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  1. Putting "2700wrms" on an "1100wrms" rated subwoofer is going to have downsides. That being said, as tdsa23 mentioned, if the amp does rated power or anything around 2000-2500wrms, you should be fine.
  2. Nice sub you got there bro My only suggestion is to maybe up your port area to a minimum of around 57 ft^3 if space is a huge factor. If it isn't, i'd even recommend going the 68 ft^3 that Sundown suggests for this woofer, especially since you're doing around 500w over the rated power. Otherwise, you're on the right track as far as i can see. What did you use to determine your current port area?
  3. Know that struggle. Happens to a lot of people i know. Even happened to me when i was trying to fit a bigger group battery in the engine bay =( Ended up with similar 7x AH. lol
  4. How is your current situation? What's your voltage like at full tilt? Do you have your bass frequencies heavily EQd? Bass boost or Loud features on on deck or amp? Getting any smelling or excessive heating up from sub or amp?
  5. So apparently i also no longer have access to nsv4 12" or zv5 15". Zv5 12" is only thing i can get Sundown-wise. Doing some research on the Deaf Bonce 315 Neo.
  6. Great info sir. So basically a Zv5 will be more along the lines of what i should be looking at? & should handle the power comfortably?
  7. Good day folks. The black spider pack for the Nightshade i was hoping to order is no longer available to me where i am from. How different are the spiders? How much will it affect the output? Seeing that the FS on the 15 is still around 34Hz on the Sundown site. i am looking to achieve between 26Hz-36Hz comfortably. Tuning to around 30Hz. Would the red spider pack still suit my application? Still have the Zv5 series available to me worste case scenario. Would consider a 15 in it. On a Deaf Bonce AAK-4000.1D, would i be better off sticking to the Zv5? Would it maximize my power better? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Need to decide soon. Time is a factor. Thanks all!
  8. Know the feeling! lol Slowly but surely, will be worth it. Someone is supposed to be taking the Xv.2 15 soon so then i'll put in the order for the NS Any progress with the noise?
  9. Hm. Sounds like it could be. Do the straightforward stuff, hopefully it's nothing more Thought it involved amplifier etc. How's the progress on the system? Can't wait til i get my NSv.4 O_o If only i had the space for an 18!
  10. Still having this issue bro? What troubleshooting have you done thus far? Any other details that may be helpful?
  11. Small update. Got my Orion Xtr amps sold. Decided on a Deaf Bonce Apocalypse AAK-4000.1D & an AAK-200.4D for starters. Got the 4-channel today. Will be getting the mono either during the week or around Saturday or so. Stillll can't decide between the 12" & 15" Nightshade, but due to output capability, leaning towards the 15" version. Looks like i might be heading back in the direction of having no trunk =( Edit: Deaf Bonce dealer messaged me two days ago & informed me that the AAK-4000.1D had just sold out & will be available again in two weeks. No bass until then. Took the Xv.2 15" out of the car & been staring at it since = P
  12. What power & tuning are you looking at bro? Will definitely help with port specifications (Any other details would be helpful also)
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