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  1. I was told and have read a DMM will get you in the ball park but may or may not get you exactly where you need to be.
  2. I'm going to be installing a 4 channel Amp for my 4 speakers. What I'd like to do is figure out which test tones to use for my subwoofers as well as my speakers. I mostly listen to rap via Android Auto. Pandora or Amazon music. Sometimes Sirius right out of the head unit, but that's a rarity. The first thing I believe I need to do is figure out where the head unit clips, correct? Then, figure out at that volume with the test tone, where the speaker amplifier clips. Lastly, where the subwoofer amplifier clips. -test tones for speakers and subwoofers? -how to figure out where HU clips? What do I play? I set up my subs a long time ago with an o-scope and remember looking for a smooth sine wave peak. My speakers currently run off of head unit power but I'm planning on setting up an amplifier for them. Thanks!
  3. I drive a 2014 Nissan Altima SV (2.5L). Stock everything except an Optima yellowtop. I'm currently running my speakers off of HU power. I have a MMATS DHC1400.1 Amp and two MMATS procast 12's. I'm planning on installing a Skar SKv2-100.4AB 4 channel for my speakers. How do I determine if my current (stock) setup will be able to handle the new amplifier before installing it? Even a rough estimate? If I need a HO alternator, a 200 Amp alternator runs about $500, not my first choice but if it's necessary... I just want to know how to prepare before install. I'll be running 1/0 to a distribution block for two runs of 4GA to each amplifier.
  4. So, alternator (200a) is $500. Apparently altima 2.5 alternators aren't built much for ho. Would I be better running another battery at this point for half that? Would it achieve the same result?
  5. OK! What do I need to run a second battery and how does that get hooked up? I assume it would go in the trunk. If I add a high output alternator, the second battery would be icing on the cake, right?
  6. Stock is rated at 110, who actually knows what it outputs. I'd like to get the car supported to take on the amps before installing them if it's going to need more than the big 3
  7. Hey guys, i have a stock 2014 Altima. I needed a new battery this winter so i bought a yellow top, that's all i've really done. I have a "400w" skar audio skv2 100.4AB which will power my 4 speakers and i also have a 1400w Mmats monoblock amp at 1 ohm. I'm planning on running 1/0 to a distribution block in the trunk and 4ga runs off of that to both amps. I have in my cart from knu conceptz: -1/0 to 4ga distribution block for the ground cables with two links instead of fuses -Kolossus dual amp 0 ga kit -30 feet of 12ga speaker wire -twisted 4 channel rca cable -positive battery terminal and top post adapter Do I need anything else? Is it safe to run all of this on stock? I'd imagine worst case scenerio it'll be pulling too many amps and dim stuff, correct? Do I need a bigger alternator? I know big 3 is a must, i will do that eventually. I did it in my other car. I just want to get all this run and installed first. I've always just ran subs, never ran amped speakers.
  8. Hey guys. Does anybody have any information about bypassing the battery current sensor on my 2014 altima. I can't seem to find any information on it. A fellow forumite told me my system is capping due to the the current sensor regulating.
  9. Ah. I was asking about the lpf & hpf setting in the HU because with my subs, I have the Amp filters open and have the HU filter 80hz instead at the lpf. I can set them individually subs, front, rear. The HU can get pretty complicated
  10. I understood most of that... where am i checking for voltage dip with the system running at full tilt, right at the battery? Also, what negative impact will disabling the BMS have on the car? My system is: 2014 Nissan Altima SV 2.5L MMATS DHC1400.1 Amp (i thought it was an m.... it's a DHC) MMATS Procast 12" (two) I will have wired everything up with 4 gauge Knu conceptz power/ground and their RCA's/remote as well as speaker wire Kenwood DNX995S Powerbass 2XL-63C front Powerbass 2XL-693 rear Brand new optima yellowtop
  11. Thanks for the explanation. I may have tuned to 40hz but since I'm so used to 50hz with a DMM I think I just said that. I only used the o-scope once. Can I test these clipping points off the RCA ends if I wanted to install on my HU and put everything back together or is it better to do at the source? Can I open the filters to fully open and set the filters on the HU itself? And if so, do I set them before or after tuning up the Amp gains. Do I need to retune my sub Amp after installing my speakers Amp and why(just trying to learn, not questioning your intent)?
  12. Not ported. Mmats m1400.1 Amp and mmats 12" procast x2. It's a sealed enclosure built to whatever the subs require. I've got it tuned at 50hz I think -5db. My other question is, I tuned my subs at 27/50 or whatever my head unit goes up to because that's where my speakers distorted (to my ears anyways). How do I set the highs/mids now? And will I need to retune my subs? I like them to hit a hard as they can but I assume if I set the subs to hit their max at say 15, I can't play the speakers any louder without turning the gain down in my hu
  13. Hey guys. I've installed many subs, amps, speakers and head units but never a 4 channel Amp and to speakers at that. I plan to tune with my oscilloscope, but at what frequency? Also, do I set HPF, LPF, SUBSONIC, crossover in head units or on Amp, and to what setting? My front coaxial have a passive crossover. I'm going to be running my fronts coaxial unless there's a better way to do this on a 4 channel Amp with 4 speakers and two tweeters? Here's my speakers https://powerbassusa.com/products/mobile-audio/2xl-63c-65-system/ https://powerbassusa.com/products/mobile-audio/2xl-693-6x9-full-range/
  14. I will. I was looking at xs, but I needed a battery that day about a month ago. I plan to eventually do the big 3, I did in my other car. But for now I just want to make sure I be fine.
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