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  1. Hay bro do i saw a box build you made for one 15 zvx I think it was a 6th order and it was Rhino lined  so the question I have is are some idea of your Dimensions mainly cubic feet for the Small side  and  large side And tunning frequencies of each and port area of small port and larg port.  I am designing one myself I am using as of now 3 ft.² cubic small size 6 ft.² cubic large side (2) 3inch ports small side a 108 square inch port on the long side. 28hz small and 55hz large side. Any thoughts. I am using zvx v2 15 dual 1ohm 

    thank you 

    your box looked absolutely amazing by the way 

  2. So I am building a box in my Tahoe and it will have 3 12’s my question is about the port I would like good spl and is a bigger port better then a smaller one and what is a good rule for square inch’s vs cubic feet I was told one day for every 1 cube 12square inch’s of port is that about right ? My box will be around 2.5 cube per sub they have a fs of 26hrtz I’m thinking like 35 hertz tunned. Please and thank you And square port or slotted port turned in like a L
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