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  1. should be nice w/o straining too hard
  2. I am a bit confused here we are talking 1k yes? I dont see any electrical support listed how about the basics?? when I did the big 3 I made sure I did a good chassis ground and BODY ground and one to the motor from the battery just for added insurance I have a strap from the body to the motor , the body is where your headlights get their ground just like the wiper motor and all the little vacuum emission devices also one from the alt to the battery, I really looked at what was feeding the fuse block (8ga?) and I was sad that I had over looked that the best I could charge the battery was 8gauge maybe and I have 3 runs of 4 gauge seemed a bit weak I have a low budget battery 800 cca and if I dont clip I dont see much in a drop anymore long deep notes will drop the voltage a bit at idle but my old halogens dont blink anymore still going to get some led bulbs my idle is 500 rpm but she stays at 14.1 like a champ worst I have seen is about 13 but it bounced right up to 14.3 after that note my light dimming was bad before the grounds 03 tacoma with 80 amp alt 1k for the subs and 200 for the highs yes rms I posted a budget build on here
  3. depends on what runs off that belt most items are pretty durable a/c bearing is strong nut belts are crazy strong these days my s/c runs off the power steering belts and the added tension makes the fluid dirty faster but its cheap should it fail and fluid is easy to change I have seen belts damage main bearings so yes you can damage stuff but its takes alot of effort to do that make sure you can flex the belt if its a long run usually being able to turn it 90º by hand with good effort is a fair test cleanliness is godliness so get some spray cleaner (brake or carb clean) and before assembly spay some cleaner and take a snack break while it drys
  4. have you considered running 2 alts? share the load brother my s/c uses a long belt and w/o serious tightening it squeals like deliverance drags the rpm down to 500 at idle the reason for that part it has an idler to make sure the belt covers maximum surface area
  5. well the easiest is to stick a ammeter (or high resistance test light)) between the ground and battery and the slow process of pulling fuses and power till you know whats pulling what sorry man the process sucks I also try and remember whats newest and check it first, usually its the new stuff that you think no way but yeah uh huh
  6. got the same receiver used some old wood box speakers for my atmos atmos is fun congrats
  7. alt is as stated above your best security I am just wondering how did you set your gains? I recently had the same experience of lights dimming and dang near kill the truck and I was clipping like crazy I did a little figuring and spent some time, I lost some out put but I no longer clip and no longer blink to the beat I have a similar set up 2 jbl gtx 500 on a pair of skar vd-10 80 amp alt and my battery is new but not a performer and the big3 and figuring out I was trying too hard, she hits hard and only on real long tones do I drop voltage but I dont play it loud for extended periods either
  8. Meave I can see you are not exactly reading you just hope to up your post count when you do you will realize I advised he had enough charging for 1000 watts I was indicating that he had enough to charge the system unless he was running around playing a constant test tone the system will charge fine I asked what alt so I could be sure but unless it a 3 cylinder or a pre 80's car he should have more than 80 and I could say for sure no issues I feel a little trolling from you sir Meave Stede and dont like it
  9. 500 watts x 2 is about 100 amps max in a pulse type draw so should be just fine and an amp for the highs around 30 watt draw again not constant my old taco does this on a cheap battery wire it up and tell us when your thumpin!!
  10. I had one super bright halogen and one dead of the same in my reverse lights old 2003 tacoma I bought the 921 leds below the story :: I was given a backup cam for xmas hooked it up and it worked ok , thought to myself cheap junk but it worked (barely) and the beep beep proximity worked at very close range and it would work at will bought me some 921 led for the back up lights as I had one working high output incandescent this is the cut and paste from amazon Rayhoo 2pcs 1000 lumens Extremely Bright Canbus Error Free 921 912 T10 T15 AK-4014 45pcs Chipsets LED Bulbs Only for Backup Reverse Lights, Xenon White 6000K cut and paste into amazon like $10 shipped 3 things happened 1) as expected light out put is incredible 2) my back up cam with the extra saved amperage works incredible now, way better picture quality (night and day difference) and comes on every time 3) Back up sensor now works like it should the head unit is a pioneer nex 5000 posted as a little fyi hope it helps someone
  11. ok what car is this?? what amp is your alt? do the big 3 in as heavy of gauge you can afford, 0g ofc is recommended run 4g power minimum 4g ground ofc like I said I have a pair of jbl gtx at 2ohm on skar vd-10 and with one it was fine and with 2 I am still fine maybe a slight dim at idle at max output but its not enough to worry me I see my volts go from 14.1 down to 13.5 then bounce up to 14.3 and settle back to 14.1 this is at night during the day its less my truck idles at 500 rpm (supercharger drags it down) and a stock 80amp alt (which is considered the lowest output standard) if you are concerned get a big battery and quality connections
  12. this thread is from 2011 either his system worked or he had a system failure but its history now
  13. twalker is right I had a single jbl gtx and was sure a 2nd would dim the lights I hooked up the 2nd once I stopped clipping I dont dim the lights anymore and my alt is 80 amps

    Passive crossover

    most crossover units have a power rating and what you are thinking is exactly what they are designed for

    Ground to frame

    I agree both frame to battery and the ground from the battery to the body, the one that went from my battery to the body on my tacoma was maybe 18 gauge , yeah it was maybe 3 inch run , but it got an upgrade to 4 gauge just to be sure I found the original body to motor ground was the same 18g I added a supercharger to my truck and under boost and under heavy bass lines my truck would misfire, this last over looked ground has helped that issue alot