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  1. I am trying real hard to control my anger issues, figure if a dummy box dont fit smashing it helps alleviate the anger.... Well and its fun to break stuff
  2. I used too but damn this trunk is small to start with and need to leave room for the cage so working with limited areas and trying to maximize the best I can on this one. hopefully will be with it in the end
  3. Well I took the advice and dropped her in, it's a tight fit (the best kind) but she fits! So dimensions are finalized and final plans drawn up. now to make it out of wood in its final dimensions. It will be made from 3/4" Birch with the front wall Doubled up for strength. I think I am gonna try something I have not done before with a wood box and epoxy the inside to add strength.
  4. ok a little tweaking and another mock up in a little more substantial material. Well now to find someone to help lift in and see if it will work as designed lol
  5. Got a little work done this A.M. mocked up another box (yep cardboard this time lol) getting close to the fit I want with the space available. Little more tweeking and should have it right.
  6. Hi all, another noob joining the forum. Been out of car audio for years perusing other interests and have come back to it. I am not building anything killer just something clean and simple to keep with the performance mods planned for my car. The car being a 2019 Subaru WRX STI. Well that's the plan to start anyway. Look forward to getting to know you all Brian
  7. Ok got around the issue. Biggest problem was the rear middle seat belt assembly. Well other than had to disassemble a lot to get to it it is now out and opened my space up quite a lot. But it had to come out eventually to sound deaden. Also got the factory sound deadener of the wheel well
  8. Well first dimensions were a fail could not clear the trunk or get in through the back seat, now pondering the plasma cutter and welder or a redesign of the box
  9. Thanks for the info I honestly didn’t think about the chimes, usually I would use cardboard to mock up but for some unknown reason I have 4 sheets of 3/4” midfield in the garage that I have no idea how they got there or really any other use for lol
  10. Got some design work done on the enclosure. Ok this software is so much easier than the old stuff I used to use. Now to do a mock up in MDF to check for fit issues.
  11. early Christmas for me !!!!! First order is in. I am a bit old school so I went where I always used to back to Rockford. First order included Rockford P400x4, Rockford P1000x1bd, (2) P3D4-12, Audio Control LC7i and 72 Sqft of dynamate extreem (yea showing my age again) along with some wire and other items to get started.
  12. Well been out of car audio for quite some time but decided it's time to get back into it. Just picked up the platform a 2019 Subaru WRX STI. Starting with the stereo mainly but also needs some performance improvements so they are coming too. The car is in the garage with 200 miles on the odometer and I am just starting to plan. Did the window tint Gutted the trunk to see what I have to work with Subaru had a ton ow wasted space behind the trim panels. Well I plan to remedy that. So now off to measure and start inputting into Term-Pro to see what I can do with the space.
  13. I have been out of car stereos for years. heck back to when most software ran on DOS. That being said I recently have gotten back into it and after looking around decided to give term_pro a shot and all I can say is man it makes it soooooooooo easy to tweek and basseline.
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