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  1. oh i see, not right on top thats not to scale at all, just showing port oreintation compared to sub direction etc.
  2. correct running down the width of the box
  3. alright so ive read and read till my brain hurts, i have a better understanding of ports i believe heres where i think im at on a final design barring any negative feedback on what im going with. 4 sundown e3 10s, 64 in ^2 of port area tuned to 32hz as recommended, 4 cubic ft after all displacements port is going to be 4" x 16" x 27.5" long to stay under the 1:6 port ratio 4 subs facing front but port exit is my quesiton here. i know normally people port to side but ill have to port up is there anything im not accounting for doing my port this way vs out the side. i cannot port to the side due to the box needing to touch wall to wall. seems its as simple as moving the cut out on top vs the side. thank you all in advance this forum has been a huge help and there is a wealth of knowledge here if you take time to dig around. Josh T>
  4. ive grounded with grade 8 before but never for speaker wires. id think any would be conductive.
  5. yes behind the seats, 4 tens downfire. so port straight up ?
  6. because the sides of the box are touching my side panels. theres no room there.
  7. i think im starting to see the light. lol. so now that i understand ports a little better. sundown is asking for 64 sq in. of port for my 4 subs. heres what im down to to get my port ratio better, i can do a 4.5 x 15 x 30 (67.5sqin) but ill have to put a 90 in it to get the length. the other route is a 3.5x18x26 (63sqin). my only thing is that ive been reading that the port too close to the sub is bad? either route i take the port will end up being 2" away from my subs but if i dont space them evenly and i put a pair far left and a pair far right then the port would sit between them and not necessarily on top of them. also if they are asking for 64sqin of port area is it going to kill it if i went with 67 or 63 ? would the port forward at the dash right in between my seats be preferable or towards the roof ? 4 cubic ft, tuned to 32 hz. (measurements on paper are incorrect) for port shape only.
  8. edited cause i saw you didnt want sundown. are you saying you have 1.75 per driver or 1.75 cubes total for the 3?
  9. i could also brace on either side of this so that would help with that. itd be more like 14" width and like 1" height and exit towards dash. if i wind it around itd keep it up away from teh subs.
  10. id prefer slot port due to aesthetics. what do you think about something like this?
  11. thanks joe, i did a port calculator online and it gave me that size at 32hz. but it was based off just box volume. i did it off 4 cubes which is what sundown is asking for on 4 10s. if my drawing is correct on length of port im looking at subs being 6" depth and then port would be on back wall about 7 inches above their magnets. on the sides of the box it fits tight against the sides of the truck. theres a small amount of room but not even a fingers worth. i have them down currently but its about 3 inches off the floor of the truck where it vents to.
  12. thats what i have available, but the tens give me seat space back due to the physical size as that is my mounting surface. but i have 8 available based on this
  13. got my subs figured out, 4 sundown ev3 10s. going ported they will be downfire in the truck but currently i have the port on my alpines facing downward and i have the subs chambered seperately. from reading on these forums i see a common box is best and the ports firing too close to a floor or wall is not the best idea. if i fire the port down again ill only have 3 inches of room before its at the floor or i can port up towards the roof, does this rough police sketch look like it would work? box is 4 cubes, im coming up with a 1"x30"x15.25" slot port for 32 hz. / if it matters ill have 2500 rms to the subs. would firing the port up sound or play differently than down ? thanks again for all yalls help. Josh
  14. yeah im running that now with no complaints really, good thing is the sundowns only need one cube each so id gain some seat room back that i havent had which is always nice.
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