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  1. I cant make recommendations but skar has a healthy 4 channel I recently went with a 5 channel and didnt think 50 w rms would be enough for my truck but it does more than I need $200 hifonics brutus 5016.5 all in one made reinstalling easy a little large but it replaced 3 physical amps maybe search some 5 channel amps? my wifes audio pipe claims 60x4 and 350w and that Rockville 10 hits plenty I have seen several with higher watt 4ch fronts but my mini truck its potent as is
  2. seems audio pipe might be the right choice for you? I guess patience isnt your thing
  3. sorry to break it to you guys but I would say maybe 25% of the people with systems have tried to set gains with a mm and even less out there who used a scope or dd-1 if we were doing that then stereo shops would not be as few and far between I am going to say 75% of systems have never seen scope or dd-1 or even mm you can say what you like but ear has been used a long long time and will continue for a longer time and I am not buying speakers because I clipped I may be missing a few watts that I paid for but for the cost of a dd-1 or scope it not worth it, its not really a contest , my system is inexpensive and makes me happy you can not say I didn't get it right, did you sit in my truck? maybe I am that good!
  4. I wonder since he says no bass I got thinking whats the biggest cause of no bass in a system that should be bumping? you triple checked the phase? just askin the most basic question
  5. I bought this amp https://soundqubed.com/product/s1-2250/ I didnt see many posts about sound qubed but the price is pretty good is it any good? its bigger than I expected I am thinking of running my 2 skar vd-10 4dvc at 4 ohm for a while super excited about the clip light want to see what I can actually push and exactly what clipping sounds like before I experiment at 1ohm I know at 1 ohm I got too much but Im thinking ahead any actual sound qubed users on here?
  6. I did a install on the wifes 2017 cruze hu install w/o the little adapter it would have been a nightmare I sat in my living room and put the hu and adapter together and next morning it was unplug and insert new plugs and re assemble got the new bezel? for around the factory radio crutchfield was great factory bells and whistles saved no steering controls to worry about back up cam works too
  7. I had I skar v-10 d4 on a single jbl gtx 500 it was great I bought another skar vd 10 and yes it hit better with the larger surface area and at 4ohms I figure 300 rms x2 it was louder I bought another jbl gtx and I really enjoy the pair its not a big step on the 2nd amp but it makes more feel and a little longer life for the pair as I learned where it starts to taper off and stopped clipping made a build easier to do when I upgrade the jbl pair some friends will get a nice set up cheap it was nice to see the increases along way I was clipping them bad at first but I used the mm method to get my set points and my ears for the rest not perfect but even "tuning" cant guarantee no clipping its still up to the user
  8. I currently have the skar vd-10 they do great and hit decent in my ported box but I like a sealed box sound and they dont seem to do as well sealed bought a Rockville 10 for my wife and I love it may buy 2 for myself as I think they do better sealed
  9. never had a demo still haven't I was young and knew good sounds could be had 1984 I think I was very young 18 and went to "the" local place Import audio I was a tire buster and covered in dirt but I had cash The guy tried to sell me passive low pass filters and refused to sell me what I came in for a punch 150 kept trying to sell me a punch 75 after 2 hours of being ignored and undersold I turned every demo to max and while they turned em down I started over till the manager came out and asked me my problem I said I came in 2 hours ago to buy a punch 150 and they wont sell it to me he says why not? I said they feel I dont have the speakers for it I said not yet but there are other paydays he said well they are expensive I said ring it up I have cash (I priced it a week before when I wasn't all dirty) he gave me 2 shirts and some wire for my time I had to prototype pyle 6x9 with 6inch magnets they rocked on that amp and an 8inch sub on the tri-mode stripper gf wrecked the truck and tow company did not know what happened to my amp and speakers they got all but 1 6x9 which I still have works as a great center channel for my HT before I upgraded I had to pretty much learn from friends and aside from the drive by thumpers I am the loudest I know around a total of 1500 rms
  10. ckeeler11 is right my old Tacoma barely will do 1.2k with an 80amp alt and agm battery upgrading it this weekend
  11. I got 2 skar vd-10 in a prefab box each on their own jbl gtx 500 dual 4 ohm wired to 2ohm each side I have a 03 pre runner single cab and it gets low and shakes hard hard to beat for the price and mine did not disappoint
  12. yes it will control all 3 as one
  13. if you are asking if you buy a dual voice coil? then yes 4ohmx4ohm if you have a single voice coil then 2 ohm yes power both amps and ground
  14. I spent my weekend putting down the noico on my doors and the back wall of my cab I cant compare it to anything else but I can say it works 30% of the outer skin of the door it went on clean and easy and although I thought I had no rattles this made my cab alot quieter also I had a hollow square tube for support that was making sympathetic noise being right at the port and this shut that down too I can say easy to apply no real smell fairly thick and seems to have worked just fine wish I could do the roof but thats a major project as to where true anything that rattle but also the bigger the piece the more it can benefit the door skin was a big stamped sheet metal piece easy to slap on where I figure itcould and have it make a difference trried to think that smaller pieces were better
  15. low budget as follows jbl gtx 500 came with adapters to hook in to a full pass speaker out put for about $80 on amazon and it has a feature where you dont need to run a trigger wire if you do it that way its 500w rms pick a sub and box wire it (if you don't know ask before you buy) single 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm voice coil run a solid fused hot from the battery and a good ground I say pick a sub and a box because the choices are endless you can get more complicated or bigger amp but this is simple and will make bass
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