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  1. Hay bro do i saw a box build you made for one 15 zvx I think it was a 6th order and it was Rhino lined  so the question I have is are some idea of your Dimensions mainly cubic feet for the Small side  and  large side And tunning frequencies of each and port area of small port and larg port.  I am designing one myself I am using as of now 3 ft.² cubic small size 6 ft.² cubic large side (2) 3inch ports small side a 108 square inch port on the long side. 28hz small and 55hz large side. Any thoughts. I am using zvx v2 15 dual 1ohm 

    thank you 

    your box looked absolutely amazing by the way 

  2. Currently waiting for my 370 amp for my Super Duty.
  3. I'm ready. I've been hammering two V2s for 4-5 months and they are very stout. They hit clean from 50Hz down to 27Hz. Willing to bet V3s would make a significant difference.
  4. if the batts were in, don't you think i would have posted pics of them in? nope, no batts. I pushed the tercel out of the booth and in a parking spot. I am losing interest fast everything is taking so long. I think im gonna work on my Tahoe a bit. It needs a few minor things done to it. I feel ya on the motivation. If something takes too long I move on like a kid with ADD. Well can't wait for you to post anything Steve, Your refusal to do shit work keeps me going. I'm also loving all the De'Amore/SMD unique built for the installer products, Keep up the great work.
  5. What does everyone think about how to install it? I was thinking about building a lexan plate grooved out for the LED strips and mount it to the inside of the window.
  6. me either!but i gotta wait 30 days before DC gets them and even then i don't know what my cost will be. I am 90% sure i am using DC amps. My pocket book will determine what i ACTUALLY run. People think i gotta free ride and ummm that is just NOT true. I should by now (by some company) but it still has not happened. I get discounts and a few freebies here and there but definitely no free rides. Hell you've sold more RF then any ad they've paid for. I bet when you rebuilt the hoe their sales saw a peak.
  7. It's not the worst I've seen but it sure is a close second. I would like to think the "Shop" that installed this mess is sick over how bad it is but I think they prob think they did a 5K solid install. Everything in the car was done as bad as could be. The only way to make it worse would be shitty equipment. Moke needs to stomp some ass.
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