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  1. I don't know anything about zapco. What's your asking price?
  2. When that list rms for a pair of speakers is 100w rms per speaker or per pair?
  3. Hey guys. Looking for an amp. Needs to power my front 100w rms 6.5" component speakers (3ohm) and my rear 6x9 120w rms (3ohm) speakers as well. I'd like something budget friendly that'll power them comfortably, it's the last part of my system. I'm not running anything crazy, just trying to have some decent tunes. I have power bass 2xl-63c in front & 2xl-693 in rear. Kenwood dnx995s head unit and two mmats precast 12's and a mmats dhc1400.1 amp. So this amp is the last piece of my simple setup! Out of curiosity, besides the amp would you recommend any other components to my system? Thanks!
  4. What would be the ideal rms @ 2 ohm for a set of 3 ohm 120w rms & 3 ohm 100w rms speakers?
  5. I've done a TON of googling lol. Nothing at all online. Do they have multiple wiring configurations from multiple amps?
  6. Hey guys. A buddy brought his car in for service and the dealership took out the wiring for his system. He has stock head unit & speakers. I found the amp in the left rear of the hatch but can't find a diagram. I need to hook into it for remote wire & two LOC's. Two Amps need installing. Anybody? Lol
  7. I found this one. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Amplifiers/GM+Digital+Series/GM-D8604 Would it be sufficient in powering the speakers I have now?
  8. I faded my speakers to the front and the car sounds off balance, so would amping just the fronts do basically the same thing? I've decided against the door speakers unless you think getting a 4 channel and amping all 4 door speakers and keeping the rear deck on head unit would make more sense?
  9. So should I have tuned with all that stuff on then? What should I set crossovers to?
  10. Oh no. I turned all that stuff off when I set my gains. I was asking if after everything was set, if all that was ok? Everything flat sounds really muffled.
  11. I put a crossover in the front doors when I put the front speakers in. The head unit speaker inputs went in as well as both the 6 5" and the tweeter. Having a crossover for those speakers in the head unit. Is it redundant or still needed?
  12. So here's what i did. I put everything back to the way it was (no enhancements, etc) and turned the SW level to 10. 30/40 was clean, 31/40 clipped. So 30/40 with the gain on the amp down was fine, but with the gain even a hair up it clipped. So i turned the volume to 25/40 and set the gain. It went about 25% of a turn and the gain was set. I used 40hz 0db for the RCA's and 40hz -5db for the gain settings. In my equalizer i have up to 250hz at 0db, which should keep the clipping even more minimal right? So now at 25/40, what are the odds of clipping? And if it does clip, how long would it take to actually destroy the subs (or amp)? Like 15 minutes or like 2 minutes? I know it's a guess on your part, i'm just curious... anything else i should do? I set my HPF for speakers at 80hz and LPF for subs at 80hz. That's about it... besides the "enhancements" section. The passive crossover that was preset from powerbass only passes the frequencies to the tweeter, right? So HPF isn't redundant? I have bass boost off, loudness to low, driver equalizer + off, space enhancer medium, supreme on, realizer 2 and stage EQ to middle. Think all that should work for my setup?
  13. Absolutely, you've been a huge help & I've learned a bit more than I did. I'll let you know how my second attempt goes. Thanks! I feel better about my -5 choice reading that.
  14. I finally understand the gain overlap! Lol. I wasn't putting two and two together. Ok. So on my lunch break today I'll try again. I'm thinking in my haste to get it set up I didn't do SW level until after I checked rcas. If not, my original statement stands then... I'm unfamiliar with music production as a whole which is why it's hard for me to visualize why -7.5 or -10db is not as safe but -5 is fine and shouldn't cause issue. I normally have my music at full or close to it so if -5 it's safe... I'll run it. You guys know more than me. If you have any other wisdom or changes, I'll check back periodically
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