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  1. never had a demo still haven't I was young and knew good sounds could be had 1984 I think I was very young 18 and went to "the" local place Import audio I was a tire buster and covered in dirt but I had cash The guy tried to sell me passive low pass filters and refused to sell me what I came in for a punch 150 kept trying to sell me a punch 75 after 2 hours of being ignored and undersold I turned every demo to max and while they turned em down I started over till the manager came out and asked me my problem I said I came in 2 hours ago to buy a punch 150 and they wont sell it to me he says why not? I said they feel I dont have the speakers for it I said not yet but there are other paydays he said well they are expensive I said ring it up I have cash (I priced it a week before when I wasn't all dirty) he gave me 2 shirts and some wire for my time I had to prototype pyle 6x9 with 6inch magnets they rocked on that amp and an 8inch sub on the tri-mode stripper gf wrecked the truck and tow company did not know what happened to my amp and speakers they got all but 1 6x9 which I still have works as a great center channel for my HT before I upgraded I had to pretty much learn from friends and aside from the drive by thumpers I am the loudest I know around a total of 1500 rms
  2. probably same type of dude who walked with my toolbox never saw that him but I spit every time I think of my tools and some dumbass like him tossing them because they aren't what he wanted should have called the cops but it is a huge hassle
  3. got the same receiver used some old wood box speakers for my atmos atmos is fun congrats
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