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  1. Man it's been a long time since I posted here. I literally just got to hear the base on 2 days ago, ( just a couple burps) mids and highs about a week ago. I went ahead and set my games using a meter, not the dd1 an actual Fluke meter. I set the SCV 4000 at like 63.xx volts and I set the sax200.4 at i believe 38.xx volts... GOOD GOD THIS IS LOUD! pretty sure I already blew a tweeter so I got four more on the way. These Sundown 6 and 1/2 coax f****** scream, having a 8 up front in each door is really nice. This is the first time I've actually had that has decent midbass. for the longest time I thought I burnt the amp because I couldn't get the ace to play on the Roku Channel little further investigation revealed a bad set of Fosgate RCA's. Since I'm not competing I'm actually eyeballimg the stinger Twisted double shielded four-channel RCA's. What I actually have right now is three sets of 6-foot RCA's but connected together and run on top of the carpet down the center tunnel underneath the box &up to the amp. So anyways now that I know everything works I can worry about going back and make it look pretty <img src="https://i.ibb.co/tD8XMtC/20190124-093447.jpg" alt="20190124-093447" border="0"> <a href="https://ibb.co/x6JHS05"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/w4MsNX6/20190124-093447.jpg" alt="20190124-093447" border="0"></a>
  2. i had a system when i first got him (hes a big boy, 1210# Akita) mtx 9500 series 15's in a factory box on an mtx81001d amp in a 98 expedition. That systemDestroyed the tailgate . i never play it loud with him in the vehicle. But this is also the reason why I'm not putting any speakers at all in the extra cab doors of the truck. The 8" neo's, the 6.5 mid coax and the sa tweets are all going in the front doors
  3. On a side note I purchase that chicken Hill soundtrack thing where the hell do I find that at so I can download it?
  4. Okay so everything went to shit. Turns out the guy that was doing the installation was a hack. Fucked up the bed of my truck. . up the bed of my truck. Scratch my amps. At one point the box is actually in the truck had to come down and pick it up driving around sound like a piece of wood was flopping around inside the speaker box. It was the fucking u15 that he didn't screw down at all. Broke the contacts on one side it's dual 2 ohm and actually installed the box in my truck before it's finished being wet sdanded. Brought the whole shit home and I'm working on the installation myself. Needless to say I'm beyond pissed I will be pursuing some sort of action regarding the bed of my truck. I'll try and get some pictures up later tonight or tomorrow. I thought we had an arrangement he was going to donate time and build a badass system and I was going to spend some time going around the local shows showing off what he could do. Needless to say that shit ain't happening
  5. Since there's no place on a Chevy Silverado to put two AGM batteries closer each other, we decided to make our own. Cut through in the bed battery box welded in place from underneath. access panel will be another section of bad call wrecking yard truck lady in on top of the box for a watertight seal. When it's all said and done I'll be taking it to a Fabricators shop For final welding and sealing.
  6. man this shits on m,y nervs. im having to resize everything before I can post it....
  7. Man getting old sucks ass. I pretty much sprained my ankle pulled a muscle in my back and throughout my hip all at the exact same time just getting on the back into that BS!! Okay I got some pics coming. I think. As soon as I can figure out how to get them from the camera to the computer
  8. So as I'm rapidly approaching my senior years and dead smack in the middle of a midlife crisis, I figure there's no better time to start my next build. My last system was mtx 2 9500 15's, an 81001D ans a 1k 4 channel amp to Pioneer mids and highs, which destroyed the tailgate in my 98 Expedition. Talk about the right place at the right time, I walked into my local stereo shop just after he started his business asked if he could get ahold of sundown coincidentally he was trying to figure out how he was going to do his dealer Buy in. A quick trip to the bank took care of that problem and as a result I'm getting my entire system just over dealer cost. He's getting a chance to show off what he can do. All the following is going in in 06 Chevy Silverado extra cab, all Sundown with a jvc deck... JVC KW-V840BT SUNDOWN... SCV-4000D 2- U15D4 SAE 100.4 (MIGHT SWITCH TO A SAX 200.4) 2- SXMP8" & 1 PAIR SA SEPARATES ALL IN THE FRONT DOORS All Sundown power wires, RCA, speaker wires etc And since that's where the discount ends, the following is eBay special 300a alt, second ald bracket 2 or 4 xs power blems batteries. (I already bought 4, im supposed to sell 2 to my stereo guy for his shop, but all 4 may end up going in my truck) SMD POWER BLOCKS, VOLT METER, TEMP METER, SPEAKER CONN PLATES I'm choosing to do a sealed enclosure, down-firing in the extra cab area. I know this is neither the loudest or the best box for this application, But ultimately this is a work truck & the box is going in the area that my dog rides in. That being said we're still putting Plexi on the front area of the box so you can see the backside of the speakers Inside the Box and the amps are going on top Also under Plexi and both areas are being lit with RGB lighting. On top of all that we're building a package tray that I'm going to have padded or upholstered so doggo can still ride in Comfort. I have no interest in competing for SPL I just want something that's from really ffucking loud and sounds good, but my dog is 120 pound Akita so the box has to be small enough to leave him enough room back there. i'll up date this thread with pictures as soon as they're available.
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