enclosure is sounding more the way I'd like while at the same time using a fair amount lower setting on the sub level. My problem at the moment is, the sub is moving a lot more than it was before, to the point that i don't think it's safe. Then again I worry a lot, sometimes for no reason. I'm going easy on it & monitoring it but will definitely have to design something somewhere in the middle in terms of net volume. Was considering maybe 2.6 - 2.75 ft^3, & does anyone have any inputs on the port area? Should i go up a bit more? Stay at the 40 in^2? Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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