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  1. so did you test the rca output to the amp? set your max sub output using the scope to target your max volume b4 clipping then set the amp? thats the flow set your clean signal then amplify that signal
  2. in the past I have chased this issue and finally decided the power supply for the head unit was the issue and one of those inexpensive filters on the hu power fixed it did you try another music source on the amps? I will bet its not there
  3. ROOKi3 I dont have more than a mm either my ears have always done me right I had the same feeling when I changed amps I also looked for more impact or feel my 6x8 I took the tweeter out and I use my acr audio as a band pass I use the hu to set the hp at 100 and the lowpass on the amp to limit the mids to 3.2k I also grudgingly upped the lp on my subs to 80 and this made alot of difference it took a little adjustment to get used to the sound and I dont turn it quite as high as when on 63 but it restored more "impact" this way everything vibrates also I found my box to be small and the port noise was bad this way so I capped the box and I like it better I dont have sub sonic filter I ordered some bass blocker caps for the tweets to lower them to 2.8 from 3.5 just to carry a little more load as the other part of the amp is limited filtering sound deadening is important and at 80 you will find more that needs it as for the dd1 meh I might clip a little but I am not breaking stuff so I will use my ears
  4. I realize snow drifter you don't believe I know my stuff and Im ok with that but your statement 14v+ at amp rules out power supply to all degrees. We could chit chat about the benefits of wiring upgrades but as far as OP's issue goes, that's not it. So now we're looking at upstream and downstream signals so now "you" are looking at signals if this is entirely true as a signal issue a new amp would have resolved the issue right? bypassing the head unit also says it aint the HU and he had to use another rca set to plug in his ipod so new amp and new rca tells me it is not upstream my opinion is its a ground thats failing something is breaking down with heat dont see a resistance reading of the sub or the wires leading to the sub, also he states tried a new sub, so wires out of the amp to the sub is the likely suspect could be a sub wiring issue but thats a 20 minute fix right? just bust out some new wire and the soldering iron I still think its a ground issue and to be honest we 'see" nothing because we dont have pics!!
  5. voltage is one thing but is the current needed getting there? ok so you pushed the cone and its smooth. you replaced the sub and problem persists. you did slap a dmm and test the speakers resistance?. you said it works fine then starts to break down? is there a certain amount of time? you also stated you routed around the head unit and still it breaks down. did you check your cables both power and ground? if its a connection issue you should feel heat some where in those paths. I just wonder if you got some corrosion on an old ground. if you ever did the big 3 it may be time to clean and polish old connections. if you have not done the big3, search the forum. I was certain of my grounds till in middle of a song I dropped voltage to low levels cleaned and polished till it was fixed.
  6. sound qubed , skar audio, sundown 3 brands here thatI know have you tube vids too
  7. I cant make recommendations but skar has a healthy 4 channel I recently went with a 5 channel and didnt think 50 w rms would be enough for my truck but it does more than I need $200 hifonics brutus 5016.5 all in one made reinstalling easy a little large but it replaced 3 physical amps maybe search some 5 channel amps? my wifes audio pipe claims 60x4 and 350w and that Rockville 10 hits plenty I have seen several with higher watt 4ch fronts but my mini truck its potent as is
  8. seems audio pipe might be the right choice for you? I guess patience isnt your thing
  9. sorry to break it to you guys but I would say maybe 25% of the people with systems have tried to set gains with a mm and even less out there who used a scope or dd-1 if we were doing that then stereo shops would not be as few and far between I am going to say 75% of systems have never seen scope or dd-1 or even mm you can say what you like but ear has been used a long long time and will continue for a longer time and I am not buying speakers because I clipped I may be missing a few watts that I paid for but for the cost of a dd-1 or scope it not worth it, its not really a contest , my system is inexpensive and makes me happy you can not say I didn't get it right, did you sit in my truck? maybe I am that good!
  10. I wonder since he says no bass I got thinking whats the biggest cause of no bass in a system that should be bumping? you triple checked the phase? just askin the most basic question
  11. I bought this amp https://soundqubed.com/product/s1-2250/ I didnt see many posts about sound qubed but the price is pretty good is it any good? its bigger than I expected I am thinking of running my 2 skar vd-10 4dvc at 4 ohm for a while super excited about the clip light want to see what I can actually push and exactly what clipping sounds like before I experiment at 1ohm I know at 1 ohm I got too much but Im thinking ahead any actual sound qubed users on here?
  12. I did a install on the wifes 2017 cruze hu install w/o the little adapter it would have been a nightmare I sat in my living room and put the hu and adapter together and next morning it was unplug and insert new plugs and re assemble got the new bezel? for around the factory radio crutchfield was great factory bells and whistles saved no steering controls to worry about back up cam works too
  13. I had I skar v-10 d4 on a single jbl gtx 500 it was great I bought another skar vd 10 and yes it hit better with the larger surface area and at 4ohms I figure 300 rms x2 it was louder I bought another jbl gtx and I really enjoy the pair its not a big step on the 2nd amp but it makes more feel and a little longer life for the pair as I learned where it starts to taper off and stopped clipping made a build easier to do when I upgrade the jbl pair some friends will get a nice set up cheap it was nice to see the increases along way I was clipping them bad at first but I used the mm method to get my set points and my ears for the rest not perfect but even "tuning" cant guarantee no clipping its still up to the user
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