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  1. I know I’m gonna get blasted for this but I have 2 kicker dual 4 ohm L7’s wired to2 ohms each and running a cx 600.1 to each of them my headlights dimmed bad also I installed 2 truconnex 1.0 farad caps and it did the trick for me
  2. I got a cap going to hook it to one of the sub amps tomorrow,see what that does
  3. Ok ,I’m trying a few things before I spring for a new battery and alternator. Got a 1 farad cap off my buddy and I want to hook it up to one of the amps . My power from battery is fused 12 inches from battery,and going to a fused distribution block in trunk which feeds all three of my amps. I only want to wire it to one of the sub amps. So is this how I do it? Power from fused distribution block to cap,power from cap to amp,ground to chassis
  4. Thanks Ron36 I’ll look into high output alternator tomorrow
  5. Update, everything is hooked up. Did the big 3 ,lights are dimming .
  6. It says 2 ohm on the terminals outside the box so I assumed they were 2 ohm coils
  7. Update! Did the big 3 today,took one of the subs out of the enclosure and behold it’s a 4 ohm dual voice coil not 2;so I’m good
  8. Also if i run them both in the option2 series/parallel would both speakers get the same 500 watts from a 500 watt monoblock
  9. reedal thats what i want to do but am wondering whats a good amp
  10. Ok thanks for clearing that up,I now realize I’m only pushing 300 watts to each sub with the mrv m-500 which sucks because I bought 2 of them.any suggestions on a correct amp? They are wired to 4 ohm load like the diagram reedal posted,and they are 450 rms
  11. So now I’m confused, I thought if the sub was 2ohms that was the load it put on the amp
  12. I’m running an alpine f300 for highs,you guys are great thanks for all the replies
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