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  1. So this setup is plenty loud for two 10s. Have actually had a guy with three 15s exclaim "WTF!!" when he saw that it was 2 10s bumping louder than his 15s lol. His enclosure was too small but still, it felt good lol. However, with location of the subs they sit about 4 ft from the back door. When i open door or the lift up window the loudness damn near doubles at the front of the truck. So if i want to cruise around at full tilt i ride with the back window lifted. Anyone have any explanations? Cool part is if i ever went to a competition id probably trip everyone out when i walked to back to open the hatch prior to starting lol.
  2. New to the car audio scene and definitely had a tight budget. Did my homework and decided Skar was gonna be my best bet. Started off with one 10 and one amp. I screwed up the port on my first enclosure attempt and decided i need to build another. At that point, i decided to go ahead and double up on everything. I must say i am very impressed with the power handling of these subs. Hell, even the dealer i bought them from has now become a fan and put two 12s in his ride. My subs still need a little more time to break in and i have some electrical upgrades still needed so i currently have my levels set low to keep my voltage from dropping significantly. Cant wait to be able to play these things full tilt. Heres my setup: 2001 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Head Unit is a Pioneer AVH-600EX Big 3 Upgrade done. 1 small 600 Watt (20 AH) Reserve battery in cab (definitely need more) Ported Dual Chamber Enclosure 1.49 cu^ft NET per chamber. Each sub wired to 1 ohm at amps. Tuned at 36hz, 1:5 Port Ratio, 14 sq. in. per cube
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