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  1. Ayork

    Sub unload or?

    I also gave the gross vol to top chamber by mistake, net is ~3.2cu so the port length lines up. I really wanted to do a square port. I have bass box pro so ill figure something out. Thanks for ur input @Triticum Agricolam
  2. Ayork

    Sub unload or?

    I been woundering if the location i have the ports for the 4th bp could cause unloading or some other issue? It sounds great, but when turning the volume to where i set the gains on the amp to (conservatively), im getting some distortion or some knida odd noise. Attached a sketch of the box. Gains set useing -5db test tones and headunit was no distortion. 2 12" skar evl, skar rp1200.1 Top chamber is ~3.5cu ; bottom is ~1.8cu Ports: 2 4"x15.3"
  3. So i go to test the head unit again. Vol 30 rca volt is about v2+. Vol 35 volts about v2.5+ Vol 37 to 40 it jumps to about v3 - v4 While oscope shows signal clips about 39 Is the head unit rca output takeing a crap? Rvc are from an belva amp kit i had.
  4. I fgured running wire out the port can cause wire to smack the box unless tightened down.
  5. Ayork

    Hu rca voltage drop

    Its an older sony xplod single din.. playing 40hz test tone. Cant get the model number cause i had to put the truck in the shop (trans issues).
  6. I was testing the voltage on my hu rca and now its drop to about 1.2v ... i did test begore and test at 2.2v.. anyone know what would cause a drop?
  7. Ayork

    Skar subs and deep bass ?

    I have 2 evl 12s in a bandpass box couldnt be happier and im only pushing around 1k total i need electrical upgrades and wires.
  8. Find someone who has a portable oscope or smd dd1.
  9. Ayork

    Small 4th order

    Pic of the box in the truck Its tuned to about 34hz it plays really nice. I have to upgrade electrical and get a second battery.
  10. I figured the issue.. its to small wire need some 10 guage.
  11. I did once i noticed the burning. I think ill cut off the end and attach a new lug and clean the bolt off see if that helps and go from their.
  12. I have bolts that pass current thru the box and have come to notice that the negative bolt is getting hotwhile the positive isnt. Also have the subs wired out of phase. My question is should the bolts get hot? Plus i noticed that i didnt tighten the bolts enough in the beginning and about started a fire. Click for pics
  13. Ayork

    Setting the gain on my sundown sae-2000d

    I use this app for android to know what voltage.
  14. Ayork

    Small 4th order

    Does anyone know about rather to switch phase on the subs? Ive read to do that if they r inverted but i have them installed like normal thru the baffle.